November 2020


Moldova: In the first round of presidential elections, Maia Sandu (Party of Action and Solidarity) wins 36.2% of the vote, incumbent Igor Dodon (independent supported by the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova) 32.6%, Renato Usatii (Our Party) 16.9%, and Violeta Ivanov (Sor [Republican Socio-Political Movement Equality] Party) 6.5%; turnout is 42.8%. The runoff is held on November 15, Sandu winning 57.7% and Dodon 42.3%; turnout is 52.8%.
Russia: Former head of the administration of Volgograd oblast (1997-2010) Nikolay Maksyuta dies.

Tall Sall
Senegal: President Macky Sall announces his new government with Aďssata Tall Sall as foreign minister and Antoine Félix Abdoulaye Diome as interior minister; Sidiki Kaba remains armed forces minister and Abdoulaye Daouda Diallo finance minister.


Czech Republic: Martin Cervícek is elected governor of Královéhradecký kraj. On November 3 Martin Kuba is elected governor of Jihoceský kraj, on November 10 Radim Holis governor of Zlinský kraj, on November 11 Jan Grolich governor of Jihomoravský kraj, on November 12 Ilona Mauritzová governor of Plzenský kraj, on November 16 Petra Pecková as governor of Stredoceský kraj and Jan Schiller as governor of Ústecký kraj, and on November 18 Vítezslav Schrek as governor of Vysocina kraj.
India: Former chief minister of Bihar (1968) Satish Prasad Singh dies.
Morocco: Former foreign minister (1967-69, 1974-77) and prime minister (1969-71) Ahmed Laraki dies.

New Zealand: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces her new cabinet (sworn in November 6) with Nanaia Mahuta as foreign minister, Peeni Henare as defence minister, and Jan Tinetti as internal affairs minister; Grant Robertson, the new deputy prime minister, remains finance minister.






Peru: Congress adopts (60-40 with 18 abstentions) a motion to start new impeachment proceedings against President Martín Vizcarra. On November 9 Vizcarra is removed in a 105-19 vote. The cabinet of Prime Minister Walter Martos resigns. The head of Congress, Manuel Merino, is sworn in as president on November 10. On November 11 Ántero Flores-Aráoz is sworn in as prime minister. The new government (sworn in November 12) includes Franca Deza as foreign minister, Walter Chávez as defense minister, Gastón Rodríguez as interior minister, and José Arista as finance minister. On November 15 most members of the new government resign, including Chávez, Rodríguez, and Arista; Merino himself then resigns, while rejecting the ministerial resignations. The new head of Congress, Luis Valdez, who would have been the constitutional successor, also resigns. A motion to elect Rocío Silva-Santisteban as head of Congress (who would then succeed as president) fails; she receives 42 votes (60 needed), with 52 against and 25 abstentions. On November 16, however, Francisco Sagasti is so elected (97-26); he is sworn in as president on November 17. The resignations of Flores-Aráoz and the entire cabinet are made official. On November 18 Violeta Bermúdez is sworn in as prime minister with a cabinet including Elizabeth Astete as foreign minister, Nuria Esparch as defense minister, Rubén Vargas as interior minister, and Waldo Mendoza as finance minister. On November 19 the Constitutional Court rejects an appeal by Vizcarra against his removal.

Tanzania: Hussein Mwinyi is sworn in as president of Zanzibar.


American Samoa: In gubernatorial elections, Lemanu Peleti Mauga wins 60.3% of the vote, Gaoteote Palaie Tofau 21.9%, and I'aulualo Fa'afetai Talia 12.3%.
Chile: Interior Minister Víctor Pérez resigns. Juan Francisco Galli Basili is named interim interior minister. On November 4 Rodrigo Delgado is named as new minister.
Congo (Kinshasa): The interior minister reinstates the former governors of Mai-Ndombe, Paul Mputu Boleilanga, and of Kwango, Jean-Marie Peti Peti Tamata, who resigned in June.
Guatemala: Interior Minister Oliverio García Rodas resigns. Claudia Haydée Díaz León becomes acting minister. On November 19 Gendri Reyes is named interior minister.
South Korea: Finance Minister Hong Nam Ki tenders his resignation, but it is rejected by President Moon Jae In.
Northern Mariana Islands: In elections to the House of Representatives, Republicans win 9 of 20 seats, Democrats 8, and Independents 3. The 3 Senate seats up for election are won by 1 Democrat, 1 Republican, and 1 Independent.
Palau: In presidential elections, Surangel Whipps, Jr., wins 57.4% of the vote and Raynold Oilouch 42.6%. Turnout is 49.0%.

Puerto Rico: In gubernatorial elections, Pedro Pierluisi (New Progressive Party) wins 32.9% of the vote, Carlos Delgado (Popular Democratic Party) 31.6%, Alexandra Lúgaro (Citizen Victory Movement) 14.2%, and Juan Dalmau (Puerto Rican Independence Party) 13.7%. Turnout is 52.8%.
Seychelles: Most of the new cabinet is sworn in (Foreign Minister Sylvestre Radegonde, however, only on November 16).
electoral mapUnited States: In presidential elections, Joe Biden (Democrat) wins 51.4% of the vote and 25 states and the District of Columbia, for 306 electoral votes (including 1 from Nebraska), while incumbent Donald Trump (Republican) wins 46.9% of the vote and 25 states worth 232 electoral votes (including 1 from Maine); Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian) wins 1.2% of the vote. Turnout is 66.8%. As a result of elections to 35 of 100 seats in the Senate, Republicans will have 50 seats and Democrats 48 (including 2 independents caucusing with them), with 2 seats going to runoffs on January 5. In elections to the House of Representatives, Democrats win 222 of 435 seats and Republicans 213. Results of gubernatorial elections: Results of mayoral elections:


Congo (Kinshasa): The acting governor of Kasaď Central, Ambroise Kamukuny Mukinayi, dies. Tharcisse Kabatusuila Mbuyamba has already been acting for him.
Tajikistan: Kokhir Rasulzoda is reappointed as prime minister. In the new government the key ministers also remain in place.


Guyana: Ashni Singh is appointed and sworn in as finance minister.
Indonesia: Nova Iriansyah is appointed governor of Aceh for the remainder of Irwandi Yusuf's term.

Kosovo: President Hashim Thaçi resigns. The speaker of parliament, Vjosa Osmani, becomes acting president.
Montenegro: Prime minister-designate Zdravko Krivokapic names his cabinet including Djordje Radulovic as foreign minister, Dritan Abazovic as defense minister, Nikola Terzic as interior minister, and Milojko Spajic as finance minister. On November 10 Terzic withdraws his candidacy. On November 27 Krivokapic nominates Sergej Sekulovic as interior minister, and Olivera Injac as defense minister instead of Abazovic.
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: In parliamentary elections (turnout 66.9%), the New Democratic Party wins 50.3% of the vote (6 of 15 elected seats) and the ruling Unity Labour Party 49.6% (9). (With 6 appointed members, the total is 21.) Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is sworn in for another term on November 7. On November 10 his cabinet is sworn in, with himself as foreign minister and Camillo Gonsalves remaining finance minister.
Timor-Leste: Finance Minister Fernando Hanjam resigns. Rui Gomes is sworn in as finance minister on November 23.


Cyprus: The president of North Cyprus, Ersin Tatar, asks Hamza Ersan Saner to form a government. On November 21 Saner's failure is announced and Tufan Erhürman is given the mandate.
India: In parliamentary elections in Bihar held on October 28, November 3, and November 7, the Rashtriya Janata Dal wins 23.1% of the vote (75 of 243 seats), the Bharatiya Janata Party 19.5% (74), the Janata Dal (United) 15.4% (43), and the Indian National Congress 9.5% (19).

Portugal: The representative of the republic in the Azores, Pedro Manuel dos Reis Alves Catarino, nominates José Manuel Bolieiro as president of the government. Bolieiro is sworn in on November 24.



Bolivia: Luis Arce is sworn in as president, with David Choquehuanca as vice president. On November 9 the new cabinet takes office, including Rogelio Mayta as foreign minister, Edmundo Novillo as defense minister, Eduardo del Castillo as interior minister, and Marcelo Montenegro as finance minister.
Egypt: In parliamentary elections held October 24-25 (turnout 28.6%) and November 7-8, the Mostaqbal Watan party wins at least 343 of 568 elected seats (with 28 members appointed by the president, the total is 596). Runoffs will be held November 21-25 and December 5-8.


Ethiopia: Demeke Mekonnen is appointed foreign minister.
India: Former chief minister of Sikkim (1994) Sanchaman Limboo dies.
Sovereign Military Order of Malta: Marco Luzzago is elected and sworn in as lieutenant (interim grand master) for one year.
Myanmar: In parliamentary elections, the National League for Democracy wins 258 of 315 elected seats in the House of Representatives and 138 of 161 in the House of Nationalities, while the Union Solidarity and Development Party wins 26 and 7 respectively.
Turkey: Finance Minister Berat Albayrak resigns. On November 9 President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accepts the resignation and appoints Lütfi Elvan as finance minister.


Canada: In mayoral elections in Regina, Sandra Masters is elected with 46.4% of the vote, defeating incumbent Michael Fougere (35.7%). Turnout is 21.3%. Masters is sworn in on November 23.
Estonia: Interior Minister Mart Helme resigns. Finance Minister Martin Helme survives a no-confidence vote (46 votes for the motion, 54 abstentions; 51 votes required). Martin Helme then also becomes acting interior minister. On November 18 Alar Laneman is appointed and sworn in as interior minister.
Moldova: Aureliu Ciocoi is appointed foreign minister and Victor Gaiciuc defense minister.
Russia: President Vladimir Putin appoints Vladimir Yakushev as his plenipotentiary in Uralsky federal district.
United States: President Donald Trump dismisses Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper and names Christopher C. Miller acting defense secretary.


Jersey: Chief Minister John Le Fondré survives a no-confidence motion (rejected 29-19).
Jordan: In parliamentary elections, independents win most of the 130 seats, while the Islamic Action Front wins 8. Turnout is 29.9%.
Mali: Former president (1991-92, 2002-12) Amadou Toumani Touré dies.
Russia: Andrey Tarasenko is approved by the local legislature as prime minister of Sakha.


Salman ibn H.
Bahrain: Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa ibn Salman Al Khalifa dies. The crown prince, Sheikh Salman ibn Hamad Al Khalifa, is appointed as prime minister.


Belize: In parliamentary elections, the People's United Party wins 59.6% of the vote (26 of 31 seats) and the United Democratic Party 38.8% (5). Turnout is 81.9%. On November 12 Johnny Briceńo is sworn in as prime minister. On November 13 he announces his cabinet with himself as finance minister, Eamon Courtenay as foreign minister, Florencio Marin, Jr., as defense minister, and Kareem Musa as home affairs minister.
Congo (Kinshasa): The provincial assembly of Maniema adopts a no-confidence motion (15-6) against Governor Augustin Musafiri Myoma. Deputy Governor Jean-Pierre Amadi Lubenga subsequently becomes acting governor.
Nigeria: Former governor of Kaduna (1979-81) Balarabe Musa dies.


Ghana: Former head of state (1979, 1981-2001) Jerry John Rawlings dies.
Jordan: Interior Minister Tawfiq Halalmeh resigns. Justice Minister Bassam Talhouni is named acting interior minister.
Russia: Leonid Potapov, former chairman of the Supreme Council (1991-94) and president (1994-2007) of Buryatia, dies.
Switzerland: Former president of the Council of State of Genčve (1995-96, 1999-2000) Guy-Olivier Segond dies.
Tanzania: President John Magufuli reappoints Kassim Majaliwa as prime minister, and the appointment is approved by parliament (350-0). On November 13 Magufuli reappoints Palamagamba Kabudi as foreign minister and Philip Mpango as finance minister.


Canada: In mayoral elections in Saskatoon, incumbent Charlie Clark is reelected with 46.9% of the vote, defeating Rob Norris (26.1%) and former mayor Don Atchison (20.1%).
Congo (Kinshasa): Bonaventure Konde Vila Kikanda, former governor of Haut-Zaďre (1976-78), Kasaď Occidental (1978-80), Bandundu (1981-85), Kasaď Oriental (1985), Kinshasa (1987-88), Nord-Kivu (1988-90), and Katanga (1990-91), dies.
European Free Trade Association: Former secretary-general (1994-2000) Kjartan Jóhannsson dies.


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Former prime minister (1996-97) Hasan Muratovic dies.
Guernsey: The president of the States of Alderney, William Tate, is reelected with 69.0% of the vote, against 31.0% for Louis Jean. Turnout is 53%.


Kyrgyzstan: Sadyr Japarov resigns as acting president and suspends his role as prime minister to run for president. The speaker of parliament, Talant Mamytov, becomes acting president and First Deputy Prime Minister Artem Novikov acting prime minister.


Brazil: Former acting governor of Santa Catarina (1982-83) Henrique Helion Velho de Córdova dies.
India: Former lieutenant governor of Pondicherry (1990) Chandrawati dies.
Japan: In gubernatorial elections in Tochigi, incumbent Tomikazu Fukuda wins 67.1% of the vote and Takao Tanobe 32.9%. Turnout is 38.7%.
Pakistan: In parliamentary elections in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf wins 10 of 24 directly elected seats, independents 7, the Pakistan People's Party 3, and the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) 2. With 6 seats reserved for women (PTI 4, PPP 1, PMLN 1) and 3 for technocrats (PTI 2, PPP 1), the total is 33. On November 30 the Legislative Assembly of the territory elects Khalid Khurshid Khan (PTI) as chief minister; he defeats Amjad Hussain (PPP) 22-9.



Armenia: Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan resigns. Ara Ayvazyan is appointed as foreign minister on November 18. On November 20 Vagarshak Arutyunyan is appointed as defense minister.
Syria: Foreign Minister Walid Muallem dies. On November 22 Faisal Mekdad is appointed as foreign minister.


India: Former governor of Goa (2014-19) Mridula Sinha dies.


Russia: President Vladimir Putin accepts the resignation of the head of the republic of Mordovia, Vladimir Volkov, and appoints Artyom Zdunov (the prime minister of Dagestan) as acting head of the republic, and also Vyacheslav Gladkov as acting governor of Belgorod oblast. On November 24 Abdulpatakh Amirkhanov becomes acting prime minister of Dagestan.
Somalia: Former foreign minister (1969-76) and prime minister (1991-93) Umar Arteh Ghalib dies.


Lithuania: President Gitanas Nauseda nominates Ingrida Simonyte as prime minister. She is approved by parliament (62-10 with 41 abstentions) on November 24 and appointed by the president on November 25. Her proposed cabinet includes Gabrielius Landsbergis as foreign minister, Arvydas Anusauskas as defense minister, Agne Bilotaite as interior minister, and Gintare Skaiste as finance minister.

Somalia: Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad is dismissed and replaced by Mohamed Abdirizak Mohamud (taking office November 28).


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Milorad Dodik becomes chairman of the Presidency.
El Salvador: Interior Minister Mario Durán resigns. Franklin Alberto Castro Rodríguez becomes acting minister.


Afghanistan: Parliament approves 10 ministers, including Mohammad Hanif Atmar as foreign minister (197-24), Asadullah Khalid as defense minister (206-17), Massoud Andarabi as interior minister (214-25), and Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal as finance minister (205-32).
Finland: Former governor of Lappi (1974-94) Asko Oinas dies.
Georgia: In the second round of parliamentary elections (boycotted by the opposition), Georgian Dream wins the 17 remaining constituency seats (for a total of 90 of the 150 seats).
Malta: Clyde Caruana is named finance minister in a cabinet reshuffle (sworn in November 23).


Burkina Faso: In presidential elections, incumbent Roch Marc Christian Kaboré wins 57.9% of the vote, Eddie Komboďgo 15.5%, and Zéphirin Diabré 12.5%; turnout is 50.8%. In parliamentary elections, the People's Movement for Progress wins 56 of 127 seats, the Congress for Democracy and Progress 20, New Time for Democracy 13, and the Union for Progress and Reform 12; turnout is 50.7%.
Mauritania: Former president (2007-08) Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi dies.
Sweden: Former governor of Jämtland (1984-95) Sven Heurgren dies.


India: Former chief minister of Assam (2001-16) Tarun Gogoi dies.
Russia: Viktor Zimin, former chairman of the government (2009-18) and head of the republic (2010-18) of Khakassia, dies.
United States: President-elect Joe Biden nominates Antony Blinken as secretary of state, Alejandro Mayorkas as secretary of homeland security, Avril Haines as director of national intelligence, and Linda Thomas-Greenfield as UN ambassador. On November 30 Janet Yellen is nominated as treasury secretary.
United States: Former New York City mayor (1990-94) David Dinkins dies.


Austria: Michael Ludwig is reelected mayor of Wien (60 of 100 votes).
Brazil: Former governor of Sergipe (1983-87, 1991-95, 2003-07) Joăo Alves Filho dies.
China: Li Bingjun is appointed acting governor of Guizhou.
Cuba: Interior Minister Julio César Gandarilla Bermejo dies. Gen. Lázaro Alberto Álvarez Casas is appointed as interior minister.
Ecuador: Parliament votes (104-18) to dismiss Interior Minister María Paula Romo. President Lenín Moreno appoints Patricio Pazmińo as interior minister.
Niger: Former president (1999-2010) Mamadou Tandja dies.
Papua New Guinea: Foreign Minister Patrick Pruaitch resigns.


The Bahamas: Finance Minister Peter Turnquest resigns. Prime Minister Hubert Minnis is sworn in as finance minister on November 30.
French Guiana: Thierry Queffelec is appointed as prefect.
Saint-Barthélemy/Saint-Martin: Serge Gouteyron is appointed as prefect.
Wallis and Futuna: Hervé Jonathan is appointed as administrator-superior.
World Bank: Former president (1995-2005) James D. Wolfensohn dies.


Fiji: Former prime minister (2001) Ratu Tevita Momoedonu dies.
Sri Lanka: Sarath Weerasekara is sworn in as public security minister.
The Sudan: Former prime minister (1966-67, 1986-89) Sadiq al-Mahdi dies.


Anguilla: Dileeni Daniel-Selvaratnam is appointed governor, to take office in January 2021.
Papua New Guinea: The Supreme Court rejects a legal challenge to the May 30, 2019, election of James Marape as prime minister.


France: Former president of the Regional Council of Aquitaine (1988-92) Jean Tavernier dies.
Guernsey: In elections for half of the 10 seats of the States of Alderney, 5 nonpartisan members are elected. Turnout is 56%.
Organization of Islamic Cooperation: Hissein Brahim Taha (Chad) is elected secretary-general, to take office Nov. 17, 2021.


Moldova: In parliamentary elections in Transnistria, the Obnovlenie (Renewal) party wins 29 of 33 seats. Turnout is 27.8%.


Comoros: Former foreign minister (1991-93) Said Hassane Said Hachim dies.