June 2021


Mali: Transitional President Assimi Goita names Choguel Maïga as interim prime minister. On June 7 Goita is sworn in and formally appoints Maïga. On June 11 the cabinet is announced with Abdoulaye Diop as foreign minister, Col. Sadio Camara as defense minister, Col.Maj. Daoud Aly Mohammedine as security minister, and Alousseni Sanou as finance minister.
Switzerland: Dölf Biasotto becomes Landammann of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Serge Dal Busco president of the Council of State of Genève, Marc Mächler president of the government of Sankt Gallen, and Monika Knill-Kradolfer president of the government of Thurgau.


Cook Islands: In a cabinet reshuffle, Rose Toki-Brown becomes internal affairs minister.
Israel: Isaac Herzog is elected president, defeating Miriam Peretz in the Knesset vote 87-26. He is to take office July 9.
Israel: Yair Lapid informs President Reuven Rivlin that he has formed a government, with Naftali Bennett to be the first prime minister, later to be succeeded by Lapid. The cabinet, as completed on June 12, includes Lapid as foreign minister, Ayelet Shaked as interior minister, and Avigdor Lieberman as finance minister; Benny Gantz remains defense minister. On June 13 the government is approved by the Knesset (60-59) and sworn in.
Latvia: In a cabinet reshuffle, Marija Golubeva is named interior minister. She is confirmed in parliament (54-35) on June 3.
United States: Former labor secretary (1981-85) Raymond J. Donovan dies.


Congo (Kinshasa): Parliament approves a 15-days extension (beginning on June 6) of the state of siege declared (from May 6) in the provinces of Nord-Kivu and Ituri.
Congo (Kinshasa): The deputy governor of Tanganyika, Samba Kayabala Moni, is appointed as acting governor.
Czech Republic: The government of Prime Minister Andrej Babis survives a no-confidence vote in parliament (89 votes for the motion, 82 against; 101 required).
Mauritius: Former prime minister (1982-95, 2000-03, 2014-17) and president (2003-12) Sir Anerood Jugnauth dies.


Congo (Kinshasa): The deputy governor of Lomami, Édouard Mulumba Mudiandambu, is appointed as acting governor.
Nepal: In a cabinet reshuffle, Raghubir Mahaseth is appointed as foreign minister. In another on June 10, Khagraj Adhikari is named home affairs minister.
United States: Former governor of Alabama (1959-63) John Patterson dies.


Argentina: Former governor of Tucumán (1999-2003) Julio Miranda dies.
Germany: In state elections in Sachsen-Anhalt, the Christian Democratic Union wins 37.1% of the vote (40 of 97 seats), the Alternative for Germany 20.8% (23), the Left 11.0% (12), the Social Democratic Party 8.4% (9), the Free Democratic Party 6.4% (7), the Greens 5.9% (6), and the Free Voters 3.1% (0). Turnout is 60.3%.
Indonesia: Former foreign minister (1977-88) Mochtar Kusumaatmadja dies.
New Caledonia: Patrice Faure takes office as high commissioner.
Peru: In the presidential runoff, Pedro Castillo wins 50.1% of the vote and Keiko Fujimori 49.9%. Turnout is 74.6%.


China: Former governor of Shandong (1979-82) Su Yiran dies.
Switzerland: Beatrice Simon is elected president of the government of Bern.


Uganda: A new cabinet is named with Jessica Alupo as vice president, Robinah Nabbanja as prime minister, Jeje Odongo as foreign minister, Vincent Ssempijja Bamulangaki as defense minister, and Kahinda Otafire as internal affairs minister; Matia Kasaija remains finance minister.
United Kingdom: The Democratic Unionist Party nominates Paul Givan to become first minister of Northern Ireland. First Minister Arlene Foster resigns on June 14.


Albania: Parliament votes (104-7) to dismiss President Ilir Meta. The decision must be ratified by the Constitutional Court within 3 months.
Mongolia: In presidential elections, former prime minister Ukhnaa Khürelsükh (Mongolian People's Party) wins 72.2% of the vote, Dangaasüren Enkhbat (Right Person Electoral Coalition) 21.4%, and Sodnomzundui Erdene (Democratic Party) 6.4%. Turnout is 59.2%.


Canada: Margaret M. Thom is reappointed as commissioner of the Northwest Territories for a one-year term (effective June 26).
Central African Republic: Prime Minister Firmin Ngrébada resigns. On June 11 Henri Marie Dondra is named prime minister (taking office June 15).
Curaçao: Governor Lucille George-Wout announces that a new government headed by Gilmar Pisas as prime minister will be sworn in on June 14. The government includes Javier Silvania as finance minister.


China: Former governor of Heilongjiang (2003-07) Zhang Zuoji dies.


Algeria: In parliamentary elections, the National Liberation Front wins 105 of 407 seats, independents 78, the Society for Peace Movement 64, the National Democratic Rally 57, the El Moustakbal Front 48, and the El-Bina Movement 40. Turnout is about 23%.
Brazil: Former governor of Pernambuco (1979-82) Marco Maciel dies.


Guinea: Former foreign minister (1984-85) Facinet Touré dies.
Nicaragua: Former president (2002-07) Enrique Bolaños dies.


New Caledonia: Former high commissioner (2007-10) Yves Dassonville (also prefect of Martinique 2004-07) dies.