September 2020


Monaco: Pierre Dartout takes office as minister of state.

Papua New Guinea: In presidential elections in Bougainville held from August 12 to September 1, Ishmael Toroama wins with 61.4% of the vote against 38.6% for Simon Dumarinu after the final elimination of other candidates. In parliamentary elections, 39 nonpartisan members are elected. Toroama is sworn in on September 25.
Switzerland: Former Landammann of Schwyz (1998-2000) Richard Camenzind dies.
Thailand: Finance Minister Predee Daochai resigns.


French Polynesia: The resignation of the vice president and finance minister, Teva Rohfritsch, is accepted. On September 17 Tearii Alpha is appointed as vice president and Yvonnick Raffin as finance minister.
Syria: The new government of Prime Minister Hussein Arnous is sworn in.

Tunisia: The government of prime minister-designate Hichem Mechichi is approved by parliament (134-67) and sworn in.


Jamaica: In parliamentary elections, the Jamaica Labour Party wins 57.0% of the vote (48 of 63 seats) and the People's National Party 42.8% (15). Turnout is about 37%. On September 7 Prime Minister Andrew Holness is sworn in for a second term and reappoints Kamina Johnson Smith as foreign minister, Nigel Clarke as finance minister, and Horace Chang as national security minister; Holness retains the defense portfolio.
Liberia: Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., is nominated foreign minister. He is confirmed by the Senate on September 29.
Libya: The suspended interior minister Fathi Bashagha is restored to his post.


Belgium: Egbert Lachaert and Conner Rousseau are named préformateurs. On September 17 the Chamber of Representatives votes (79-46) to extend the mandate of the government of Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès to October 1. On September 21 Lachaert and Rousseau offer their resignations but they are refused by the king. On September 23 the king names Paul Magnette and Alexander De Croo as formateurs. On September 30 De Croo is designated prime minister.
Cook Islands: Former prime minister (1999) Joe Williams dies.
Nepal: Finance Minister Yubaraj Khatiwada resigns. Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli takes over the portfolio.


France: Former president of the Regional Council of Haute-Normandie (1992-98) Antoine Rufenacht dies.
United States: Former governor of New Hampshire (1993-97) Steve Merrill dies.


Yemen: Former foreign minister (1998-2001) and prime minister (2001-07) Abdul Qader Bajamal dies.


Peru: Interior Minister Jorge Montoya resigns. On September 10 César Gentille is sworn in as interior minister.
Venezuela: Delcy Rodríguez is appointed acting economy and finance minister.


Peru: Parliament votes (65-36 with 24 abstentions) to start impeachment proceedings against President Martín Vizcarra. On September 15 parliament votes against the removal of Finance Minister María Antonieta Alva (73-46). On September 17 the Constitutional Court denies an appeal by the government to block the impeachment vote against Vizcarra, which is held on September 18, parliament rejecting his removal (78-32).


Australia: Former premier of New South Wales (1992-95) John Fahey dies.


Comoros: Former joint acting president (1995) Said Ali Kemal dies.
Grenada: A cabinet reshuffle is announced (effective the first week of October), with Oliver Joseph to become foreign minister and Gregory Bowen finance minister.
Libya: The prime minister of the Tobruk-based government, Abdullah al-Thani, resigns.
Russia: Results of popular elections of regional heads (CPRF=Communist Party of the Russian Federation; LDPR=Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia; UR=United Russia): In Nenets autonomous okrug, acting incumbent Yury Bezdudny (UR) is elected by the local assembly (14 of 16 votes) and immediately sworn in; the other candidates were Andrey Smychenkov (LDPR), 2 votes, and Igor Pinayev (Rodina), 0. In Khanty-Mansi autonomous okrug, incumbent Natalya Komarova (UR) is elected by the local Duma with 29 of 38 votes over Aleksey Savintsev (CPRF), 3, and Mikhail Serdyuk (A Just Russia), 1.


Canada: In parliamentary elections in New Brunswick, the Progressive Conservative Party wins 39.3% of the vote (27 of 49 seats), the Liberal Party 34.4% (17), the Green Party 15.2% (3), and the People's Alliance of New Brunswick 9.2% (2). Turnout is 66.1%.

Japan: Yoshihide Suga is elected as president of the Liberal-Democratic Party. On September 16 he is elected (314 of 462 votes in the lower house and 142 of 240 in the upper) and sworn in as prime minister. Nobuo Kishi becomes defense minister and Ryota Takeda internal affairs minister.

Russia: Gennady Mitrofanov is appointed acting prime minister of Adygeya. He is approved by the local legislature on September 23.


Mali: Former head of state (1968-91) Moussa Traoré dies.


French Southern and Antarctic Lands: Charles Giusti is appointed as administrator-superior.
Libya: The chairman of the Presidential Council and prime minister, Fayez al-Sarraj, announces his intention to step down by the end of October.
South Sudan: Athian Diing Athian is appointed to replace Salvatore Garang Mabiordit as finance minister. He is sworn in on September 18.


British Virgin Islands: John Rankin is appointed governor, to take office in January 2021.
South Korea: Former foreign minister (2002-03) Choi Sung Hong dies.

Russia: Andrey Nazarov is approved by the local Assembly as prime minister of Bashkortostan.

Somalia: President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed appoints Mohamed Hussein Roble as prime minister. On September 23 he is endorsed by parliament (215-0) and sworn in, officially assuming office on September 27.


Canada: Former prime minister (1984) John Turner dies.
South Korea: Suh Wook is sworn in as defense minister.


Nigeria: In gubernatorial elections in Edo, incumbent Godwin Obaseki (People's Democratic Party) wins 57.3% of the vote and Osagie Ize-Iyamu (All Progressives Congress) 41.6%. Turnout is 24.9%.

Ten Juá
São Tomé and Príncipe: In a cabinet reshuffle, Edite Ten Juá is appointed foreign minister.
Slovenia: A no-confidence motion against Interior Minister Ales Hojs is defeated (43-38). On September 21 he also withdraws the resignation he tendered on June 30.


Italy: Results of elections of regional presidents held September 20-21: Malaysia: Former chief minister of Terengganu (1974-99) Tan Sri Wan Mokhtar Ahmad dies.

Mali: Bah N'Daw is named transitional president, with Assimi Goita as vice president. They are sworn in on September 25. On September 27 Moctar Ouane is appointed interim prime minister; he takes office September 28.
Sweden: Former governor of Kronoberg (2002-06) Lars-Åke Lagrell dies.


Equatorial Guinea: Former foreign minister (1982-89) Marcelino Nguema Onguene dies.
Ethiopia: Parliament approves the appointment of Kenea Yadeta as defense minister.
Palau: In presidential primary elections, Surangel Whipps, Jr., wins about 46% of the vote, Raynold Oilouch about 26%, Johnson Toribiong about 15%, and Alan Seid about 13%. Turnout is about 31%. Whipps and Oilouch will contest the general election on November 3.
Russia: President Vladimir Putin accepts the resignation of Yevgeny Savchenko as governor of Belgorod oblast. Denis Butsayev becomes acting governor.


Estonia: A no-confidence motion against Finance Minister Martin Helme is rejected in parliament (53-45).
Switzerland: Marianne Lienhard is elected Landammann of Glarus.


Spain: Former president of the Council of Government of Cantabria (1990-91) Jaime Blanco García dies.


Togo: The government of Prime Minister Komi Selom Klassou resigns. On September 28 President Faure Gnassingbé appoints Victoire Tomegah Dogbé as prime minister, who takes office the same day.


Lebanon: Prime minister-designate Mustapha Adib says he is unable to form a government.

Malaysia: In parliamentary elections in Sabah, the Gabungan Rakyat Sabah alliance wins 38 of 73 seats (United Malays National Organization 14, Malaysian United Indigenous Party 11, United Sabah Party 7, Homeland Solidarity Party 6) and the Warisan Plus alliance 32 (including Sabah Heritage Party 23, Democratic Action Party 6). Turnout is 66.6%. On September 28 the head of state of Sabah designates Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor as chief minister (sworn in September 29).


Germany: Former minister-president of Nordrhein-Westfalen (1998-2002) Wolfgang Clement dies.
India: Former foreign minister (1998-2002) Jaswant Singh dies.


Bolivia: Branko Marinkovic takes office as finance minister.
Comoros: A new government is appointed including Dhoihir Dhoulkamal as foreign minister.
India: Former chief minister of Assam (1980-81) Anwara Taimur dies.

Spain: The Supreme Court disqualifies from his office, for 18 months, the president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Quim Torra. Although the regional parliament has said it would disregard the decision, Torra's deputy Pere Aragonès assumes the role of acting president on September 30.
Switzerland: Former Landammann of Zug (1999-2000, 2003-04) Walter Suter dies.


Kuwait: The emir, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jabir Al Sabah, dies. The crown prince, Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Jabir Al Sabah, is sworn in as emir on September 30.


Cook Islands: Mark Brown is sworn in as prime minister.
Turkey: Former acting prime minister (1989) and foreign minister (1990) Ali Bozer dies.