February 2021


China: Wang Qingxian is elected governor of Anhui.
Congo (Kinshasa): Former governor of Kasaï Occidental (2006) Gilbert Tshiongo Tshibinkubula wa Ntumba dies.

Kyrgyzstan: The ruling coalition nominates Ulukbek Maripov as prime minister. On February 2 his government is announced, including Taalaybek Omuraliyev as defense minister and Ulukbek Karymshakov as finance minister, with Ruslan Kazakbayev remaining foreign minister and Ulan Niyazbekov interior minister. On February 3 the government is approved by parliament (71-1) and sworn in.


Myanmar: The military seizes power, detaining President Win Myint and Foreign Minister Aung San Suu Kyi. First Vice President Myint Swe becomes acting president, but transfers all authority to Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing. New ministers are named including Wunna Maung Lwin as foreign minister, Gen. Mya Tun Oo as defense minister, and Win Shein as finance minister; Lt.Gen. Soe Htut remains home affairs minister. On February 2 a State Administrative Council is formed with Senior General Min as chairman. On February 26 the Election Commission invalidates the results of the Nov. 8, 2020, parliamentary elections.


China: Huang Qiang is elected governor of Sichuan.
Colombia: Diego Molano is named defense minister.

Italy: The speaker of the lower house, Roberto Fico, informs President Sergio Mattarella that he was unable to revive the collapsed coalition government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Mattarella then announces that he seeks the formation of a non-political government; on February 3 he gives a mandate to that effect to Mario Draghi. On February 12 Draghi nominates a government including Daniele Franco as economy minister, with Luigi Di Maio remaining foreign minister, Lorenzo Guerini defense minister, and Luciana Lamorgese interior minister. The government is sworn in on February 13 and wins confidence votes in the Senate (262-40) on February 17 and Chamber of Deputies (535-56) on February 18.
Libya: At a UN-backed Libyan Political Dialogue Forum held near Geneva, Switzerland, delegates vote for a three-member Presidency Council and prime minister. In the first round, no candidate wins the required 70% of votes. In a vote between lists on February 5, none wins the required 60% of votes; the one led by Akila Saleh Issa to head the Presidency Council and Fathi Bashagha to be prime minister wins 25 votes, that led by Muhammad Younes Menfi and Abdul Hamid Muhammad Dbeibah 20, that led by al-Sharif al-Wafi and Muhammad Abdul Latif al-Muntasir 15, and that led by Muhammad Hassan Sleiman al-Bargathi and Muhammad Khalid Abdullah Ghweil 13. In a runoff, Menfi's list is then chosen with 39 votes against 34 for Issa's.
New Caledonia: The government of President Thierry Santa collapses when 5 members resign. On February 17, the parliament elects the 11 members of a new government (comprising 6 pro-independence members and 5 French loyalist members), which however fails to elect its president, Santa receiving 4 votes, Samuel Hnepeune 3, and Louis Mapou 3.
Palau: The Senate confirms Kaleb Udui, Jr., as finance minister (10-3). He takes office February 8.
Poland: Former prime minister (1980) Edward Babiuch dies.
San Marino: Former captain-regent (2005) Fausta Simona Morganti dies.
United States: The Senate confirms Alejandro Mayorkas as secretary of homeland security (56-43) and Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary (86-13). Mayorkas is sworn in the same day, Buttigieg on February 3. On February 8 the Senate confirms Denis McDonough as secretary of veterans affairs (87-7); he is sworn in on February 9. On February 23 the Senate confirms Linda Thomas-Greenfield as UN ambassador (78-20) and Tom Vilsack as agriculture secretary (92-7); they are sworn in on February 24. On February 25 Jennifer Granholm is confirmed (64-35) and sworn in as energy secretary.


Congo (Kinshasa): Interior Minister Gilbert Kankonde Malamba invalidates the no-confidence motions recently adopted against provincial governors and orders them to return to their posts pending the decisions of the Constitutional Court on the motions. On February 5 the Constitutional Court invalidates the Nov. 11, 2020, no-confidence motion against the governor of Maniema, Augustin Musafiri Myoma; on February 26 it invalidates the Dec. 28, 2020, motion against the governor of Bas-Uélé, Valentin Senga Paysayo.
Lesotho: In a cabinet reshuffle, Defense Minister Prince Maliehe is dismissed, to be replaced by Lekhetho Mosito (sworn in February 5). On February 15, Mosito is himself dismissed.
Switzerland: Beat Jans takes office as president of the government of Basel-Stadt.


Burkina Faso: Prime Minister Christophe Dabiré wins a confidence vote in parliament (105-21).
Pacific Islands Forum: Henry Puna (Cook Islands) is elected secretary-general, defeating Gerald Zackios (Marshall Islands) 9-8 in the final vote. Puna is expected to take office in April.


Moldova: The prime minister-designate, Natalia Gavrilita, announces her cabinet with Mihai Popsoi as foreign minister, Anatolie Nosatîi as defense minister, Ana Revenco as internal affairs minister, and Rozalina Albu as finance minister. On February 11 parliament fails to approve Gavrilita's nomination (she receives no votes, having herself urged deputies not to vote for her, in order to trigger early elections). President Maia Sandu then nominates her again. On February 23 the Constitutional Court invalidates the renomination.


African Union: Félix Tshisekedi, president of Congo (Kinshasa), becomes chairman. Moussa Faki is reelected as chairman of the Commission.

Canada: Iain Rankin is elected leader of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party, thus becoming premier-designate. He is sworn in as premier on February 23.

Mauritius: Foreign Minister Nando Bodha resigns. Alan Ganoo is appointed foreign minister.
Russia: Former governor of Oryol oblast (2009-14) Aleksandr Kozlov dies.
United States: Former secretary of labor (1969-70), treasury (1972-74), and state (1982-89) George Shultz dies.


Ecuador: In the first round of presidential elections, Andrés Arauz (Union for Hope) wins 32.7% of the vote, Guillermo Lasso (Creating Opportunities) 19.7%, Yaku Pérez (Pachakutik) 19.4%, and Xavier Hervas (Democratic Left) 15.7%. Turnout is 81.0%. A runoff will be held on April 11. In the parliamentary elections, the Union for Hope wins 32.2% of the vote (49 of 137 seats), Pachakutik 16.8% (27), the Democratic Left 12.0% (18), the Social Christian Party 9.7% (18), and Creating Opportunities 9.6% (12).
Haiti: The Superior Council of the Judicial Power issues a resolution that President Jovenel Moïse's term ends this day. The five-year term would regularly have begun in 2016, but due to a cancelled and then repeated election Moïse could only take office in 2017 and maintains that accordingly his term ends in 2022. On February 8, opposition parties designate Joseph Mécène Jean-Louis as provisional president.
Liechtenstein: In parliamentary elections, the Patriotic Union wins 35.9% (10 of 25 seats), the Progressive Citizens' Party 35.9% (10), the Free List 12.9% (3), and the Democrats for Liechtenstein 11.1% (2). Turnout is 78.0%.
Somalia: A Council of Presidential Candidates announces that it will no longer recognize Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed as president beyond February 8 (the date of his election four years ago, no new elections having been organized), and calls for the formation of a transitional council led by the speakers of the lower house (Mohamed Mursal Sheikh Abdurahman) and upper house (Abdi Hashi Abdullahi) of parliament.

The Sudan: Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok dissolves his cabinet. On February 8 he names a new one (sworn in February 10) including Mariam Sadiq al-Mahdi as foreign minister, Izz-Eddin al-Sheikh as interior minister, and Jibril Ibrahim as finance minister; Yassin Ibrahim remains defense minister.


Brazil: Former governor of Paraíba (1995-2002, 2009-11) José Targino Maranhão dies.
Greenland: The Demokraterne party leaves the government coalition, meaning that Steen Lynge leaves his post as foreign minister (succeeded by Prime Minister Kim Kielsen). On February 16 parliament decides there will be new elections on April 6.
Indonesia: Former governor of Kalimantan Timur (2006-08) Yurnalis Ngayoh dies.

South Korea: President Moon Jae In appoints Chung Eui Yong as foreign minister, to take office February 9.
Lebanon: Former foreign minister (2003-04) Jean Obeid dies.

Zimbabwe: Frederick Shava is appointed foreign minister.


Brazil: Former governor of Bahia (1975-79) Roberto Figueira Santos dies.


Nigeria: Former governor of Lagos (1979-83) Lateef Jakande dies.


Brazil: Former governor of São Paulo (1975-79) Paulo Egydio Martins dies.
Indonesia: As Rohidin Mersyah's term ends as governor of Bengkulu, Hamka Sabri becomes acting governor, followed on February 18 by Robert Simbolon. On February 25 Mersyah is inaugurated for a new term.
Indonesia: Sudirman becomes acting governor of Jambi, followed on February 18 by Hari Nur Cahya Murni.
Indonesia: Alwis becomes acting governor of Sumatera Barat, followed on February 18 by Hamdani. On February 25 Mahyeldi Ansharullah takes office as governor.


Indonesia: Roy Rizali Anwar becomes acting governor of Kalimantan Selatan after Sahbirin Noor's term ended on February 12. He is replaced on February 15 by Safrizal Z.A.
Indonesia: Tengku Said Arif Fadillah becomes acting governor of Kepulauan Riau after the previous gubernatorial term ended on February 12. He is replaced on February 18 by Suhajar Diantoro. Governor-elect Ansar Ahmad is sworn in on February 25.
Indonesia: Former acting governor of Maluku Utara (2002) and Maluku (2002-03) and governor of Sulawesi Utara (2005-10, 2010-15) Sinyo Harry Sarundajang dies.
United States: The Senate votes 57-43 (short of the required two-thirds majority) to convict former president Donald Trump of the article of impeachment.


Argentina: Former governor of La Rioja (1973-76, 1983-89) and president (1989-99) Carlos Saúl Menem dies.
Kosovo: In parliamentary elections, Vetëvendosje wins 50.0% of the vote (58 of 120 seats), the Democratic Party of Kosovo 16.9% (19), the Democratic League of Kosovo 12.6% (15), the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo 7.1% (8), and the Serb List 5.1% (10). Turnout is 48.8%.
Peru: Foreign Minister Elizabeth Astete resigns. On February 15 Allan Wagner Tizón is sworn in as foreign minister.
Spain: In parliamentary elections in Catalonia, the Party of Socialists of Catalonia wins 23.0% of the vote (33 of 135 seats), the Republican Left of Catalonia 21.3% (33), Together for Catalonia 20.0% (32), Vox 7.7% (11), En Comú Podem 6.9% (8), Popular Unity Candidacy-A New Cycle to Win 6.7% (9), Ciutadans 5.6% (6), and the Popular Party 3.8% (3). Turnout is 53.5%.
Sri Lanka: Former governor of Sabaragamuwa (2010-15) W.J.M. Lokubandara dies.


Congo (Kinshasa): President Félix Tshisekedi appoints Sama Lukonde Kyenge as prime minister.
Indonesia: Zainal Arifin Paliwang is sworn in as governor of Kalimantan Utara.
Iraq: Former prime minister of Kurdistan (1996-99, Kurdistan Democratic Party government) Rowsch Shaways dies.
South Korea: Former foreign minister (1986-88) Choi Kwang Soo dies.
Slovenia: Prime Minister Janez Jansa survives a no-confidence vote supported by 40 members in the 90-seat parliament (46 required).
World Trade Organization: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is chosen (by consensus) as director-general, to take office on March 1.


Ecuador: Former president (2000-03) Gustavo Noboa dies.
India: The lieutenant governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi, is removed from office and the governor of Telangana, Tamilisai Soundararajan, is given additional charge of Puducherry (sworn in February 18).
India: Former governor of Jharkhand (2002-03) and Bihar (2003-04) M. Rama Jois dies.


Tanzania: Former chief minister of Zanzibar (1984-88) Seif Sharif Hamad dies.


Georgia: Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia resigns. Maya Tskitishvili becomes acting prime minister. Defense Minister Irakli Garibashvili is nominated as candidate for prime minister. On February 19 his cabinet is nominated, with Juansher Burchuladze as defense minister, other key posts being unchanged. On February 22 parliament gives its confidence (89-2) to the new government, which immediately takes office.


Taiwan: Chiu Kuo-cheng is named defense minister.

Turks and Caicos Islands: In parliamentary elections, the Progressive National Party wins 56.2% of the vote (14 of 15 elected seats) and the People's Democratic Movement 39.9% (1). (With 4 appointed and 2 ex-officio members, the total is 21.) On February 20 Washington Misick is sworn in as premier. On February 22 he announces his cabinet with himself as finance minister and Otis Chuck Morris as home affairs minister.


Thailand: Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha survives a no-confidence vote in parliament (rejected 272-206). Equivalent motions against several other ministers are also rejected, including Interior Minister Anupong Paochinda (272-205).


Laos: In parliamentary elections, 164 members are elected. Turnout is 98.0%.
Niger: In the presidential runoff, Mohamed Bazoum wins 55.7% of the vote and Mahamane Ousmane 44.3%. Turnout is 62.9%.


India: The chief minister of Puducherry, V. Narayanasamy, loses a confidence vote in the Legislative Assembly and resigns. President Ram Nath Kovind accepts the resignation on February 23. On February 24 the territory is placed under president's rule.


Nepal: The Supreme Court invalidates the Dec. 20, 2020, dissolution of the House of Representatives.


Congo (Kinshasa): Former prime minister (1981-82) N'singa Udjuu Ongwankebi Untube dies.
Kosovo: Finance Minister Hykmete Bajrami resigns and Agim Krasniqi is appointed to replace her.


Botswana: Former foreign minister (1974-84) Archibald Mogwe dies.
Chad: In a cabinet reshuffle, Gen. Djimadoum Tiraïna is named minister-delegate in charge of armies and Souleyman Abakar Adoum minister of public security. They are sworn in February 27.
International Civil Aviation Organization: Juan Carlos Salazar (Colombia) is appointed as secretary-general, to take office on August 1.


Papua New Guinea: Former chief minister (1972-75), prime minister (1975-80, 1982-85, 2002-11, and in opposition 2011-12), foreign minister (1988-92, 1999, 2000, 2006), and governor of East Sepik (1995-99, 2012-17) Sir Michael Somare dies.


Sierra Leone: Former foreign minister (1973-75) Desmond Luke dies.
Spain: Former president of the Diputación General of Aragón (1978-81) Juan Antonio Bolea Foradada dies.


El Salvador: In parliamentary elections, New Ideas wins 57.7% of the vote (46 of 84 seats), the Nationalist Republican Alliance (and coalitions including it) 12.2% (14), the coalition of New Ideas and Grand Alliance for National Unity 8.7% (10), the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front 6.9% (4), and the Grand Alliance for National Unity 5.3% (5). Turnout is 50.2%.
Indonesia: Andi Sudirman Sulaiman is appointed acting governor of Sulawesi Selatan following the arrest of Governor Nurdin Abdullah.
Jordan: The resignation of Interior Minister Samir Mubaidin is accepted and the minister of local administration, Tawfiq Kreishan, is appointed as acting interior minister.