July 2023





Switzerland: Monica Gschwind becomes president of the government of Basel-Land, Fabian Peter president of the government of Luzern, Michèle Blöchliger Landammann of Nidwalden, and Josef Hess Landammann of Obwalden.
United States: Donna Deegan is sworn in as mayor of Jacksonville.


Argentina: In gubernatorial elections in San Juan, Marcelo Orrego (Unidos por San Juan) is elected with 49.4% of the vote, while José Luis Gioja (Todos por San Juan) wins 27.3% and José Rubén Uñac (Todos por San Juan) 17.0%. Turnout is about 68%.
Serbia: Former foreign minister of Yugoslavia (1995-98) and president of Serbia (1997-2002) Milan Milutinovic dies.


Mauritania: The government of Prime Minister Mohamed Ould Bilal resigns. President Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani immediately asks Bilal to form a new government. On July 4 this is done with no change in key portfolios.

Spain: In a second round of voting (with a simple majority sufficient), María José Sáenz de Buruaga is elected as president of the Council of Government of Cantabria (15-12 with 8 abstentions). She takes office on July 5.


Brazil: Former governor of Tocantins (1989-91, 1995-98, 1999-2003, 2011-14) José Wilson Siqueira Campos dies.
Congo (Kinshasa): The Constitutional Court invalidates the no-confidence motion adopted on May 8 against the governor of Tanganyika, Julie Ngungwa Mwayuma.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization: Jens Stoltenberg's term as secretary-general is again extended, to Oct. 1, 2024.

H.G. Khan
Pakistan: A court disqualifies the chief minister of Gilgit-Baltistan, Khalid Khurshid Khan. On July 13 Haji Gulbar Khan is elected by the provincial assembly (19 votes) and sworn in as chief minister.
Saint Helena: James Glass is sworn in as acting administrator of Tristan da Cunha.

Spain: Marga Prohens fails to be elected president of the government of Baleares, with 26 votes for, 25 against, and 8 abstentions. In a second vote on July 6, with a simple majority sufficient, she is elected with the same distribution of votes. She takes office July 7.


Germany: Andreas Bovenschulte is reelected mayor of Bremen (49-37).


Italy: Former foreign minister (1976-79) and prime minister (1980-81) Arnaldo Forlani dies.
Spain: The assembly of Castilla-La Mancha reelects Emiliano García-Page as president of the Junta (17-16).


Congo (Kinshasa): The government adopts a 52nd 15-days extension of the state of siege in the provinces of Ituri and Nord-Kivu (beginning July 16), followed by a 53rd on July 21 (beginning July 31).
Italy: Francesco Roberti takes office as president of Molise.
Latvia: Edgars Rinkevics resigns as foreign minister. Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins will be acting foreign minister from July 8, when Rinkevics is sworn in as president.
The Netherlands: The government of Prime Minister Mark Rutte resigns (formally on July 8). On July 14 new elections are set for November 22.
Spain: The assembly of Melilla elects Juan José Imbroda Ortiz as president (14 of 25 votes). He takes office July 11.
Spain: The assembly of Murcia fails, in a first round of voting, to elect a president. Incumbent Fernando López Miras receives 21 votes, with 24 against. In a second round of voting, on July 10, the result is the same.


Greece: The government of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis wins a confidence vote in parliament (158-142).
Somalia: In a cabinet reshuffle, Bihi Iman Egeh is named finance minister.


Uzbekistan: In presidential elections, Shavkat Mirziyayev is reelected with 87.7% of the vote. Turnout is 79.9%.


Albania: Prime Minister Edi Rama dismisses Interior Minister Bledi Çuçi and nominates Taulant Balla to replace him. On July 13 parliament endorses the appointment of Balla (75-16) and he is sworn in on July 15.


Sierra Leone: In a cabinet reshuffle, David Sengeh becomes chief minister and Timothy Kabba foreign minister. On July 15 David Taluva is named internal affairs minister.


Kuwait: Finance Minister Manaf Abdulaziz al-Hajri resigns. On July 12 Oil Minister Saad al-Barrak is appointed acting finance minister.


Canada: Olivia Chow is sworn in as mayor of Toronto.
Germany: Former minister-president of Schleswig-Holstein (1993-2005) Heide Simonis dies.
Spain: The assembly of Canarias elects Fernando Clavijo as president of the government (38-32). He takes office on July 14.



French Guiana: Antoine Poussier is appointed as prefect (effective August 21).
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon: Bruno André is appointed as prefect (effective August 21).


Spain: The assembly of Valencia elects Carlos Mazón as president of the Generalitat (53-46). He takes office on July 17.
Thailand: Pita Limjaroenrat fails to be elected prime minister in a joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives. He receives 324 votes (375 needed), with 182 against and 198 abstentions. A second round of voting is to take place on July 19, but on that date a motion against Pita's renomination is passed (395-312). On July 25 a further vote scheduled for July 27 is postponed; on July 27 it is scheduled for August 4.
Wallis and Futuna: Blaise Gourtay is appointed as administrator-superior (effective August 21).


Moldova: Interior Minister Ana Revenco resigns. On July 17 Col. Adrian Efros is appointed and sworn in as interior minister.

Spain: The assembly of Extremadura elects María Guardiola Martín as president of the Junta (33-32). She takes office on July 17.


United Kingdom: Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announces his intention to resign at the next cabinet reshuffle (expected in September).


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Zeljko Komsic becomes chairman of the Presidency.


El Salvador: Jerson Posada is appointed and sworn in as interim finance minister.
United States: Mike Johnston is sworn in as mayor of Denver.


India: Former chief minister of Kerala (2004-06, 2011-16) Oommen Chandy dies.


Moldova: Evghenia Gutul is sworn in as governor of Gagauzia.
Slovakia: President Zuzana Caputová removes Ivan Simko as interior minister and puts Prime Minister Ludovít Ódor in charge of the portfolio.
Spain: The assembly of Asturias reelects Adrián Barbón Rodríguez as president (23 of 45 votes).


Tunisia: Former prime minister (1986-87) Rachid Sfar dies.


Cambodia: In parliamentary elections, the Cambodian People's Party wins 120 of 125 seats and FUNCINPEC 5. Turnout is 84.6%. On July 26 Prime Minister Hun Sen announces that he will step down in August, to be succeeded by his son Hun Manet.
Japan: In gubernatorial elections in Gunma, incumbent Ichita Yamamoto wins 79.2% of the vote and Kiyoto Ishida 16.8%. Turnout is about 30%.
Spain: In parliamentary elections, the Popular Party (PP) wins 33.3% of the vote for the Congress of Deputies (137 of 350 seats), the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) 32.0% (121), Vox 12.5% (33), and Sumar 12.4% (31); regionalist parties win the remaining 28 seats. Turnout is 70.4%. In elections to 208 of 265 seats in the Senate, the PP wins 120 seats, PSOE 72, and Left for Independence 7; turnout is 70.1%. On July 25 King Felipe VI dismisses Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, who is to continue in a caretaker capacity.


Congo (Kinshasa): The provincial assembly of Kasaï Oriental adopts (17-1) a no-confidence motion against Governor Patrick Mathias Kabeya Matshi Abidi.
Russia: Former head of the republic of Udmurtia (2014-17) Aleksandr Solovyov dies.


Argentina: Former governor of Santiago del Estero (2002-04) Mercedes Marina Aragonés de Juárez dies.
China: Wang Yi is appointed foreign minister.
South Korea: The Constitutional Court rejects the impeachment of Interior Minister Lee Sang Min, reinstating him in office.


Canada: In a cabinet reshuffle, Bill Blair becomes defence minister.
Haiti: Former foreign minister (1991) and interim prime minister (1991-92) Jean-Jacques Honorat dies.

Niger: In a military coup, a National Council for the Safeguarding of the Fatherland announces the removal of President Mohamed Bazoum and the suspension of state institutions. On July 28 Gen. Abdourahamane Tchiani is named head of the council.


Nigeria: President Bola Tinubu nominates 28 ministers. The portfolios will only be assigned after their screening by parliament.


São Tomé and Príncipe: Foreign Minister Alberto Neto Pereira resigns.

Tuvalu: Foreign Minister Simon Kofe resigns, to be succeeded in the coming days by Panapasi Nelesone.


Argentina: In gubernatorial elections in Chubut, Ignacio Torres (Juntos por el Cambio) is elected with 39.9% of the vote, while Juan Pablo Luque (Arriba Chubut) wins 38.1% and César Treffinger (Por la Libertad Independiente Chubutense) 14.7%. Turnout is 69.3%.
North Macedonia: The ministers from the Democratic Union for Integration, including Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani and Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi, resign effective on the passing of certain constitutional amendments.


Azerbaijan: Former prime minister (1993-94) Suret Huseynov dies.
India: Former lieutenant governor of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (1993-96) and governor of Mizoram (2011-14) and Tripura (2014) Vakkom Purushothaman dies.
Myanmar: The state of emergency is extended (for six months from August 1) and elections, which in 2021 were pledged to be held by August 2023, are postponed.