October 2020


De Croo
Belgium: The new government of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo is sworn in, with Sophie Wilmčs as foreign minister, Ludivine Dedonder as defense minister, Annelies Verlinden as interior minister, and Vincent Van Peteghem as finance minister. The government wins a confidence vote in the Chamber of Representatives (87-54) on October 3.
Bermuda: In parliamentary elections, the Progressive Labour Party wins 62.1% of the vote (30 of 36 seats), the One Bermuda Alliance 32.3% (6), and the Free Democratic Movement 5.4% (0). Turnout is 60.9%. On October 8 Premier David Burt announces an unchanged cabinet.


San Marino: Alessandro Cardelli (Christian Democrat) and Mirko Dolcini (Domani Motus Liberi) take office as captains-regent.
Togo: The new government of Prime Minister Victoire Tomegah Dogbé is named, including Essozimna Marguérite Gnakadé as armies minister, while Robert Dussey remains foreign minister, Gen. Damehame Yark security minister, and Sani Yaya finance minister. On October 2 the government wins a unanimous confidence vote in parliament.


Canada: Former lieutenant governor of Nova Scotia (1984-89) Alan R. Abraham dies.
Nigeria: The Appeal Court reverses the August 17 decision of the Petition Tribunal nullifying the election of Douye Diri as governor of Bayelsa.
Russia: Mikhail Razvozhayev takes office as governor of Sevastopol.


Jordan: King Abdullah II accepts the resignation of Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz. On October 7 the king tasks Bisher Khasawneh with forming a new cabinet. In the government sworn in on October 12, Khasawneh is also defense minister and Tawfiq Halalmeh becomes interior minister, while Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi and Finance Minister Muhammad al-Ississ keep their posts.


Kyrgyzstan: In parliamentary elections, Birimdik (Unity) wins 24.9% of the vote (46 of 120 seats), My Homeland Kyrgyzstan 24.3% (45), the Kyrgyzstan party 8.9% (16), United Kyrgyzstan 7.2% (13), and the Mekenchil (Patriotic) party 7.0% (0). (The first three parties are pro-government.) Turnout is 56.5%. After the storming of government buildings by protesters, on October 6 the election results are annulled and opposition politician Kursan Asanov takes over as acting interior minister; Kiyalbek Mukashev is named acting finance minister; Prime Minister Kubatbek Boronov resigns and parliament names Sadyr Japarov as acting prime minister. On October 7 Tilek Toktogaziyev announces that he was elected acting prime minister by a People's Coordination Council. On October 8 President Sooronbay Jeenbekov announces that he is ready to resign after the appointment of a new government. On October 9 four parties nominate Omurbek Babanov for prime minister (with Toktogaziyev as first deputy); Asanov leaves the Interior Ministry; Jeenbekov accepts Boronov's resignation and, in a later decree of the same day, dismisses Boronov from his duties in the outgoing government, leaving First Deputy Prime Minister Almazbek Baatyrbekov as acting prime minister. On October 10 parliament confirms Japarov as prime minister and a mostly unchanged government, except for the interior minister, to which post Japarov appoints Ulan Niyazbekov; the legitimacy of the parliament session is disputed, and on October 13 Jeenbekov says he will return the resolutions back to parliament. On October 14 parliament approves Japarov in a repeat vote and Jeenbekov signs a decree of appointment. The government includes Ruslan Kazakbayev as foreign minister, Niyazbekov as interior minister, and Mukashev as finance minister. While Japarov requests the immediate resignation of the president, Jeenbekov says he will only resign after new parliamentary elections are held. On October 15, however, Jeenbekov announces his resignation. Japarov declares himself acting president, saying that the speaker of parliament, Kanat Isayev, who constitutionally would become acting president, has refused the role. On October 16 parliament accepts Jeenbekov's resignation and Japarov formally assumes the acting presidency.
United States: Former governor of Louisiana (1996-2004) Mike Foster dies.


Mali: The new government is named with Zeďni Moulaye as foreign minister, Col. Sadio Camara as defense minister, Col. Modibo Kone as security minister, and Alousseni Sanou as finance minister.
Russia: President Vladimir Putin accepts the resignation of the head of the republic of Dagestan, Vladimir Vasilyev, and appoints Sergey Melikov as acting head of the republic.
Serbia: President Aleksandar Vucic asks Prime Minister Ana Brnabic to form a new government.
Thailand: Arkhom Termpittayapaisith is appointed finance minister (to be sworn in October 11).


Canada: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government wins a confidence vote in parliament (177-152).
Kuwait: Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al Khaled Al Hamad Al Sabah submits his government's resignation to the new emir, who asks it to continue its duties.
Liberia: Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., takes office as foreign minister.


Cyprus: The foreign minister of North Cyprus, Kudret Özersay, resigns.
Guernsey: In parliamentary elections (turnout 79.7%), independents win 62.6% of the vote (22 of 38 seats), the Guernsey Partnership of Independents 24.0% (10), the Guernsey Party 10.0% (6), and the Alliance Party Guernsey 3.4% (0). (With 2 Alderney representatives, the total is 40 seats.) On October 16 the parliament elects Peter Ferbrache as president of the Policy and Resources Committee (chief minister); he defeats incumbent Gavin St. Pier 23-17.
India: Former governor of Nagaland (2013-14) and Manipur (2013) Ashwani Kumar dies.
Russia: Dmitry Makhonin takes office as governor of Perm kray.


Bulgaria: Former foreign minister (1990) Lyuben Gotsev dies (night of October 7/8).
Cook Islands: Prime Minister Mark Brown's cabinet is announced with himself as foreign minister while also remaining finance minister; Vaine Mokoroa retains the internal affairs portfolio.
Montenegro: President Milo Djukanovic nominates Zdravko Krivokapic to form a government.
Paraguay: It is announced that Benigno López will step down as finance minister. Also, Federico González is to replace Antonio Rivas Palacios as foreign minister; he is sworn in October 13.
Russia: Aleksandr Tsybulsky takes office as governor of Arkhangelsk oblast.
Somalia: Former prime minister (2000-01) Ali Khalif Galaid dies.


Czech Republic: Elections for 27 of 81 seats in the Senate are held in two rounds October 2-3 and 9-10. Only 1 seat is decided in the first round (turnout 36.7%). The second round (turnout 16.7%) leads to the following distribution of seats: Mayors and Independents 11 (1 from the first round), Civic Democratic Party 5, Christian and Democratic Union-Czechoslovak People's Party 3, Tradition Responsibility Prosperity 09 2, Senator 21 2, Action of Dissatisfied Citizens 2011 1, Pirate Party 1, smaller parties 2.
Nigeria: In gubernatorial elections in Ondo, incumbent Rotimi Akeredolu (All Progressives Congress) wins 51.1% of the vote, Eyitayo Jegede (People's Democratic Party) 34.2%, and Agboola Ajayi (Zenith Labour Party) 12.1%. Turnout is 32.6%.


Austria: In parliamentary elections in Wien, the Social Democratic Party wins 41.6% of the vote (46 of 100 seats), the Austrian People's Party 20.4% (22), the Greens 14.8% (16), New Austria 7.5% (8), and the Freedom Party 7.1% (8). Turnout is 65.3%.
Cyprus: In presidential elections in North Cyprus, Prime Minister Ersin Tatar wins 32.3% of the vote, incumbent Mustafa Akinci 29.8%, Tufan Erhürman 21.7%, Kudret Özersay 5.7%, Erhan Arikli 5.4%, and Serdar Denktas 4.2%; turnout is 58.2%. A runoff is held on October 18, Tatar winning 51.7% and Akinci 48.3%; turnout is 67.3%. Tatar is sworn in as president on October 23.
Lithuania: In the first round of parliamentary elections, the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats wins 25.7% of the vote (23 of 70 proportional-representation seats), the Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union 18.1% (16), the Labour Party 9.8% (9), the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party 9.6% (8), the Freedom Party 9.4% (8), the Liberals Movement 7.0% (6), and the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania-Union of Christian Families 5.0% (0); turnout is 47.6%. Only 3 of the 71 constituency seats are decided, the remaining 68 being attributed in the second round on October 25 (turnout 39.0%). The Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats wins a total of 50 of the 141 seats, the Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union 32, the Liberals Movement 13, the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party 13, the Freedom Party 11, the Labour Party 10, the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania-Union of Christian Families 3, and the Social Democratic Labour Party 3.
Tajikistan: In presidential elections, incumbent Emomali Rakhmon wins 90.9% of the vote. Turnout is 85.4%.


French Southern and Antarctic Lands: Charles Giusti takes office as administrator-superior.
Marshall Islands: Former president (2008-09) Litokwa Tomeing dies.


Australia: The premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, survives a no-confidence motion in the Legislative Assembly (rejected 44-23).
United States: The mayor of Anchorage, Ethan Berkowitz, announces his resignation (effective October 23). The chairman of the Assembly, Felix Rivera, would become acting mayor, but on October 16 Austin Quinn-Davidson is elected chairman in place of Rivera, and accordingly is sworn in as acting mayor on October 23.


Australia: The premier of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, survives no-confidence motions in the Legislative Assembly (rejected 47-38) and the Legislative Council (rejected 21-20).
Nepal: In a cabinet reshuffle, Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli takes the defense portfolio while Bishnu Poudel is named finance minister (sworn in October 15).
Palau: Former president (1993-2000) Kuniwo Nakamura dies.


Italy: The president of Calabria, Jole Santelli, dies. Antonino Spirlě becomes acting president.
Togo: Former foreign minister (1992-94) Fambaré Ouattara Natchaba dies.


Australia: In parliamentary elections in the Australian Capital Territory, the Labor Party wins 37.8% of the vote (10 of 25 seats), the Liberal Party 33.8% (9), and the Greens 13.5% (6). Turnout is 89.0%.
Canada: In mayoral elections in Halifax, incumbent Mike Savage wins 80.2% of the vote, Matt Whitman 10.5%, and Max Taylor 9.3%.
New Zealand: In parliamentary elections, the Labour Party wins 49.1% of the vote (64 of 120 seats), the National Party 26.8% (35), ACT New Zealand 8.0% (10), and the Green Party 7.6% (10).


Bolivia: In presidential elections, Luis Arce (Movement Toward Socialism) wins 55.1% of the vote, former president Carlos Mesa (Civic Community) 28.8%, and Luis Fernando Camacho (We Believe alliance) 14.0%. Turnout is 88.4%.
Guinea: In presidential elections, incumbent Alpha Condé (Rally of the Guinean People) wins 59.5% of the vote and Cellou Dalein Diallo (Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea) 33.5%. Turnout is 78.9%.
Switzerland: Former president of the Council of State of Neuchâtel (1984-85), foreign minister (1988-93), and president (1992) René Felber dies.
United States: Former secretary of transportation (1967-69) Alan S. Boyd dies.


Somalia: Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble announces his cabinet with Hassan Hussein Haji as defense minister and Gen. Mukhtar Hussein Afrah as interior minister, Ahmed Isse Awad remaining foreign minister and Abdirahman Duale Bayle finance minister. On October 24 parliament approves the cabinet (188-0).


Canada: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government survives a no-confidence motion, which is defeated 180-146.
Italy: The parliament of Valle d'Aosta elects Erik Lavevaz as president (20-11).
Sint Eustatius: In elections to the Island Council, the Progressive Labour Party wins 51.4% of the vote (3 of 5 seats), the Democratic Party 40.8% (2), and the United People's Coalition 7.8% (0). Turnout is 76.9%.


Lebanon: President Michel Aoun designates Saad Hariri as prime minister.
Serbia: Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic resigns and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic becomes acting foreign minister. On October 25 Brnabic announces her new cabinet with Nikola Selakovic as foreign minister, Nebojsa Stefanovic as defense minister, Aleksandar Vulin as interior minister, and Sinisa Mali remaining finance minister. On October 28 the cabinet is approved by parliament (227-5) and sworn in.
Spain: A motion of no confidence in Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is rejected 298-52.


Côte d'Ivoire: Interior Minister Sidiki Diakité dies.


Canada: In parliamentary elections in British Columbia, the New Democratic Party wins (according to preliminary results) 45.1% of the vote (55 of 87 seats), the Liberal Party 35.3% (29), and the Green Party 15.3% (3).
Seychelles: In presidential elections held October 22-24, Wavel Ramkalawan (Linyon Demokratik Seselwa) wins 54.9% of the vote and incumbent Danny Faure (United Seychelles) 43.5%; turnout is 88.5%. In parliamentary elections, Linyon Demokratik Seselwa wins 54.8% of the vote (25 of 35 seats) and United Seychelles 42.3% (10); turnout is 88.4%. Ramkalawan is sworn in on October 26.


Japan: In gubernatorial elections in Okayama, incumbent Ryuta Ibaragi wins 87.9% of the vote and Hisaki Moriwaki 12.1%; turnout is 33.7%. In Toyama, Hachiro Nitta wins 53.5% of the vote and incumbent Takakazu Ishii 41.8%; turnout is 60.7%.
Portugal: In parliamentary elections in the Azores, the Socialist Party wins 40.6% of the vote (25 of 57 seats), the Social Democratic Party 35.0% (21), the People's Party 5.7% (3), Chega 5.3% (2), and the Left Bloc 4.0% (2). Turnout is 45.4%.


Canada: In parliamentary elections in Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Party wins (according to preliminary results) 63.1% of the vote (50 of 61 seats) and the New Democratic Party 29.2% (11).