April 2023



China: Former governor of Jiangsu (2008-10) Luo Zhijun dies.
Congo (Kinshasa): Parliament approves a 45th extension of the state of siege in Ituri and Nord-Kivu, followed by a 46th on April 17.
Ecuador: Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Holguín resigns. Gustavo Manrique is named in his place (taking office April 2).
Finland: Marine Holm-Johansson takes office as governor of the Åland Islands.


San Marino: Alessandro Scarano (Christian Democrat) and Adele Tonnini (RETE) take office as captains-regent.


Andorra: In parliamentary elections, Democrats for Andorra-Committed Citizens wins 32.7% of the vote (17 of 28 seats), Concord 21.4% (5), the Social Democratic Party-Social Democracy and Progress 21.1% (3), and Andorra Forward 16.0% (3). Turnout is 66.9%. On April 26 Jordi Gallardo Fernàndez becomes acting head of government.
Bulgaria: In parliamentary elections, the GERB-SDS coalition wins 26.5% of the vote (69 of 240 seats), We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria 24.5% (64), Revival 14.1% (37), the Movement for Rights and Freedoms 13.7% (36), the coalition led by the Bulgarian Socialist Party 8.9% (23), and There is Such a People 4.1% (11). Turnout is 40.6%.
China: Liu Xiaoming is appointed acting governor of Hainan and Hu Yuting acting governor of Jilin.
Finland: In parliamentary elections, the National Coalition Party wins 20.8% of the vote (48 of 200 seats), the Finns Party 20.1% (46), the Social Democratic Party 19.9% (43), the Centre Party 11.3% (23), the Left Alliance 7.1% (11), the Greens 7.0% (13), the Swedish People's Party 4.3% (9), and the Christian Democrats 4.2% (5). Turnout is 68.5%. On April 6 Prime Minister Sanna Marin's government resigns.
Montenegro: In the presidential runoff, Jakov Milatovic wins 58.9% of the vote and Milo Djukanovic 41.1%. Turnout is 69.3%. Milatovic will take office May 20.


Canada: In parliamentary elections in Prince Edward Island, the Progressive Conservative Party wins 55.9% of the vote (22 of 27 seats), the Green Party 21.6% (2), the Liberal Party 17.2% (3), and the New Democratic Party 4.5% (0). Turnout is 68.5%.
Grenada: Dennis Cornwall becomes finance minister.
Israel: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces that he is putting on hold the dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Galant, announced on March 26. On April 10 he retracts the dismissal entirely.
Italy: In presidential elections in Friuli-Venezia Giulia held April 2-3, incumbent Massimiliano Fedriga (centre-right) wins 64.2% of the vote and Massimo Moretuzzo (centre-left) 28.4%. Turnout is 45.3%.

Kazakhstan: Murat Nurtleu is appointed foreign minister.
Venezuela: Former governor of Miranda (1995-2004) Enrique Mendoza dies.


Peru: Congress rejects (64-37) a motion to begin impeachment hearings against President Dina Boluarte.
United States: In the mayoral runoff in Chicago, Brandon Johnson wins 51.4% of the vote and Paul Vallas 48.6%. In mayoral elections in Denver (turnout 23.3%), Mike Johnston (Democrat) wins 24.7% of the vote, Kelly Brough (Dem.) 21.7%, Lisa Calderón (Dem.) 15.9%, and Andy Rougeot (Republican) 12.6%; a runoff will take place on June 6. In Lincoln (turnout 33.4%), incumbent Leirion Gaylor Baird (Dem.) wins 49.8% of the vote, Suzanne Geist (Rep.) 33.0%, and Stan Parker (Rep.) 17.2%; a runoff will take place on May 2. In an open primary for mayor of Kansas City, incumbent Quinton Lucas wins 81.4% of the vote and Clay Chastain 18.5%; the election will be on June 20.


Somalia: Former foreign minister (2000-02, 2006-07) Ismail Mahmud Hurre dies.


Spain: Former foreign minister (2000-02) Josep Piqué i Camps dies.

De Rosa
Switzerland: Raffaele De Rosa becomes president of the Council of State of Ticino.


Estonia: The members of the new government are nominated by the coalition parties, with Kaja Kallas remaining prime minister, Hanno Pevkur defense minister, and Lauri Läänemets interior minister, and with Margus Tsahkna as foreign minister and Mart Võrklaev as finance minister. Kallas is nominated by the president on April 10 and endorsed by parliament (59-38) on April 12; the government is sworn in on April 17.


Japan: Former governor of Yamanashi (2003-07) Takahiko Yamamoto dies.
Japan: Results of gubernatorial elections: Kuwait: A new cabinet is formed by Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah. Interior Minister Sheikh Talal Khaled Al Ahmad Al Sabah also becomes acting defense minister, while Manaf Abdulaziz al-Hajri becomes finance minister.


Argentina: Former governor of Santa Fe (1981-82) Rodolfo Luchetta dies.
Congo (Kinshasa): Interior Minister Peter Kazadi, noting the March 22 decision of the Constitutional Court invalidating the no-confidence vote against the governor of Sud-Kivu, Théo Ngwabidje Kasi, authorizes him to resume his duties as governor. He does so on April 11. As the provincial assembly is preparing to discuss a new no-confidence motion against the governor, Kazadi on April 14 suspends the activities of the assembly until further notice.


Nigeria: Former governor of Anambra (1999-2003) Chinwoke Mbadinuju dies.

Pakistan: The prime minister of Azad Kashmir, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas, is disqualified from holding office by the local High Court. On April 12 the president of the state, Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry, appoints Khawaja Farooq Ahmad as acting prime minister. On April 20 the Legislative Assembly elects (unopposed) Chaudhry Anwar-ul-Haq as prime minister.


Malaysia: Datuk Kamarulzaman Mat Salleh is appointed mayor of Kuala Lumpur, effective April 17.


Nigeria: As a result of supplementary gubernatorial elections, incumbent Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri (People's Democratic Party) emerges as winner in Adamawa and Nasir Idris (All Progressives Congress) in Kebbi.
South Africa: Former premier of Free State (2004-09) Beatrice Marshoff dies.


Argentina: In gubernatorial elections in Neuquén, Rolando Figueroa (Comunidad) is elected with 37.0% of the vote, against 34.4% for Marcos Koopmann (Neuquén Popular Movement) and 13.2% for Ramón Rioseco (Frente de Todos); turnout is 76.2%. In Río Negro, Alberto Weretilneck (Juntos somos Río Negro) is elected with 42.1% of the vote, against 23.9% for Aníbal Tortoriello (Change Río Negro) and 10.6% for Silvia Horne (Vamos con Todos); turnout is 66.7%.
French Polynesia: In the first round of parliamentary elections, Tavini Huiraatira wins 34.9% of the vote, Tapura Huiraatira 30.5%, A here ia Porinetia 14.5%, and Amuitahiraa o te Nunaa Maohi 11.9%; turnout is 60.1%. The second round is held on April 30, Tavini Huiraatira winning 44.3% of the vote (38 of 57 seats), the coalition of Tapura Huiraatira and Amuitahiraa o te Nunaa Maohi 38.5% (16), and A here ia Porinetia 17.2% (3); turnout is 70.0%.

Nepal: Narayan Prakash Saud is appointed and sworn in as foreign minister.


Kuwait: The crown prince announces the dissolution of the parliament reinstated in March.


Philippines: Former foreign secretary (2011-16) Albert del Rosario dies.


Belgium: Former foreign minister (1980-81) Charles-Ferdinand Nothomb dies.
Cuba: Miguel Díaz-Canel is reelected as president, receiving 459 votes in the 470-member parliament. Manuel Marrero is also reelected as prime minister. The new government includes Vladimir Regueiro Ale as finance minister, other key ministers being unchanged.
Israel: The Knesset confirms (33-12) Moshe Arbel as interior minister.


Russia: The governor of Krasnoyarsk kray, Aleksandr Uss, resigns and Mikhail Kotyukov is appointed as acting governor. The chairman of the government, Yury Lapshin, resigns on April 23; Sergey Vereshchagin is appointed acting chairman on April 24.


Cayman Islands: Jane Owen is sworn in as governor.
United States: Former acting secretary of transportation (1991-92) James B. Busey IV dies.


Jordan: Former prime minister (1976-79, 1980-84, 1989-91) and foreign minister (1976-79) Mudar Badran dies.


Austria: In state elections in Salzburg, the Austrian People's Party wins 30.4% of the vote (12 of 36 seats), the Freedom Party 25.7% (10), the Social Democratic Party 17.9% (7), the Communist Party 11.7% (4), the Greens 8.2% (3), and New Austria 4.2% (0). Turnout is 70.9%.
Greece: Kalliopi Spanou is sworn in as interior minister ahead of elections in May.


Bangladesh: Mohammad Shahabuddin Chuppu is sworn in as president.
British Virgin Islands: In parliamentary elections, the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement wins 34.2% of the at-large vote (3 of 13 elected seats), the Virgin Islands Party 31.9% (6), and the National Democratic Party 26.1% (3). (With two ex-officio members, the total is 15 seats.) On April 25 Natalio Wheatley is again sworn in as premier. On April 28 the cabinet portfolios are allocated, with Wheatley retaining finance.
Paraguay: Former foreign minister (2008-09) Alejandro Hamed dies.


Colombia: President Gustavo Petro asks his cabinet to resign ahead of a reshuffle. This takes place on April 26, with Luis Fernando Velasco named interior minister and Ricardo Bonilla finance minister.
India: Former chief minister of Punjab (1970-71, 1977-80, 1997-2002, 2007-17) Parkash Singh Badal dies.
Uzbekistan: Bakhtiyor Saidov is approved by parliament and appointed by the president as foreign minister.


United States: Former governor of New Mexico (1975-79) Jerry Apodaca dies.


Bosnia and Herzegovina: The international high representative, Christian Schmidt, amends the constitution of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina so that only two of the three members of the Presidency need to propose a new government to the parliament. On April 28 the parliament approves (51-2) a new government with Nermin Niksic as prime minister.

Gabon: Hermann Immongault is named foreign minister.

Germany: Kai Wegner is elected governing mayor of Berlin (86-70), after failing in two earlier ballots when he received 71 and 79 votes respectively (80 needed).


Niue: In parliamentary elections, 20 nonpartisan members are elected (including 6 unopposed already declared elected on April 14, including Premier Dalton Tagelagi).


Moldova: In the first round of gubernatorial elections in Gagauzia, Evghenia Gutul wins 26.5% of the vote, Grigorii Uzun 26.4%, Victor Petrov 16.2%, and Dumitru Croitor 10.4%. The runoff will take place on May 14.
Paraguay: In presidential elections, Santiago Peña (Colorado Party) wins 43.9% of the vote, Efraín Alegre (Concertación) 28.3%, and Paraguayo Cubas (National Crusade) 23.6%. Turnout is 63.2%. Peña is to take office August 15.

Switzerland: Roland Inauen is elected Regierender Landammann of Appenzell Innerrhoden.