June 2023






Anguilla: Governor Dileeni Daniel-Selvaratnam departs. Deputy Governor Perin Bradley becomes acting governor. On June 26 Paul Candler becomes acting governor for the period until the arrival of new governor Julia Crouch, expected in September.
Congo (Kinshasa): Parliament approves a 49th extension of the state of siege in Ituri and Nord-Kivu. The government (authorized to do so during parliamentary recess) approves a 50th on June 14 and a 51st on June 28.
Switzerland: Yves Noël Balmer becomes Landammann of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Antonio Hodgers president of the Council of State of Genève, Alain Ribaux president of the Council of State of Neuchâtel, Stefan Kölliker president of the government of Sankt Gallen, and Urs Martin president of the government of Thurgau.




Bulgaria: The new cabinet is agreed upon, with Mariya Gabriel to be foreign minister, Todor Tagarev defense minister, Kalin Stoyanov interior minister, and Asen Vasilev finance minister. Prime minister-designate Nikolay Denkov returns the completed government-formation mandate to President Rumen Radev on June 5. On June 6 parliament elects Denkov prime minister (132-69) and approves the government (131-69), which is then sworn in.
World Bank: Ajay Banga takes office as president.



Turkey: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan names a new cabinet including Cevdet Yilmaz as vice president, Hakan Fidan as foreign minister, Yasar Güler as defense minister, Ali Yerlikaya as interior minister, and Mehmet Simsek as finance minister.


Guinea-Bissau: In parliamentary elections, the Inclusive Alliance Platform-Terra Ranka (headed by the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde) wins 54 of 102 seats, the Movement for Democratic Alternation 29, the Party for Social Renewal 12, and the Guinean Workers' Party 6.
Japan: In gubernatorial elections in Aomori, Soichiro Miyashita wins 68.1% of the vote and Akihiko Onodera 29.3%. Turnout is 57.0%. Miyashita takes office June 29.
Mexico: In gubernatorial elections in Coahuila, Manolo Jiménez of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) wins 58.3% of the vote, Armando Guadiana of the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) 22.0%, and Ricardo Mejía of the Labour Party 13.6%; turnout is 55.9%. In México, Delfina Gómez (MORENA) wins 54.2% of the vote and Alejandra del Moral (PRI) 45.6%; turnout is 49.9%.


Australia: Margaret Gardner is announced as next governor of Victoria.
Paraguay: President-elect Santiago Peña nominates Enrique Riera as interior minister. On June 8 he nominates Rubén Ramírez Lezcano as foreign minister, on June 16 Óscar González as defense minister, and on June 23 Carlos Fernández Valdovinos as finance minister.
Philippines: Gilberto Teodoro is appointed as defense secretary.
Rwanda: Juvénal Marizamunda is appointed as defense minister.
San Marino: Andrea Belluzzi is named acting interior minister. On June 28 Gian Nicola Berti is sworn in as interior minister.

Switzerland: Philippe Müller is elected president of the government of Bern.


Benin: Olushegun Adjadi Bakari is appointed foreign minister, cancelling the earlier designation of Paulette Marcelline Adjovi.
Kuwait: In parliamentary elections, 50 nonpartisan members are elected, including 29 opposition candidates. Turnout is about 51%. On June 7 the emir accepts the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah; on June 13 he asks him to form a new government, which is done on June 18, Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Al Ahmad Al Sabah becoming defense minister, other key ministers remaining in place.
Lithuania: A motion to hold early elections on September 10 fails in parliament (66 votes for, 61 against; 85 needed). Although Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte previously said the government would resign in that case, on June 9 her party decides that it will stay in office.

Mexico: Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón announces his resignation, effective June 12. On June 13 President Andrés Manuel López Obrador appoints Alicia Bárcena Ibarra as foreign minister.
United States: In the mayoral runoff in Denver, Mike Johnston wins 54.7% of the vote and Kelly Brough 45.3%. Johnston will take office July 17.


Organization of American States: Former secretary-general (1984-94) João Baena Soares dies.


Australia: Roger Cook is sworn in as premier of Western Australia.

Czech Republic: The governor of Moravskoslezský kraj, Ivo Vondrák, resigns. The Regional Council elects Jan Krkoska as new governor.


Argentina: In gubernatorial elections in San Luis, Claudio Poggi (Cambia San Luis) wins about 53% of the vote and Jorge Omar Fernández (Unión por San Luis) about 44%. In Tucumán, Osvaldo Jaldo (Frente de Todos) wins about 56% of the vote and Roberto Sánchez (Juntos por el Cambio) about 34%.
Montenegro: In parliamentary elections, Europe Now! wins 25.6% of the vote (24 of 81 seats), Together! 23.3% (21), For the Future of Montenegro 14.8% (13), Aleksa and Dritan - Courage Counts! 12.5% (11), and the Bosniak Party 7.1% (6). Turnout is 56.2%.


France: The government of Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne survives another no-confidence motion, which receives 239 votes (289 needed).
Italy: Former prime minister (1994-95, 2001-06, 2008-11) Silvio Berlusconi dies.

Mexico: Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo resigns as chief of government of Ciudad de México and Adán Augusto López as interior minister, both effective June 16, when Alejandro Encinas Rodríguez is named as acting interior minister and Sheinbaum is succeeded by Martí Batres Guadarrama. On June 19 Luisa María Alcalde is named as interior minister.


Romania: Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca resigns in accordance with a rotation agreement. President Klaus Johannis appoints Catalin Predoiu interim prime minister and on June 13 designates Marcel Ciolacu as new prime minister. Luminita Odobescu is nominated as foreign minister, Predoiu as interior minister, Marcel Bolos as finance minister, and Angel Tîlvar to remain as defense minister. On June 15 parliament approves the new government (290-95).


Sri Lanka: Navin Dissanayake is appointed and sworn in as governor of Sabaragamuwa.


Lebanon: In the 12th unsuccessful attempt to elect a president, Jihad Azour receives 59 votes and Suleiman Franjieh 51.
Spain: Former president of La Rioja (1987-90) Joaquín Espert Pérez-Caballero dies.


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Finance Minister Zoran Tegeltija resigns. Muhamed Hasanovic becomes acting minister.
Latvia: The government of Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins survives a no-confidence vote (rejected 53-42).
Slovakia: The government of Prime Minister Ludovít Ódor fails to win a confidence vote in parliament (34 votes for, 43 against, 54 abstentions). President Zuzana Caputová dismisses the government, which is to stay in place with limited powers until elections in September.


Japan: The government of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida survives a no-confidence vote in parliament (rejected 342-107).


Russia: Former head of the administration of Tambov oblast (1995, 1999-2015) Oleg Betin dies.
Spain: The assembly of Ceuta reelects Juan Jesús Vivas Lara as president. He receives 9 votes, against 3 for Fatima Hamed and 2 for Mohamed Mustafa; there are 11 blank votes.



Finland: A partial composition of the new government to be headed by Petteri Orpo is announced with Elina Valtonen as foreign minister, Antti Häkkänen as defense minister, Mari Rantanen as interior minister, and Riikka Purra as finance minister. On June 20 parliament elects Orpo as prime minister (107-81) and the government is sworn in.
Russia: Former chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Chechen-Ingush A.S.S.R. (1973-90) Khazhbikar Bokov dies.


Spain: The president of the government of Baleares, Francina Armengol, resigns and Mae de la Concha becomes acting president.
Switzerland: Former president of the Council of State of Vaud (1974, 1981) Pierre Aubert dies.


United States: In mayoral elections in Kansas City, incumbent Quinton Lucas (Democrat) wins 80.6% of the vote and Clay Chastain (Republican) 19.4%.


Switzerland: Interior Minister Alain Berset says he will leave the government at the end of the year.


Canada: Former lieutenant governor of Prince Edward Island (1990-95) Marion Reid dies.
Spain: The assembly of the Community of Madrid reelects Isabel Díaz Ayuso as president of the government (70-54 with 10 abstentions).


Montenegro: Former foreign minister (1979-85, 2000-02) Branko Lukovac dies.


Sierra Leone: In presidential elections, incumbent Julius Maada Bio wins 56.2% of the vote and Samura Kamara 41.2%. Turnout is 83.0%. In parliamentary elections, the Sierra Leone People's Party wins 81 of 135 elected seats and the All People's Congress 54. (With 14 seats reserved for paramount chiefs, the total is 149.)


Argentina: In gubernatorial elections in Córdoba, Martín Llaryora (Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba) is elected with 45.2% of the vote, while Luis Juez (Juntos por el Cambio) wins 41.9%. Turnout is 68.2%. In Formosa, incumbent Gildo Insfrán (Frente de la Victoria) wins 70.0% of the vote and Fernando Carbajal (Frente Amplio Formoseno) 20.2%. Turnout is 75.7%.
Burkina Faso: In a cabinet reshuffle, Émile Zerbo is named security minister.

Greece: In parliamentary elections, New Democracy wins 40.5% of the vote (158 of 300 seats), the Coalition of the Radical Left 17.8% (48), the Panhellenic Socialist Movement 11.8% (32), the Communist Party 7.7% (20), Spartans 4.6% (12), Greek Solution 4.4% (12), Victory 3.7% (10), and Course of Freedom 3.2% (8). Turnout is 52.8%. On June 26 Kyriakos Mitsotakis is given a mandate to form a government; he is sworn in as prime minister the same day and names a cabinet (sworn in June 27) including Giorgos Gerapetritis as foreign minister, Nikos Dendias as defense minister, Niki Kerameus as interior minister, and Konstantinos Chatzidakis as finance minister.
Guatemala: In the first round of presidential elections, Sandra Torres (National Unity of Hope) wins 21.0% of the vote, Bernardo Arévalo (Semilla) 15.6%, Manuel Conde (Vamos) 10.4%, and Armando Castillo (Vision with Values) 9.6%. Turnout is 60.1%.


Barbados: Sir Lloyd Sandiford, former prime minister (1987-94), dies.
Canada: In mayoral elections in Toronto (for the remainder of the 2022-26 term), Olivia Chow is elected with 37.2% of the vote, while Ana Bailão wins 32.5% and Mark Saunders 8.6%. Turnout is 38.5%.
Italy: In presidential elections in Molise held June 25-26, Francesco Roberti (centre-right) wins 62.2% of the vote and Roberto Gravina (centre-left) 36.3%. Turnout is 47.9%.


Indonesia: Former governor of Sumatera Utara (2005-08) Rudolf Pardede dies.


Spain: The assembly of La Rioja elects Gonzalo Capellán de Miguel as president (17-16). He takes office on June 30.
United States: Former governor of Connecticut (1991-95) Lowell P. Weicker, Jr., dies.


Belgium: Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib survives a no-confidence vote in parliament (rejected 79-50).
Nigeria: Former acting governor of Bayelsa (2012) Nestor Binabo dies.
Saint Kitts and Nevis: Former governor-general (2015-23) Sir Samuel Weymouth Tapley Seaton dies.
Turks and Caicos Islands: Dileeni Daniel-Selvaratnam is sworn in as governor.


British Virgin Islands: Daniel Pruce is appointed governor, to take office in January 2024.
Spain: The assembly of Cantabria fails, in a first round of voting, to elect a president of the Council of Government. María José Sáenz de Buruaga receives 15 votes with 12 against and 8 abstentions, but an absolute majority (18 votes) is required.

Timor-Leste: A new government is appointed (to be sworn in July 1) with Xanana Gusmão as prime minister, Bendito Freitas as foreign minister, Pedro Klamar Fuik as defense minister, Francisco Guterres as interior minister, and Santina Viegas Cardoso as finance minister.