September 2021


Canada: Kelvin Goertzen is sworn in as premier of Manitoba.
Congo (Kinshasa): Parliament approves a seventh 15-days extension of the state of siege in the provinces of Ituri and Nord-Kivu, followed by an eighth on September 17.
São Tomé and Príncipe: President Evaristo Carvalho, whose term expires on September 3 (ahead of the postponed presidential runoff on September 5), announces that he will remain in office until the inauguration of the new president, scheduled for September 29. In the runoff, Carlos Vila Nova (Independent Democratic Action) wins 57.6% of the vote and Guilherme Posser da Costa (Movement for the Liberation of São Tomé and Príncipe/Social Democratic Party) 42.4%; turnout is 65.4%.


Albania: Prime Minister Edi Rama announces his new cabinet with Delina Ibrahimaj as finance minister; the foreign, defense, and interior ministers are unchanged. Rama is appointed by the president on September 10. On September 17 parliament confirms the cabinet (77-53), and it is sworn in on September 18.
Pakistan: Former chief minister of Balochistan (1972-73) Sardar Ataullah Mengal dies.


Japan: Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announces his resignation (a new leader of the Liberal-Democratic Party to be chosen on September 29).


Thailand: Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha survives a no-confidence vote in parliament (rejected 264-208).


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Former chairman of the Presidency (1998-99, 2000-01) Zivko Radisic dies.
Guinea: President Alpha Condé is arrested in a military coup. A National Committee of Rally and Development headed by Col. Mamady Doumbouya announces the suspension of the constitution and the dissolution of the government of Prime Minister Ibrahima Kassory Fofana. On September 17 Doumbouya is declared president.
Japan: In gubernatorial elections in Ibaraki, incumbent Kazuhiko Oigawa wins 79.6% of the vote and Shigehiro Tanaka 20.4%. Turnout is 35.0%.
Serbia: Former president of the Assembly of Vojvodina (2008-12) Sandor Egeresi dies.


Congo (Kinshasa): The deputy governor of Kongo Central, Justin Luemba Makoso, is appointed as acting governor to replace Governor Atou Matubuana Nkuluki. He takes office September 8.
Kyrgyzstan: Baktybek Bekbolotov is appointed defense minister.
Mexico: Former governor of Tabasco (1983-87) Enrique González Pedrero dies.
Nigeria: Former governor of Rivers (1986-88) Anthony Ukpo dies.
Vanuatu: The Supreme Court rules that the 19 MPs including Prime Minister Bob Loughman (see June 8, July 16) did not vacate their seats.


Afghanistan: The Taliban announce an interim government headed by Mullah Mohammad Hassan and including Mullah Amir Khan Muttaqi as foreign minister, Mullah Mohammad Yaqub as defense minister, Sirajuddin Haqqani as interior minister, and Mullah Hidayatullah Badri as finance minister.
Bulgaria: Korneliya Ninova, having failed to form a government, returns the mandate to President Rumen Radev. On September 16 Radev calls new elections for November 14 and reappoints Prime Minister Stefan Yanev to lead another interim government, with Valeri Belchev as finance minister, other key ministers remaining in place.
The Netherlands: Johan Remkes is appointed informateur.
Zambia: The new government is named with Stanley Kakubo as foreign minister, Ambrose Lufuma as defense minister, and Jack Mwiimbu as home affairs minister.


India: The governor of Uttarakhand, Baby Rani Maurya, resigns. On September 9 her resignation is accepted and Gurmit Singh is appointed as governor of Uttarakhand (sworn in September 15), and also R.N. Ravi as governor of Tamil Nadu (sworn in September 18) and Banwarilal Purohit (hitherto governor of Tamil Nadu holding additional charge of Punjab) as regular governor of Punjab, while the governor of Assam, Jagdish Mukhi, is given additional charge of Nagaland (sworn in September 17).
Morocco: In parliamentary elections, the National Rally of Independents wins 102 of 395 seats, the Authenticity and Modernity Party 87, Istiqlal 81, the Socialist Union of Popular Forces 34, the Popular Movement 28, the Party of Progress and Socialism 22, the Constitutional Union 18, and the Justice and Development Party 13. Turnout is 50.3%. On September 10 King Muhammad VI asks Aziz Akhannouch to form a government.
Russia: Former acting governor of Kaliningrad oblast (2016) Yevgeny Zinichev dies.


Aruba: The formateur, Evelyn Wever-Croes, presents her final report to the governor and accepts the order to form a government (which is sworn in on September 20) with herself remaining prime minister and Xiomara Maduro finance minister.
Guadeloupe: Former president of the General Council (1982-85) and of the Regional Council (1992-2004) Lucette Michaux-Chevry dies.
South Sudan: Foreign Minister Beatrice Khamisa Wani-Noah is removed and replaced by Mayiik Ayii Deng.


Armenia: Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his new government (already in office) are sworn in.
Congo (Kinshasa): The provincial assembly of Lualaba adopts (11-2) a no-confidence motion against Governor Richard Muyej. The deputy governor, Fifi Masuka Saini, is already the acting governor since January 4 due to the absence of the governor from the province.
Côte d'Ivoire: Former prime minister (2005-07) Charles Konan Banny dies.
Lebanon: Prime Minister Najib Mikati's government is announced with Abdallah Bouhabib as foreign minister, Maurice Slim as defense minister, Bassam Mawlawi as interior minister, and Youssef Khalil as finance minister. The government wins a confidence vote in parliament (85-15) on September 20.
Mexico: Víctor Manuel Castro Cosío takes office as governor of Baja California Sur.
Portugal: Former president (1996-2006) Jorge Sampaio dies.


India: The chief minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani, resigns. On September 12 Bhupendra Patel is designated chief minister (sworn in September 13).


China: In parliamentary elections in Macau, the Macau United Citizens Association wins 20.1% of the vote (3 of 14 directly elected seats), the Union for Development 18.0% (2), New Hope 13.8% (2), the Macau-Guangdong Union 12.7% (2), the Progress Promotion Union 11.4% (2), the Alliance for a Happy Home 10.8% (2), and Power of Synergy 6.6% (1). Turnout is 42.4%. (With 12 members indirectly elected by functional constituencies and 7 appointed by the chief executive, the total is 33.)
Japan: In gubernatorial elections in Mie, Katsuyuki Ichimi wins 71.5% of the vote, Emi Okano 17.6%, and Tsuyoshi Ishikawa 10.9%. Turnout is 37.9%. Ichimi takes office September 14.
Mexico: David Monreal Ávila takes office as governor of Zacatecas.
Tanzania: Stergomena Lawrence Tax is appointed defense minister (sworn in September 13).


Mexico: Alfonso Durazo Montaño is sworn in as governor of Sonora.
Norway: In parliamentary elections, the Labour Party wins 26.3% of the vote (48 of 169 seats), the Conservative Party 20.4% (36), the Centre Party 13.5% (28), the Progress Party 11.6% (21), the Socialist Left Party 7.6% (13), the Red Party 4.7% (8), the Liberal Party 4.6% (8), the Greens 3.9% (3), and the Christian People's Party 3.8% (3). Turnout is 77.2%.
Serbia: Former president of the Collective Presidency of Yugoslavia (1990-91) Borisav Jovic dies.


Russia: Former plenipotentiary of the president in Yuzhny federal district (2000-04) Viktor Kazantsev dies.
United States: The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, survives a recall election, his recall being rejected 63%-37%. In the question of who should replace Newsom in case of recall, Larry Elder (Republican) leads Kevin Paffrath (Democrat) and Kevin Faulconer (Republican), 48%-10%-8%.


Argentina: Interior Minister Wado de Pedro offers his resignation. In a cabinet reshuffle on September 17, Juan Luis Manzur is appointed as cabinet chief and Santiago Cafiero as foreign minister, while de Pedro is confirmed as interior minister. The new ministers are sworn in on September 20; Osvaldo Jaldo succeeds Manzur as governor of Tucumán.
Ireland: Foreign Minister Simon Coveney wins a confidence vote in parliament (92-59).
United Kingdom: In a cabinet reshuffle, Liz Truss is appointed foreign secretary (taking office September 20).


The Bahamas: In parliamentary elections, the Progressive Liberal Party wins 52.5% of the vote (32 of 39 seats) and the Free National Movement 36.2% (7). Turnout is 65.0%. On September 17 Philip Davis is sworn in as prime minister. On September 20 his government is sworn in with Fred Mitchell as foreign minister, Wayne Munroe as national security minister, and Michael Halkitis as economic affairs minister.
Gabon: Former prime minister (1990-94) and foreign minister (1994-99) Casimir Oyé-Mba dies.
Germany: The Landtag of Sachsen-Anhalt reelects Reiner Haseloff as minister-president; he receives 53 votes in a second round of voting, after failing in the first with 48 (49 needed).
Mexico: Layda Sansores San Román takes office as governor of Campeche.
The Netherlands: Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag resigns. On September 17 Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld also resigns; Ferdinand Grapperhaus is named acting defense minister and Tom de Bruijn acting foreign minister.
Papua New Guinea: Former governor-general (1997-2003) Sir Silas Atopare dies.


Algeria: Former foreign minister (1963-79) and president (1999-2019) Abdelaziz Bouteflika dies.


India: The chief minister of Punjab, Amarinder Singh, resigns. On September 19 Charanjit Singh Channi is chosen to succeed him; he is sworn in on September 20.


Mexico: Miguel Ángel Navarro Quintero takes office as governor of Nayarit.
Moldova: In the first round of parliamentary elections in Gagauzia (turnout 40.6%), independents win 11 of 18 decided seats and the Electoral Bloc of Communists and Socialists 6; the other 17 of the 35 seats will be attributed in the second round on October 3.
Russia: In parliamentary elections held September 17-19, United Russia (UR) wins 50.9% of the vote (324 of 450 seats), the Communist Party (CPRF) 19.3% (57), the Liberal-Democratic Party (LDPR) 7.7% (21), A Just Russia-For Truth (JR-FT) 7.6% (27), and New People 5.4% (13). Turnout is 51.6%. Results of popular elections of regional heads:

In Karachayevo-Cherkessia, incumbent Rashid Temrezov (UR) is elected on September 19 by the local assembly (48 of 50 votes) and immediately sworn in; the other candidates were Renat Akbayev (JR-FT), 0 votes, and Oleg Zhedyayev (LDPR), 0. In North Ossetia-Alania, acting incumbent Sergey Menyaylo (non-party) is elected by the local assembly (57 of 70 votes) and immediately sworn in; the other candidates were Medeya Eldzarova (CPRF), 9 votes, and Valery Balikoyev (JR-FT), 2.


Canada: In parliamentary elections, the Conservative Party wins 33.7% of the vote (119 of 338 seats), the Liberal Party 32.6% (158), the New Democratic Party 17.8% (24), the Bloc Québécois 7.7% (33), the People's Party 5.0% (0), and the Green Party 2.3% (2). Turnout is 62.1%.


Barbados: Sir Maurice King, former foreign minister (1989-93), dies.
Egypt: Former head of the Armed Forces Supreme Council (2011-12) Mohamed Hussein Tantawi dies.
Libya: Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Muhammad Dbeibah loses a no-confidence vote in parliament (89 of the 113 members present voting in favour of the motion).


Algeria: Former acting president (2019) Abdelkader Bensalah dies.
Nepal: Narayan Khadka is appointed and sworn in as foreign minister.


Isle of Man: In parliamentary elections, independents win 86.2% of the vote (21 of 24 seats), the Liberal Vannin Party 5.3% (1), the Manx Labour Party 5.1% (2), and the Green Party 3.3% (0).