April 2020


San Marino: Alessandro Mancini (We for the Republic) and Grazia Zafferani (RETE) take office as captains-regent.
Somalia: Former prime minister (2007-09) Nur Hassan Hussein dies.


Germany: Former foreign minister of East Germany (1975-90) Oskar Fischer dies.
Kosovo: President Hashim Thaçi asks Albin Kurti (as the leader of the largest party, Vetëvendosje) to propose a candidate for prime minister. Receiving no response, he repeats his request on April 10, 15, and 17. On April 22, Thaçi informs Kurti that he considers that he has refused to use his constitutional right to propose a candidate. On April 23 Thaçi hands the mandate to form a new government to the Democratic League of Kosovo, which nominates Avdullah Hoti as its candidate for prime minister. On April 30 Thaçi names Hoti as prime minister-designate.


Russia: President Vladimir Putin accepts the resignation of the head of the republic of Komi, Sergey Gaplikov, and appoints Vladimir Uyba as acting head of the republic. Putin also accepts the resignation of the governor of Arkhangelsk oblast, Igor Orlov, and appoints Aleksandr Tsybulsky as acting governor. Yury Bezdudny in his turn is appointed acting governor of Nenets autonomous okrug, replacing Tsybulsky.


Russia: President Vladimir Putin accepts the resignation of the governor of Kamchatka kray, Vladimir Ilyukhin, and appoints Vladimir Solodov as acting governor. The head of the republic of Sakha, Aysen Nikolayev, appoints Aleksey Kolodeznikov as acting prime minister, replacing Solodov.


Afghanistan: President Ashraf Ghani appoints Mohammad Hanif Atmar as acting foreign minister and nominates him for the substantive post.
Finland: Former foreign minister (1989-91) Pertti Paasio dies.
Honduras: Former president (1990-94) Rafael Leonardo Callejas dies.


Libya: Former interim prime minister (2011) and foreign minister (2011) Mahmoud Jibril dies.


Angola: In a cabinet reshuffle, Tete António is appointed as foreign minister and João Ernesto dos Santos as defense minister.


United States: In mayoral elections in Milwaukee, incumbent Tom Barrett wins 62.5% of the vote and Lena Taylor 36.5%.


Moldova: Former prime minister (1991-92) Valeriu Muravschi dies.

Slovakia: Ivan Korcok takes office as foreign minister.
Timor-Leste: Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak withdraws his resignation.


Iraq: Adnan al-Zurfi withdraws as prime minister-designate. President Barham Salih names Mustafa al-Kadhimi in his place.
Italy: Former president of Piemonte (1980-83) Ezio Enrietti dies.


Togo: Former foreign minister (1976-78) and prime minister (1994-96, 2005-06) Edem Kodjo (also secretary-general of the Organization of African Unity 1978-83) dies.


Israel: President Reuven Rivlin denies a request by Benny Gantz for an extension of the mandate to form a government. On April 13, however, Rivlin does extend it to April 15. Gantz fails to form a government, and on April 16 Rivlin gives the mandate to the Knesset for a period of 21 days. On April 20 Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu sign a deal to form a coalition government, with Netanyahu to remain prime minister for 18 months, to be followed by Gantz for the next 18 months.
South Korea: Former prime minister (1991-92) Chung Won Shik dies.
The Sudan: Former foreign minister (1971) Farouk Abu Eissa dies.
Turkey: Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu announces his resignation, but it is rejected by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


Azerbaijan: In the presidential runoff in Artsakh, Araik Arutyunyan wins 88.0% of the vote and Masis Mayilyan 12.0%. Turnout is 45.0%.
Kiribati: In the first round of parliamentary elections (turnout about 90%), 23 of 44 seats are allocated. Internal Affairs Minister Kobebe Taitai loses his seat. The remaining 21 seats are decided in the second round on April 21.
Mexico: Former governor of México (1989-93) Ignacio Pichardo Pagaza dies.
The Netherlands: Kajsa Ollongren returns to the post of interior minister.
Vanuatu: Former British resident commissioner of the New Hebrides (1973-75) Roger du Boulay dies.


South Korea: In parliamentary elections, the Democratic Party wins 163 of 300 seats, the United Future Party 84, the Future Korea Party 19, the Together Citizens' Party 17, and the Justice Party 6. Turnout is 66.2%.


Spain: Former president of the Diputación General of Aragón (1995-99) Santiago Lanzuela Marina dies.
United States: Former governor of Arizona (1997-2003) Jane Hull dies.


China: Li Ganjie is appointed acting governor of Shandong.
Fiji: In a cabinet reshuffle, Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama takes over the foreign affairs portfolio.
France: Former president of the Regional Council of Bourgogne (1993-98) Jean-François Bazin dies.


French Guiana: Former prefect (1982-84) Claude Silberzahn dies.
Pakistan: Former interim chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (2013) Tariq Pervez dies.
United States: Former treasury secretary (2001-02) Paul O'Neill dies.


Mali: In the second round of parliamentary elections, the Rally for Mali wins 33 seats (for a total of 43 of the 147 seats), the Alliance for Democracy in Mali 20 (22), the Union for the Republic and Democracy 15 (19), the Movement for Mali 11 (11), the Alliance for Solidarity in Mali 9 (9), the Democratic Alliance for Peace-Mali 5 (8), and the Convergence for the Development of Mali 6 (6). Turnout is 35.3%.


Vanuatu: Bob Loughman is elected prime minister, receiving 31 votes, against 21 for Ralph Regenvanu. He appoints a cabinet including Marc Ati as foreign minister, Ishmael Kalsakau as internal affairs minister, and Johnny Koanapo as finance minister.


Fiji: Former prime minister (2000-01, 2001-06) Laisenia Qarase dies.
Japan: Former governor of Yamanashi (2007-15) Shomei Yokouchi dies.
Libya: Former interim prime minister (2011-12) Abdel Rahim al-Kib dies.


The Sudan: Former foreign minister (1971-75, 1977) Mansour Khalid dies.


Georgia: Aslan Bzhania is sworn in as president of Abkhazia. On April 24 he appoints Aleksandr Ankvab as prime minister, on April 28 Vladimir Delba as finance minister, and on April 30 Dmitry Dbar as interior minister.


Peru: Interior Minister Carlos Morán resigns and is replaced by Gastón Rodríguez.


India: Former governor of Bihar (2009-13), West Bengal (2009-10), and Tripura (2013-14) Devanand Konwar dies.


Rwanda: President Paul Kagame dismisses the minister of internal security, Patrick Nyamvumba.
Serbia: Former prime minister (1991) Dragutin Zelenovic dies.


Sovereign Military Order of Malta: Grand Master Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto dies. Grand Commander Ruy Gonçalo do Valle Peixoto de Villas Boas becomes lieutenant ad interim.
Nigeria: Former governor of Borno (1979-83) Mohammed Goni dies.


Saint Helena: Steve Townsend is sworn in as administrator of Tristan da Cunha.
Slovakia: The government of Prime Minister Igor Matovic wins a confidence vote in parliament (93-48).