May 2022


Cuba: Former foreign minister (1992-93) Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada dies.
Switzerland: Benjamin Mühlemann becomes Landammann of Glarus, Roberto Schmidt president of the Council of State of Valais, and Ernst Stocker president of the government of Zürich.


Denmark: Christian Rabjerg Madsen becomes interior minister in a cabinet reshuffle.
Paraguay: Julio Arriola is named foreign minister (sworn in May 3).


United States: Former secretary of commerce (2000-01) and transportation (2001-06) Norman Y. Mineta dies.


Belarus: Former chairman of the Supreme Soviet (1991-94) Stanislau Shushkevich dies.
The Gambia: A new cabinet is appointed including Alieu Badara Joof as vice president, Serign Modou Njie as defense minister, Seedy Keita as finance minister, and Siaka Sonko as interior minister; Mamadou Tangara remains foreign minister.


British Virgin Islands: The House of Assembly approves a no-confidence vote against Premier Andrew Fahie (10-0). Acting Premier Natalio Wheatley is sworn in as premier, also becoming finance minister.
United Kingdom: In elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly, Sinn Féin wins 29.0% of first-preference votes (27 of 90 seats), the Democratic Unionist Party 21.3% (25), the Alliance Party 13.5% (17), the Ulster Unionist Party 11.2% (9), the Social Democratic and Labour Party 9.1% (8), and Traditional Unionist Voice 7.6% (1). Turnout is 63.6%.


Tonga: Finance Minister Tatafu Moeaki loses his parliamentary seat on being convicted of bribery.


China: John Lee is elected chief executive of Hong Kong (1,416-8), to take office July 1.
Costa Rica: Rodrigo Chaves is sworn in as president.
Georgia: In the presidential runoff in South Ossetia, Alan Gagloyev wins about 54% of the vote and Anatoly Bibilov about 43%. Turnout is about 65%.
Germany: In state elections in Schleswig-Holstein, the Christian Democratic Union wins 43.4% of the vote (34 of 69 seats), the Greens 18.3% (14), the Social Democratic Party 16.0% (12), the Free Democratic Party 6.4% (5), the South Schleswig Voters Association 5.7% (4), the Alternative for Germany 4.4% (0), and the Left 1.7% (0). Turnout is 60.4%.


Cyprus: In North Cyprus, President Ersin Tatar asks Ünal Üstel to form a government. The government is named on May 12, with Sunat Atun as finance minister and Ziya Öztürkler as interior minister; Tahsin Ertugruloglu remains foreign minister.
Sri Lanka: Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse resigns. The resignation is accepted by President Gotabaya Rajapakse. On May 12 Ranil Wickremesinghe is appointed and sworn in as prime minister. On May 17 a no-confidence motion against the president is defeated in parliament (119-68).


Australia: The chief minister of the Northern Territory, Michael Gunner, resigns. Nicole Manison becomes acting chief minister.
Hungary: Katalin Novák takes office as president.
South Korea: Yoon Suk Yeol takes office as president and appoints seven ministers whose nominations were approved by the National Assembly, including Lee Jong Sup as defense minister and Choo Kyung Ho as finance minister. On May 12 Yoon appoints Park Jin as foreign minister and Lee Sang Min as interior minister, without waiting for the parliamentary approval (which is only required for the prime minister). Prime Minister Kim Boo Kyum leaves office on May 12 and Choo becomes acting prime minister pending the approval of nominee Han Duck Soo.
Kuwait: The emir accepts the (April 5) resignation of the government.
Russia: The governors of Kirov (Igor Vasilyev), Ryazan (Nikolay Lyubimov), Saratov (Valery Radayev), and Tomsk (Sergey Zhvachkin) oblasti and the head of the republic of Mari El (Aleksandr Yevstifeyev) resign. President Vladimir Putin appoints as acting successors Aleksandr Sokolov for Kirov, Pavel Malkov for Ryazan, Roman Busargin for Saratov, Vladimir Mazur for Tomsk, and Yury Zaytsev for Mari El.
Saint Kitts and Nevis: Prime Minister Timothy Harris dismisses several cabinet members, including Foreign Minister Mark Brantley (whose portfolio is assigned to Attorney General Vincent Byron), and dissolves parliament.
Ukraine: Former president (1991-94) Leonid Kravchuk dies.


Canada: Former commissioner of the Northwest Territories (1999-2000) Daniel Joseph Marion dies.
United States: Former national security advisor (1983-85) Robert C. McFarlane dies.


Hungary: The new cabinet is announced with Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky to become defense minister, other key ministers remaining in place. On May 16 parliament reelects Viktor Orbán as prime minister (133-27).
United Arab Emirates: President Sheikh Khalifa ibn Zaid Al Nahayan dies. On May 14 the Federal Supreme Council elects Sheikh Muhammad ibn Zaid Al Nahayan (Khalifa's successor as ruler of Abu Dhabi) as president.


Brazil: The Legislative Assembly of Alagoas elects Paulo Suruagy do Amaral Dantas as governor.
Germany: In state elections in Nordrhein-Westfalen, the Christian Democratic Union wins 35.7% of the vote (76 of 195 seats), the Social Democratic Party 26.7% (56), the Greens 18.2% (39), the Free Democratic Party 5.9% (12), the Alternative for Germany 5.4% (12), and the Left 2.1% (0). Turnout is 55.5%.
Lebanon: In parliamentary elections, Hezbollah and its allies win about 62 of 128 seats. Turnout is about 41%.
Somalia: In the first round of presidential elections in parliament, Said Abdullahi Deni wins 65 votes, incumbent Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed 59, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud 52, Hassan Ali Kheyre 47, and Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed 39; the latter and 31 other candidates are then eliminated. In the second round Hassan Sheikh Mohamud wins 110 votes, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed 83, Said Abdullahi Deni 68, and Hassan Ali Kheyre 63. The first two progress into a third round, and Hassan Sheikh Mohamud wins with 214 votes, against 110 for Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.


Albania: Parliament fails to elect a president in the first round after no candidates were nominated. (In the first three rounds, a three-fifths majority is needed.)
France: Prime Minister Jean Castex resigns. President Emmanuel Macron appoints Élisabeth Borne as new prime minister (taking office the same day).
Guinea-Bissau: President Umaro Sissoco Embaló dissolves parliament.
Latvia: Interior Minister Marija Golubeva resigns.
Venezuela: In a cabinet reshuffle, Carlos Faría is named foreign minister.