November 2007


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Prime Minister Nikola Spiric resigns.
Mexico: José Guadalupe Osuna Millán takes office as governor of Baja California.


Indonesia: The first direct election is held for governor of Maluku Utara. The provincial electoral commission declares incumbent Thaib Armaiyn the winner with 37.4% of the vote, followed by Abdul Gafur with 37.2%, Anthony Charles Sunarjo with 15.9%, and Irvan Eddison Tombokan with 9.6%. On November 22 the central General Electoral Commission intervenes and gives Abdul Gafur 37.9%, Armaiyn 37.3%, Sunarjo 15.3%, and Tombokan 9.6%. On November 30 Timbul Pudjianto is sworn in as acting governor until the dispute is resolved.
Northern Mariana Islands: In elections to the House of Representatives, the Republicans win 12 of 20 seats, the Covenant Party 4, Independents 3, and Democrats 1. In elections to 3 of the 9 seats in the Senate, Independents win 2 and the Covenant Party 1.


Guatemala: In the presidential election runoff, Álvaro Colom wins 52.8% of the vote and Otto Pérez Molina 47.2%. Turnout is 47.9%.



Czech Republic: The governor of Pardubický kraj, Michal Rabas, dies. First Deputy Governor Roman Línek becomes acting governor.
Guadeloupe: Emmanuel Berthier is installed as prefect.
Indonesia: In the first direct election for governor of Sulawesi Selatan, Syahrul Yasin Limpo wins with 39.5%, followed by incumbent Amin Syam with 38.8% and Abdul Aziz Qahhar Mudzakkar with 21.7%.


Poland: Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski submits the resignation of his cabinet. On November 9 Donald Tusk is asked to form a cabinet. Tusk is sworn in as prime minister on November 16. Radoslaw Sikorski becomes foreign minister, Bogdan Klich defense minister, Jacek Rostowski finance minister, and Grzegorz Schetyna interior minister.

Trinidad and Tobago: In parliamentary elections, the ruling People's National Movement wins 46% of the vote (26 of 41 seats), the United National Congress Alliance 29.8% (15), and the Congress of the People 22.7% (0). Turnout is 66%. On November 7 the new cabinet is appointed, including Paula Gopee-Scoon as foreign minister and Karen Nunez-Tesheira as finance minister.


United States: In gubernatorial elections in Kentucky, Steve Beshear (Democrat) defeats incumbent Ernie Fletcher (Republican), 59%-41%. In Mississippi, Gov. Haley Barbour (Rep.) defeats John Eaves (Dem.), 58%-42%. Results of mayoral elections:


Burundi: First Vice President Martin Nduwimana resigns. On November 8 parliament votes in Yves Sahinguvu as his successor.

Canada: In parliamentary elections in Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Party wins 50.6% of the vote (38 of 58 seats), the New Democratic Party 37.1% (20), and the Liberal Party 9.5% (0). Turnout is 74.3%. On November 21 Brad Wall is sworn in as premier.

Latvia: Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis announces his government will resign on December 5. Despite this, the parliament on November 8 approves three new ministers, including Maris Riekstins as foreign minister.


Japan: Former governor of Kanagawa (1967-75) Bungo Tsuda dies.

Mongolia: Prime Minister Miyeegombo Enkhbold resigns. On November 22 the parliament elects Sanj Bayar as prime minister (67-2).
Montserrat: Former governor (1990-93) David Taylor dies.
Solomon Islands: Francis Zama becomes finance minister, replacing Gordon Darcy Lilo. On November 27 Peter Boyers is sworn in, replacing Zama.
United States: The Senate confirms Michael Mukasey as attorney general (53-40). He is sworn in on November 9.


Australia: Tom Pauling is sworn in as administrator of the Northern Territory.
New Caledonia: Yves Dassonville takes office as high commissioner.
Venezuela: Former president (1979-84) Luis Herrera Campins dies.


Lebanon: The vote for a new president is postponed for a third time, from November 12 to November 21. On November 20 it is further postponed to November 23, on November 23 to November 30, and on November 29 to December 7. Meanwhile, incumbent Émile Lahoud's term expires at the end of November 23. From November 24 the powers of the presidency devolve to the cabinet headed by Prime Minister Fouad Siniora.


Japan: Former governor of Kyoto (1978-86) Yukio Hayashida dies.
Mexico: In gubernatorial elections in Michoacán, Leonel Godoy (Party of the Democratic Revolution) wins with about 38% of the vote, while Salvador López (National Action Party) wins about 33%.
Saint Helena: Andrew Gurr takes office as governor.
Slovenia: In the presidential election runoff, Danilo Türk wins 68.3% of the vote and Lojze Peterle 31.7%. Turnout is 57.8%.


India: B.S. Yeddyurappa is sworn in as chief minister of Karnataka. He resigns on November 19 and president's rule is again imposed on November 20.
Lithuania: Interior Minister Raimondas Sukys resigns (effective December 10).
Mongolia: Former prime minister (1998-99) Janlavyn Narantsatsralt dies in a car accident.


Denmark: In parliamentary elections, the Liberals (Venstre) win 26.3% of the mainland vote (46 of 175 mainland seats), the Social Democrats 25.5% (45), the Danish People's Party 13.8% (25), the Socialist People's Party 13% (23), the Conservative People's Party 10.4% (18), the Left Liberals (Radikale Venstre) 5.1% (9), the New Alliance 2.8% (5), and the Unity List 2.2% (4); turnout is 86.6%. (With two seats each representing Greenland and the Faeroe Islands, the total is 179.) Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen's new cabinet named on November 23 includes Lars Løkke Rasmussen as finance minister, while the interior ministry is abolished.
India: Former lieutenant governor of Manipur (1970-72) and Delhi (1977-80) Dalip Rai Kohli dies.
Kazakhstan: Bolat Zhamishev is appointed finance minister.
Federated States of Micronesia: In gubernatorial elections in Pohnpei, John Ehsa wins 33.6% of the vote, former governor Del Pangelinan 19.5%, Feliciano M. Perman 16.2%, Rufino Mauricio 15.3%, and Jack E. Yakana 15.3%. A runoff is scheduled for December 11.
Nauru: A no-confidence vote against President Ludwig Scotty reportedly is split 8-7 in favour of a breakaway group led by Kieren Keke, falling just short of the 9 votes needed. Later reports suggest that no such vote has yet occurred.
Togo: Prime Minister Yawovi Agboyibo resigns.


Burundi: A new government is named, including Venant Kamana as interior minister.
Congo (Kinshasa): The provincial assembly of Sud-Kivu votes (24-11) to depose Governor Célestin Cibalonza Byaterana. He subsequently appeals to the Supreme Court and Vice Governor Bernard Watunakanza becomes acting governor pending a decision.


Indonesia: In the first direct election for governor of Kalimantan Barat, Cornelis wins with 43.7% of the vote, while incumbent Usman Ja'far wins 30.9%, Oesman Sapta 15.7%, and Akil Mochtar 9.7%.


Georgia: Prime Minister Zurab Nogaideli resigns. Lado Gurgenidze is nominated to replace him. On November 22 the parliament approves (155-0) Gurgenidze and a mostly unchanged cabinet.
India: Former governor of Haryana (1979-80) and Punjab (1983) S.S. Sandhawalia dies.

Pakistan: Mohammadmian Soomro is sworn in as prime minister of an interim government. Inam ul-Haq becomes foreign minister, Salim Abbas Jilani defense minister, Hamid Nawaz Khan interior minister, and Salman Shah finance minister.


Congo (Brazzaville): Former prime minister (1966-68) Ambroise Noumazalaye dies.
Serbia: In parliamentary elections in Kosovo (turnout 40.1%), the Democratic Party of Kosovo wins 34.3% of the vote (37 of 120 seats), the Democratic League of Kosovo 22.6% (25), the Alliance for New Kosovo 12.3% (13), the Democratic League of Dardania-Albanian Christian Democratic Party of Kosovo 10% (11), and the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo 9.6% (10); 20 seats are reserved for minorities.
United States: Former governor of South Carolina (1965-71) Robert E. McNair dies.


France: Former interim foreign minister (1973) and president of the Regional Council of Haute-Normandie (1974-81) André Bettencourt dies.
Marshall Islands: In parliamentary elections, the United People's Party wins 15 of 33 seats, the United Democratic Party 14, and independents 4. Turnout is 50.1%.
Pakistan: Caretaker chief ministers take office in Punjab (Sheikh Ejaz Nisar), Sindh (Abdul Qadir Halepota), and Balochistan (Sardar Mohammad Saleh Bhootani).
Slovenia: The cabinet of Prime Minister Janez Jansa wins a vote of confidence in parliament (51-33).



Jordan: In parliamentary elections, independents win 104 of 110 seats and the Islamic Action Front 6. Turnout is 54%. On November 22 King Abdullah II designates Nader Dahabi as prime minister. Dahabi announces his cabinet on November 23, including himself as defense minister and Salah Bashir as foreign minister; it is sworn in on November 25.
São Tomé and Príncipe: In a government reshuffle, Ovídio Pequeno becomes foreign minister and Arlindo Carvalho finance minister.
Zimbabwe: Former prime minister of Rhodesia (1964-79) Ian D. Smith dies.


France: Former president of the Regional Council of Centre (1983-85) Daniel Bernardet dies.
Malawi: Former foreign minister (1964) Kanyama Chiume dies.


Somalia: Nur Hassan Hussein is appointed as prime minister. On November 24 the parliament ratifies the nomination (211 votes in favour of 212 members present) and he is sworn in.


Switzerland: Former president of the Council of State of Neuchâtel (1971-72, 1976-77, 1980-81, 1983-84) Jacques Béguin dies.


Australia: In parliamentary elections, the Australian Labor Party wins at least 80 of 150 seats, the Liberals at least 50, and the Nationals at least 10. On November 26 Kevin Rudd is invited to form a government. On November 29 Rudd announces the composition of his cabinet (to be sworn in December 3) with Stephen Smith as foreign minister, Joel Fitzgibbon as defense minister, and Lindsay Tanner as finance minister.
The Commonwealth: Kamalesh Sharma of India is unanimously chosen as the next secretary-general. He is to take office April 1, 2008.
United States: Former governor of Connecticut (1980-91) William A. O'Neill dies.


Croatia: In parliamentary elections, the Croatian Democratic Union wins 66 of 153 seats, the Social Democratic Party of Croatia 56, the coalition of Croatian Peasant Party and Croatian Social Liberal Party 8, the Croatian People's Party 7, the Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja 3, and the Istrian Democratic Assembly 3. Turnout is 63.5%.
Georgia: President Mikheil Saakashvili resigns to be a candidate in early presidential elections in January. Nino Burjanadze, speaker of parliament, becomes acting president.
Japan: Masanao Ozaki wins gubernatorial elections in Kochi.
Romania: In elections to the European Parliament, the Democratic Party wins 28.8% of the vote (13 of 35 seats), the Social Democratic Party 23.1% (10), the National Liberal Party 13.4% (6), the Liberal Democratic Party 7.8% (3), the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania 5.5% (2), the New Generation Party 4.9% (0), the Greater Romania Party 4.2% (0), and an independent 3.4% (1). Turnout is 29.5%.


Australia: Paul Henderson is sworn in as chief minister of the Northern Territory following the resignation of Clare Martin.
Brazil: Former foreign minister (1969-74) Mário Gibson Barboza dies.

Finland: Viveka Eriksson becomes lantråd of the Åland Islands.


Kyrgyzstan: Prime Minister Almazbek Atambayev is relieved from his post and Iskenderbek Aidaraliyev becomes acting prime minister.


Ecuador: President Rafael Correa removes Interior Minister Gustavo Larrea. Fernando Bustamante becomes acting interior minister.
European Union: Former president of the European Commission (1973-77) François-Xavier Ortoli dies.
Singapore: Tharman Shanmugaratnam is named finance minister, effective December 1.


China: Guo Jinlong is appointed acting mayor of Beijing.