March 2013


Cyprus: The new cabinet is sworn in (see February 17).
Hungary: Mihály Varga is named to replace György Matolcsy as economy minister. He takes office March 7.
Mexico: Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval Díaz takes office as governor of Jalisco.


Uganda: Former foreign minister (1996-2001) Eriya Kategaya dies.


Austria: In state elections in Kärnten, the Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) wins 37.1% of the vote (14 of 36 seats), the Freedom Party of Kärnten 16.9% (6), the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) 14.4% (5), the Greens 12.1% (5), Team Stronach 11.2% (4), and the Alliance for the Future of Austria 6.4% (2); turnout is 71.4%; on March 28 Peter Kaiser is elected Landeshauptmann (30 of 36 votes). In Niederösterreich, the ÖVP wins 50.8% of the vote (30 of 56 seats), the SPÖ 21.6% (13), Team Stronach 9.8% (5), the Freedom Party of Austria 8.2% (4), and the Greens 8.1% (4); turnout is 70.9%.

Grenada: The new cabinet is named, with Prime Minister Keith Mitchell taking the finance, national security, and home affairs portfolios while Nickolas Steele becomes foreign minister.


Kenya: In presidential elections, Uhuru Kenyatta wins 50.5% of the vote, Prime Minister Raila Odinga 43.7%, and Musalia Mudavadi 4.0%. Turnout is 85.9%.
Nicaragua: Martha Elena Ruiz Sevilla takes office as secretary-general of the defense ministry.
United States: President Barack Obama nominates Ernest Moniz as energy secretary.


Belgium: Finance Minister Steven Vanackere resigns. Koen Geens is appointed finance minister.
Federated States of Micronesia: In parliamentary elections, 10 nonpartisans are elected. In gubernatorial elections in Chuuk, incumbent Johnson Elimo wins 39.8% of the vote, Alexander Narruhn 30.2%, Nakama Sana 17%, and Ismael Dobich 13%. A runoff will be held April 2.
Moldova: Parliament passes a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Vlad Filat's government (54 of 101 deputies voting for the motion).
United States: In mayoral elections in Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti (Democrat) wins 32.9% of the vote, Wendy Greuel (Democrat) 29.2%, Kevin James (Republican) 16.4%, and Jan Perry (Democrat) 15.9%. Turnout is 16.1%. A runoff will be held May 21.
Venezuela: President Hugo Chávez dies. Due to the ambiguous situation caused by the fact that Chávez was prevented by illness from taking the oath for the presidential term which he nevertheless was deemed to have begun on January 10, it is initially unclear whether the vice president, Nicolás Maduro (as provided in the constitution for the regular case of the death of a sitting president), or the president of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello (as provided for the case of an elected president dying before being sworn in), becomes acting president. The government adopts the first interpretation, and it is confirmed by the Supreme Court on March 8, which rules that Maduro became acting president immediately on the death of Chávez and then ceased to be vice president; later on March 8 he is sworn in as acting president and names Jorge Arreaza as vice president.


Australia: The premier of Victoria, Ted Baillieu, resigns and Denis Napthine is sworn in as premier.


Indonesia: In gubernatorial elections in Sumatera Utara, Acting Governor Gatot Pujo Nugroho wins 33% of the vote, Effendi Simbolon 24.3%, Gus Irawan Pasaribu 21.1%, and Amri Tambunan 12.2%. Nugroho is sworn in as governor on March 14 to complete Syamsul Arifin's term (until June, when he is to begin his own proper term).
Italy: Former president of Marche (1972-75) Dino Tiberi dies.
United States: The Senate confirms John Brennan as CIA director (63-34). He is sworn in on March 8.


Brazil: Former governor of Sergipe (1967-70) Lourival Baptista dies.
Czech Republic: Milos Zeman is sworn in as president.


Tunisia: Prime minister-designate Ali Larayedh names his government with Othman Jerandi as foreign minister, Rachid Sabbagh as defense minister, and Lotfi Ben Jeddou as interior minister. The government is approved by the Constituent Assembly (139-45) on March 13 and takes office on March 14.


Australia: In state elections in Western Australia, the Liberal Party wins 47.1% of the vote and 31 of 59 seats in the Legislative Assembly, the Labor Party 33.1% (21), the Greens 8.4% (0), and the Nationals 6.1% (7); turnout is 89.2%. In the Legislative Council, the Liberal Party wins 47.6% of the vote (17 of 36 seats), Labor 32.7% (11), the Greens 8.1% (2), and the Nationals 4.9% (5); turnout is 87.5%.

India: D.Y. Patil is appointed governor of Bihar (sworn in March 22), Nikhil Kumar governor of Kerala (sworn in March 23), Ashwani Kumar governor of Nagaland (sworn in March 21), S.C. Jamir governor of Odisha (sworn in March 21), and Devanand Konwar governor of Tripura (sworn in March 25).
India: Former governor of West Bengal (1999-2004) Viren J. Shah dies.
Jordan: Parliament votes for Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour to form a new cabinet. On March 30 a royal decree approves the cabinet in which Ensour also remains defense minister and Nasser Judeh foreign minister, while Hussein al-Majali becomes interior minister and Umayya Toukan finance minister.

Malta: In parliamentary elections, the Labour Party wins 54.8% of the vote (about 38 of 67 seats), the Nationalist Party 43.3% (about 29), and the Democratic Alternative 1.8% (0). Turnout is about 93%. On March 11 Joseph Muscat is sworn in as prime minister. On March 13 the new cabinet is sworn in, including George Vella as foreign minister, Manuel Mallia as home affairs and national security minister, and Edward Scicluna as finance minister.
Palestine: Finance Minister Nabil Kassis resigns.


Spain: Former president of the Diputación General of Aragón (1991-93) Emilio Eiroa García dies.


Austria: Gerald Klug is sworn in as defense minister.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Zeljka Cvijanovic is approved by the People's Assembly and, on March 13, by the Council of Peoples, when she takes over as prime minister of the Republika Srpska.


South Korea: President Park Geun Hye appoints an incomplete cabinet, including Yun Byung Se as foreign minister and Yoo Jeong Bok as home affairs minister. On March 22 the nominee for defense minister, Kim Byung Kwan, withdraws and Park retains the defense minister from the previous administration, Kim Kwan Jin; at the same time Hyun Oh Seok is appointed finance minister.
Russia: President Vladimir Putin relieves Nikolay Vinnichenko as his plenipotentiary in Severo-Zapadny federal district and appoints Vladimir Bulavin in his place.
Venezuela: Former foreign minister (1977-79, 1985-88) Simón Alberto Consalvi dies.


Brazil: Former acting governor of Bahia (1994) Ruy Dias Trindade dies.

Bulgaria: A caretaker cabinet is announced (sworn in March 13) with Marin Raikov as prime minister and foreign minister, Todor Tagarev as defense minister, Petya Purvanova as interior minister, and Kalin Hristov as finance minister.
Greenland: In parliamentary elections, Siumut wins 42.8% of the vote (14 of 31 seats), Inuit Ataqatigiit 34.4% (11), Atassut 8.1% (2), Partii Inuit 6.4% (2), and the Democrats 6.2% (2). Turnout is 74.2%. On March 26 the new government is presented (to be sworn in on April 5), with Aleqa Hammond as prime minister and foreign minister.


Vatican City: The conclave to elect a new pope begins. On March 13, on the fifth ballot, Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio is elected, taking the name Franciscus.


Mexico: Former governor of Zacatecas (1980-86) José Guadalupe Cervantes Corona dies.
Norfolk Island: In parliamentary elections, nonpartisans win 8 of 9 seats and the Norfolk Liberals 1. On March 20 Lisle Snell is elected chief minister.

Papua New Guinea: Former governor-general (1977-83) Sir Tore Lokoloko dies.



Li Yuanchao

Li Keqiang

Australia: Adam Giles is sworn in as chief minister of the Northern Territory, having replaced Terry Mills in a leadership challenge in the Country Liberal Party.
Cambodia: Former foreign minister (1976-79) Ieng Sary dies.
China: Xi Jinping is elected president by the National People's Congress (2,952-1). Li Yuanchao is elected vice president. On March 15 Li Keqiang is elected premier (2,940-3). A new cabinet is approved on March 16, including Wang Yi as foreign minister, Chang Wanquan as defense minister, and Lou Jiwei as finance minister.


Nepal: Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi is sworn in as prime minister of an interim government. He takes the defense and finance portfolios himself, while Madhav Prasad Ghimire becomes minister of home affairs and foreign affairs.

Slovenia: Prime Minister-designate Alenka Bratusek names her cabinet including Karl Erjavec as foreign minister, Roman Jakic as defense minister, Gregor Virant as interior minister, and Uros Cufer as finance minister. On March 20 the National Assembly endorses the cabinet (52-35).


Congo (Kinshasa): A presidential ordinance (signed March 13) is published relieving Jean-Claude Baende from his functions as governor of Équateur.
United States: Former governor of Washington (1985-93) Booth Gardner dies.


Japan: In gubernatorial elections in Chiba, incumbent Kensaku Morita wins 78.5% of the vote and Sadanobu Miwa 18.4%. Turnout is 32%.
Virgin Islands (U.S.): Former governor (1958-61) John David Merwin dies.


Asian Development Bank: President Haruhiko Kuroda steps down.

Israel: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new government is approved by the Knesset (68-48) and sworn in, with himself as foreign minister, Moshe Yaalon as defense minister, Gideon Sa'ar as interior minister, and Yair Lapid as finance minister.
Trinidad and Tobago: Anthony Carmona is sworn in as president.
United States: President Barack Obama nominates Thomas Perez as labor secretary.



Canada: Frank Fagan takes office as lieutenant governor of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Czech Republic: Vlastimil Picek is appointed as defense minister.
Syria: The rebels controlling parts of the country name Ghassan Hitto as interim prime minister, who is chosen by 35 votes against 32 for Assad Mustafa.
Trinidad and Tobago: Former foreign minister (1976-81) John S. Donaldson dies.


Bangladesh: President Zillur Rahman dies. The speaker of parliament, Abdul Hamid, has already been acting president from March 14.
Pakistan: Tariq Pervez is sworn in as caretaker chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Palau: The Senate rejects President Tommy Remengesau's nominee as finance minister, Secilil Eldebechel, for the third time.


Japan: Norihisa Satake is confirmed as governor of Akita as no contenders filed their candidacy for the election slated for April 7.
Pakistan: Zahid Qurban Alvi is sworn in as caretaker chief minister of Sindh.

Vanuatu: Prime Minister Sato Kilman resigns. Ham Lini becomes acting prime minister. On March 23 Moana Carcasses Kalosil is elected as new prime minister by 34 of the 52 MPs. Edward Natapei becomes foreign minister, Willie Jimmy finance minister, and Patrick Crowby internal affairs minister.


Italy: President Giorgio Napolitano asks Pier Luigi Bersani to form a government. On March 28 Bersani declares the failure of his attempts.
Lebanon: Prime Minister Najib Mikati resigns.


Commonwealth of Independent States: Former executive secretary (1998-99) Boris Berezovsky dies.


The Bahamas: Former governor (1968-72) Francis Edward Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce, Baron Thurlow, dies.


Central African Republic: President François Bozizé flees the country as rebels take control of the capital. Michel Djotodia names himself president. On March 27 he reappoints Nicolas Tiangaye as prime minister. On March 31 a transition government is named with Djotodia as defense minister, Charles Armel Doubane as foreign minister, Noureldine Adam as security minister, and Georges Bozanga as finance minister.
Curaçao: Former prime minister of the Netherlands Antilles (1979, 1994-98, 1999-2002) Miguel Pourier dies.
Pakistan: Nawab Ghous Bakhsh Barozai is sworn in as caretaker chief minister of Balochistan.

Russia: President Vladimir Putin appoints Svetlana Orlova as acting governor of Vladimir oblast.


China: Lu Hao is appointed acting governor of Heilongjiang.

Pakistan: Mir Hazar Khan Khoso is sworn in as caretaker prime minister.
Switzerland: Former Regierender Landammann of Appenzell Innerrhoden (1965-67, 1969-71, 1973-74) Leo Mittelholzer dies.


Canada: Former lieutenant governor of Prince Edward Island (2001-06) Léonce Bernard dies.
China: Liu Hui is appointed acting chairwoman of the government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.
Italy: Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi resigns. On March 27 Prime Minister Mario Monti becomes interim foreign minister.


China: Wang Xuejun is appointed acting governor of Anhui.
Curaçao: The government of Prime Minister Daniel Hodge resigns.

Liechtenstein: Parliament elects Adrian Hasler as head of government (18 of 25 votes). He is thus ex officio finance minister, while Aurelia Frick remains foreign minister and Thomas Zwiefelhofer becomes interior minister.
Pakistan: Najam Sethi is sworn in as caretaker chief minister of Punjab.


China: Chen Wu is elected acting chairman of the government of Guangxi.


Brazil: Former governor of Goiás (1961-64) Mauro Borges Teixeira dies.
Canada: Former premier of Alberta (1992-2006) Ralph Klein dies.
China: Guo Shuqing is appointed acting governor of Shandong.


Wallis and Futuna: Michel Aubouin takes office as administrator-superior.


Djibouti: A new government is named with Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed as prime minister, Hassan Darar Houffaneh as defense minister, and Hassan Omar Mohamed Bourhan as interior minister; Mahamoud Ali Youssouf remains foreign minister and Ilyas Moussa Dawaleh finance minister.