March 2018


Germany: The Landtag of Saarland elects Tobias Hans as minister-president (40-11).
Mexico: Former governor of Tamaulipas (1975-81) Enrique Cárdenas González dies.


Armenia: Armen Sarkisyan, the only candidate, is elected president by the National Assembly (90-10). He is to take office April 9.
Cameroon: In a cabinet reshuffle, Louis Paul Motaze is appointed as finance minister.
The Gambia: Former foreign minister (1987-94) Omar Sey dies.
Russia: Former chairman of the Government of National Revival of Chechnya (1995) Salambek Khadzhiyev dies.


Australia: In parliamentary elections in Tasmania, the Liberal Party wins 50.3% of the vote (13 of 25 seats), the Australian Labor Party 32.6% (10), and the Greens 10.3% (2). Turnout is 92.4%.


Austria: In state elections in Kärnten, the Social Democratic Party wins 47.7% of the vote (17 of 36 seats), the Freedom Party 23.4% (9), the Austrian People's Party 15.3% (7), Team Kärnten 5.8% (3), the Greens 3.0% (0), and New Austria 2.1% (0). Turnout is 63.6%.
El Salvador: In parliamentary elections, the Nationalist Republican Alliance wins 42.3% of the vote (37 of 84 seats), the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front 24.4% (23), the Grand Alliance for National Unity 11.4% (11), the National Coalition Party 10.8% (8), and the Christian Democratic Party 3.2% (3).

C. Sangma

India: The chief ministers of Meghalaya, Mukul M. Sangma, and Tripura, Manik Sarkar, resign. On March 5 Conrad Sangma is invited to form a government in Meghalaya; he is sworn in as chief minister on March 6. Also on March 6 Biplab Kumar Deb is invited to form a government in Tripura; he is sworn in on March 9.
Italy: In parliamentary elections, the centre-right coalition wins 37.0% of the vote and about 265 of 630 seats in the Chamber of Deputies (including the League 17.4% and Forza Italia 14%), the Five Star Movement 32.7% and about 225, and the centre-left coalition 22.9% and about 120 (including the Democratic Party 18.7%). In the Senate, the centre-right coalition wins 37.5% of the vote and 137 of 308 seats, the Five Star Movement 32.2% and 112, and the centre-left coalition 23.0% and 59. In regional elections in Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti (centre-left) is reelected president with 32.9% of the vote, against 31.1% for Stefano Parisi (centre-right) and 27.0% for Roberta Lombardi (Five Star Movement); in Lombardia, Attilio Fontana (centre-right) is elected (taking office March 26) with 49.8% of the vote against 29.1% for Giorgio Gori (centre-left) and 17.4% for Dario Violi (Five Star Movement). On March 24 Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni resigns.



Cayman Islands: Governor Helen Kilpatrick departs. Franz Manderson becomes acting governor until Anwar Choudhury takes office as governor on March 26.
The Netherlands: Stef Blok is named foreign minister (sworn in March 7).


Ecuador: María Elsa Viteri is named economy and finance minister.

Germany: Horst Seehofer resigns as minister-president of Bayern, effective at the end of March 13. From March 14 Barbara Stamm and Ilse Aigner act in his place, until the election (99-64) of Markus Söder to the post on March 16.
India: The chief minister of Nagaland, T.R. Zeliang, resigns and Neiphiu Rio is designated chief minister (sworn in March 8).
Nigeria: Former governor of Nasarawa (2007-11) Aliyu Akwe Doma dies.
United States: The mayor of Nashville, Megan Barry, resigns and Vice Mayor David Briley is sworn in as mayor.


Argentina: Former president (1982-83) Reynaldo Bignone dies.
Sierra Leone: In the first round of presidential elections, Julius Maada Bio (Sierra Leone People's Party) wins 43.3% of the vote, Samura Kamara (All People's Congress) 42.7%, and Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella (National Grand Coalition) 6.9%; turnout is 84.2%. The runoff is to take place March 27. On March 24, the High Court orders a delay, but then on March 26 decides that the election can go ahead as planned; the interruption of the preparations, however, causes a postponement to March 31. Bio then wins 51.8% of the vote, Kamura 48.2%; turnout is 81.1%. In the parliamentary elections on March 7, the All People's Congress wins 68 of 132 elected seats, the Sierra Leone People's Party 48, and the Coalition for Change 8; with 12 seats reserved for traditional chiefs, the total is 144.
United States: Former governor of Nebraska (1979-83) Charles Thone dies.


United States: Former secretary of veterans affairs (1998-2000) Togo D. West, Jr., dies.


Canada: Angélique Bernard is named commissioner of Yukon; before she is sworn in on March 12, the senior justice of the Yukon Supreme Court, Ron Veale, is acting commissioner as the term of Administrator Gerald Isaac expired on March 8.
Malaysia: Former chief minister of Kedah (1996-99) Tan Sri Sanusi Junid dies.
United States: Former governor of North Dakota (1985-92) George A. Sinner dies.


Nigeria: Former governor of Adamawa (1992-93) Saleh Michika dies.


Chile: Sebastián Piñera is sworn in as president, with his cabinet including Roberto Ampuero as foreign minister (see January 23).
Colombia: In parliamentary elections, the Liberal Party wins 16.6% of the vote and 35 of 166 elected seats in the House of Representatives, the Democratic Centre 16.0% (32), Radical Change 14.4% (30), the Social Party of National Unity 12.4% (25), the Conservative Party 12.2% (21), and the Green Alliance 5.9% (9). With 5 seats reserved for former rebel group FARC, now known as Revolutionary Alternative Force of the Common People, and 1 for the vice-presidential runner-up in the upcoming presidential election, the total is 172. Turnout is 49.0%. In the Senate, the Democratic Centre wins 16.4% of the vote (19 of 102 elected seats), Radical Change 14.1% (16), the Conservative Party 12.6% (15), the Liberal Party 12.4% (14), the Social Party of National Unity 12.1% (14), and the Green Alliance 8.6% (10). With 5 seats reserved for FARC and 1 for the presidential runner-up, the total is 108. Turnout is 48.8%.
Cuba: In parliamentary elections, 605 candidates are elected unopposed to the 605 seats. Turnout is 82.9%.
Nepal: Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli wins a confidence vote in parliament (208-60).


Slovakia: Interior Minister Robert Kalinák resigns.
South Sudan: Finance Minister Stephen Dhieu Dau is dismissed. Salvatore Garang Mabiordit is named as new finance minister.


Germany: Olaf Scholz resigns as first mayor of Hamburg, effective the end of the day. From March 14 Katharina Fegebank is acting, until the election (71-45) of Peter Tschentscher to the post on March 28.
Grenada: In parliamentary elections, the ruling New National Party wins 58.9% of the vote and all 15 seats and the National Democratic Congress 40.5%. Turnout is 73.7%. On March 25 the new cabinet is appointed and sworn in with Peter David as foreign minister, while Prime Minister Keith Mitchell keeps the national security, home affairs, and finance portfolios.
Nepal: Bidya Devi Bhandari is reelected as president by members of the national parliament (whose votes are weighted by the factor 79) and provincial assemblies (factor 48), receiving a vote of 39,275 against 11,730 for Kumari Laxmi Rai.
United States: President Donald Trump names Mike Pompeo to replace Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. Gina Haspel is to replace Pompeo as CIA director. Tillerson leaves office March 31.



Germany: The Bundestag reelects Angela Merkel as chancellor (364-315). She is then appointed by the president and sworn in; thereafter the new cabinet is appointed, including Heiko Maas as foreign minister, Olaf Scholz as finance minister, Horst Seehofer as interior minister, and Ursula von der Leyen remaining defense minister.
Slovakia: Prime Minister Robert Fico offers to resign. He formally does so on March 15; President Andrej Kiska asks Peter Pellegrini to form a new government. On March 19 Pellegrini presents his cabinet, with Jozef Ráz proposed as interior minister, but it is rejected by Kiska on March 20. Pellegrini then proposes Tomás Drucker as interior minister. On March 21 Kiska accepts the new lineup; the cabinet is appointed on March 22. It wins a confidence vote in parliament (81-61) on March 26.
Slovenia: Prime Minister Miro Cerar announces his resignation (formalized in parliament on March 20).


Nepal: The cabinet is expanded; Pradeep Gyawali takes office as foreign minister.
Sint Maarten: Governor Eugene Holiday names Theo Heyliger as formateur of a new government.


Australia: In parliamentary elections in South Australia, the Liberal Party wins 38.0% of the vote and 25 of 47 seats in the House of Assembly, the Australian Labor Party 32.8% (19), SA-Best 14.1% (0), and the Greens 6.7% (0); turnout is 91.0%. In elections to 11 of 22 seats in the Legislative Council, the Liberal Party wins 32.2% of the vote and 4 seats for a total of 9, Labor 29.0% (4 for a total of 8), SA-Best 19.4% (2 for a total of 2), and the Greens 5.9% (1 for a total of 2); turnout is 91.1%. On March 19 Steven Marshall is sworn in as premier.
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bakir Izetbegovic becomes chairman of the Presidency.
China: Parliament reelects Xi Jinping as president (2,970-0) and elects Wang Qishan as vice president (2,969-1). On March 18 it reelects Li Keqiang as premier (2,964-2). On March 19 the new cabinet is endorsed, including Gen. Wei Fenghe as defense minister and Liu Kun as finance minister.
Djibouti: Former prime minister (1978-2001) Barkat Gourad Hamadou dies.

Mauritius: President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim announces her resignation, effective March 23, when Vice President Barlen Vyapoory becomes acting president.
Vietnam: Former prime minister (1997-2006) Phan Van Khai dies.


Belize: John Saldivar is appointed minister of national security, as the defense and home affairs portfolios are again amalgamated.
Russia: In presidential elections, incumbent Vladimir Putin (independent) wins 77.5% of the vote, Pavel Grudinin (Communist Party) 11.9%, and Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Liberal-Democratic Party) 5.7%. Turnout is 67.5%.


Bolivia: Former foreign minister (1979-80) Julio Garret Ayllón dies.
El Salvador: Nelson Fuentes is named to replace Carlos Cáceres as finance minister (sworn in March 20, to take office April 1).

Trinidad and Tobago: Paula-Mae Weekes is sworn in as president.


Canada: Janet Austin is appointed as lieutenant governor of British Columbia and Judy Foote as lieutenant governor of Newfoundland and Labrador.
India: As the term of Odisha governor S.C. Jamir ends, the governor of Bihar, Satya Pal Malik, receives additional charge of Odisha (sworn in March 21).
South Africa: Refilwe Mtshweni is sworn in as premier of Mpumalanga.
United States: Former commerce secretary (1972-73) Peter G. Peterson dies.



Antigua and Barbuda: In parliamentary elections, the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party wins 59.2% of the vote (15 of 17 seats), the United Progressive Party 37.1% (1), the Democratic National Alliance 1.9% (0), and the Barbuda People's Movement 1.4% (1). Turnout is 76.5%. In the new cabinet announced and sworn in on March 22, Prime Minister Gaston Browne keeps the finance portfolio and E.P. Chet Greene becomes foreign minister.
Canada: W. Thomas Molloy is sworn in as lieutenant governor of Saskatchewan.

Win Myint
Myanmar: President Htin Kyaw resigns. First Vice President Myint Swe becomes acting president. On March 28 Win Myint is elected president, winning 403 votes in parliament against 211 for Myint Swe; he is sworn in on March 30.

Peru: President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigns. On March 23 parliament votes 105-12 to accept the resignation. First Vice President Martín Vizcarra is sworn in as president. On March 28 he names César Villanueva as prime minister.
Saint Lucia: Former administrator (1962-67) Gerald Jackson Bryan (also administrator of the British Virgin Islands 1959-62) dies.


Brazil: The Supreme Electoral Tribunal invalidates the mandate of the governor of Tocantins, Marcelo de Carvalho Miranda. On March 27 the president of the Legislative Assembly, Mauro Carlesse, takes office as acting governor.
Spain: The parliament of Catalonia fails to elect a president of the Generalitat. Jordi Turull, the sole candidate, receives 64 votes but 65 votes are opposed. An absolute majority (68 votes) was required in this first round of voting. A second round is scheduled for March 24, with a relative majority sufficient. It is ultimately cancelled, however, as Turull is arrested in connection with the 2017 independence vote.


Niue: Kirk Yates is appointed as high commissioner.
United States: Former governor of Georgia (1991-99) Zell Miller dies.


Libya: The foreign minister of the Tobruk government, Mohamed al-Dairi, says he resigned on March 4 but his resignation has not been accepted yet.
Norway: Former foreign minister (1972-73) Dagfinn Vårvik dies.
Turkmenistan: In parliamentary elections, the Democratic Party wins 55 of 125 seats, citizens' groups 48, the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs 11, and the Agrarian Party 11. Turnout is 91.7%.


Jamaica: In a cabinet reshuffle, Nigel Clarke is appointed finance minister (sworn in March 27) and Horace Chang security minister.

Saint Helena: Justine Allan is sworn in as administrator of Ascension.


South Africa: Sefora Ntombela is elected and sworn in as premier of Free State.


Congo (Kinshasa): Prosper Tunda Kasongo (independent) is elected governor of Maniema, winning 16 of 24 votes, against 7 for Justin Omolela Selemani (Presidential Majority). In Kwango, Kanys Makofi Kabamba (independent) wins 10 of 24 votes, followed by Romain Kasuwa Mupangi Tsoki (independent) and Vicky Mboso Muteba Dialunda (Unified Lumumbist Party) with 5 each and Édouard Wenzi wa Kuyula (Presidential Majority) with 4; a runoff (between Makofi and Kasuwa, the latter advancing over Mboso due to higher age) is held March 31, Makofi winning 16-8.
Egypt: In presidential elections held March 26-28, incumbent Abdel Fattah al-Sisi wins 97.1% of the vote. Turnout is 41.1%.

Mayotte: Dominique Sorain is appointed as prefect (effective March 30).
Russia: Former chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Chuvashia (1991-94) Eduard Kubarev dies.
United States: President Donald Trump names Adm. Ronny L. Jackson to replace David Shulkin as veterans affairs secretary, designating Robert Wilkie as acting secretary for the interim.


Congo (Kinshasa): Former prime minister of Zaire (1979-80) Bo-Boliko Lokonga Monse Mihambo dies.
India: Former chief minister of Manipur (1974-77, 1980, 1992-93) R.K. Dorendra Singh dies.
Kosovo: Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj dismisses Interior Minister Flamur Sefaj.


Japan: Former governor of Kanagawa (1995-2003) Hiroshi Okazaki dies.
Malaysia: Tan Sri Mazlan Ahmad, former mayor of Kuala Lumpur (1992-95), dies.