August 2015


Georgia: Giorgi Mgebrishvili is appointed interior minister.


Bhutan: Lyonpo Damcho Dorji takes office as foreign minister.


Philippines: Interior Secretary Mar Roxas resigns.


Uganda: Former foreign minister (1964-71) Sam Odaka dies.


British Virgin Islands: Former governor (1986-91) Mark Herdman (also acting governor of Bermuda 1983) dies.
Indonesia: Irman becomes acting governor of Jambi after the term of Hasan Basri Agus expired on August 3. Hadi Prabowo becomes acting governor of Kalimantan Tengah as the term of Agustin Teras Narang ended August 4.

Montserrat: Elizabeth Carriere is sworn in as governor.


Mongolia: Parliament approves a motion of Prime Minister Chimed Saikhanbileg to dismiss the ministers of the Mongolian People's Party, including Finance Minister Jargaltulga Erdenebat. Sangajav Bayartsogt is subsequently named acting finance minister.

Poland: Andrzej Duda is sworn in as president.
United States: In mayoral elections in Nashville, Megan Barry wins 23.5% of the vote, David A. Fox 22.8%, Bill Freeman 21.4%, Howard Gentry 11.6%, and Charles Robert Bone 10.5%. A runoff will take place September 10.



Dev Vrat
India: Ram Nath Kovind is appointed as governor of Bihar (sworn in August 16) and Acharya Dev Vrat as governor of Himachal Pradesh (sworn in August 12).


Haiti: In the first round of parliamentary elections (turnout about 18%), only 8 of 118 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 2 of 20 in the Senate are decided, the second round to take place on October 25 including repeat first-round votes in several constituencies.
Japan: In gubernatorial elections in Saitama, incumbent Kiyoshi Ueda wins 58.5% of the vote, Keisuke Tsukada 21.1%, and Yasuhiko Shibata 15%. Turnout is 26.6%.


Congo (Brazzaville): In a cabinet reshuffle, Jean-Claude Gakosso is named foreign minister.
France: Former acting president of the Regional Council of Alsace (1996) Hubert Haenel dies.
Indonesia: Tarmizi Abdul Karim becomes acting governor of Kalimantan Selatan after Rudy Ariffin's term ended August 8.


Libya: The prime minister of the Tobruk-based government, Abdullah al-Thani, announces his resignation. The government subsequently says that his remarks were conditional, and on August 17 it is clarified that he intends to remain in his post.
Zambia: Richwell Siamunene is appointed defense minister.


Guinea-Bissau: President José Mário Vaz dismisses the government of Prime Minister Domingos Simões Pereira. On August 20 the president names Baciro Djá as prime minister; he is sworn in the same day.
Indonesia: Rano Karno is inaugurated as governor of Banten.
Lebanon: The election of a president is again postponed, for lack of a quorum, to September 2.


Suriname: The new government is inaugurated with Ashwin Adhin as vice president, Niermala Badrising as foreign minister, Ronni Benschop as defense minister, Mike Noersalim as interior minister, and Gillmore Hoefdraad as finance minister.


Guatemala: Brig.Gen. Williams Mansilla Fernández is sworn in as defense minister.


Indonesia: Reydonnyzar Moenek is sworn in as acting governor of Sumatera Barat as Irwan Prayitno's term ends.


Malawi: In a cabinet reshuffle, Jean Kalilani becomes minister of home affairs and internal security.
Sri Lanka: In parliamentary elections, the United National Party wins 106 of 225 seats, the United People's Freedom Alliance 95, the Tamil National Alliance 16, and the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna 6.


Turkey: Having failed to form a new government, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu hands the mandate back to the president. On August 25 Davutoglu is appointed to form an interim government to oversee new elections. On August 28 Feridun Sinirlioglu is named foreign minister and Selami Altinok interior minister; Vecdi Gönül remains defense minister and Mehmet Simsek finance minister.


The Netherlands: Prime Minister Mark Rutte's government defeats a no-confidence vote in parliament (120-13).


Burundi: Gaston Sindimwo and Joseph Butore are sworn in as first and second vice president. In the new government named on August 24 (sworn in August 25), Pascal Barandagiye is interior minister and Alain Guillaume Bunyoni public security minister, the other key positions being unchanged.

Greece: Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras resigns. On August 21 the president asks Evangelos Meimarakis to form a government; he returns the mandate on August 24. On August 27 Vassiliki Thanou is named head of a caretaker government; she is sworn in as prime minister the same day. On August 28 Petros Molyviatis is named foreign minister, Ioannis Giangos defense minister, Antonis Manitakis interior minister, and Giorgos Chouliarakis finance minister.
Japan: Takuya Tasso is reelected (unopposed) as governor of Iwate.

Thailand: The king approves a cabinet reshuffle in which Don Pramudwinai becomes foreign minister and Apisak Tantivorawong finance minister.


Indonesia: Agung Mulyana becomes acting governor of Kepulauan Riau after Muhammad Sani's term expired August 19.


Argentina: Former governor of Río Negro (1982-83) Carlos Fernando San Juan dies.
Russia: President Vladimir Putin nominates Tamerlan Aguzarov, Elbrus Bokoyev, and Yelena Knyazeva as candidates for head of the republic of North Ossetia-Alania and Natalya Komarova, Aleksey Savintsev, and Mikhail Serdyuk as candidates for governor of Khanty-Mansi autonomous okrug.


Argentina: In gubernatorial elections in Tucumán, Juan Luis Manzur wins 51.6% of the vote and José Cano 39.9%.
Chad: In a cabinet reshuffle, Ngarlenan Docdjengar becomes finance minister, Ahmat Mahamat Bachir public security minister, and Abdelkerim Seid Bauche territorial administration minister.


Guatemala: Finance Minister Dorval Carías resigns.


United States: In mayoral elections in Phoenix, incumbent Greg Stanton wins 65.3% of the vote and Anna Maria Brennan 29.1%. Turnout is 20%.


Bangladesh: Former prime minister (1989-90) Kazi Zafar Ahmed dies.

Ruiz Massieu
Mexico: In a cabinet reshuffle, Claudia Ruiz Massieu is appointed foreign minister. Jorge López Portillo Tostado becomes interim governor of Querétaro, as Governor José Calzada Rovirosa becomes agriculture minister.
Russia: The head of the republic of Karachayevo-Cherkessia, Rashid Temrezov, accepts the resignation of Prime Minister Murat Kardanov and appoints Ruslan Kazanokov as acting prime minister.


The Sudan: Gen. Awad Ibn Auf is sworn in as defense minister.


United States: Former governor of Maryland (1969-79) Marvin Mandel dies.


Curaçao: Prime Minister Ivar Asjes resigns.