July 2017


Barbados: Sir Philip Greaves is sworn in as acting governor-general.

China: Carrie Lam is sworn in as chief executive of Hong Kong.
Switzerland: Sabine Pegoraro becomes president of the government of Basel-Land, Guido Graf president of the government of Luzern, Yvonne von Deschwanden Landammann of Nidwalden, Maya Büchi-Kaiser Landammann of Obwalden, and Nuria Gorrite president of the Council of State of Vaud.


Brazil: Former governor of Rondônia (1985-87) Ângelo Angelin dies.

Vanuatu: In the first round of voting for a new president, Maxime Carlot Korman receives 9 votes in the electoral college, while Lui Patu Lavuko and Solomon Lawrence get 6 each. In the second round on July 5, Tallis Obed Moses receives 27 votes and Carlot 14, and in the third, on the same day, Moses 32 and Carlot 23. In the fourth round, on July 6, Moses is elected with 39 votes, against 17 for Carlot. Moses is sworn in the same day.


France: Prime Minister Édouard Philippe wins a vote of confidence in the National Assembly (370-67, with 129 abstentions).

Germany: The Landtag of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern elects Manuela Schwesig as minister-president (40-29).
Sri Lanka: Rohitha Bogollagama is sworn in as governor of Eastern province.


Indonesia: Irwandi Yusuf is sworn in as governor of Aceh.

Samoa: Parliament unanimously elects Tuimaleali'ifano Va'aletoa Sualauvi II as head of state. He takes office on July 21.


China: Yuan Jiajun is elected governor of Zhejiang.

Mongolia: In the presidential runoff, Khaltmaa Battulga wins about 51% of the vote and Miyeegombo Enkhbold about 41%, with about 8% blank votes. Turnout is about 60%. Battulga is inaugurated on July 10.
Turkmenistan: Gochmyrat Myradov is appointed finance minister.


Kenya: Internal Security Minister Joseph Nkaissery dies. Fred Matiang'i is appointed as acting minister.
Papua New Guinea: In parliamentary elections held from June 24 to July 8, the People's National Congress wins about 40 of 111 seats.


India: Former governor of Gujarat (1995-96) Naresh Chandra dies.


Réunion: Amaury de Saint-Quentin takes office as prefect.


Argentina: In a cabinet reshuffle, Oscar Aguad is named defense minister, taking office July 17.


Lesotho: Tsukutlane Au is sworn in as home affairs minister.


African Development Bank: Former president (1985-95) Babacar Ndiaye dies.
Canada: Julie Payette is named as the next governor general.
South Korea: Song Young Moo is formally appointed as defense minister. He takes office July 14.


Congo (Brazzaville): In the first round of parliamentary elections, the Congolese Labour Party wins about 70 of 151 seats. In the second round, on July 30, it reaches a total of 90.
India: Former chief minister of Sikkim (1979-84, 1985-94) Nar Bahadur Bhandari dies.



Andorra: Maria Ubach is sworn in as foreign minister.
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Dragan Covic becomes chairman of the Presidency.
Comoros: In a cabinet reshuffle, Souef Mohamed El-Amine is named foreign minister.

India: Ram Nath Kovind is elected president by the electoral college, winning 2,930 votes with a value of 702,044 (65.7%), while Meira Kumar gets 1,844 votes with a value of 367,314 (34.3%). Kovind takes office July 25.
Madagascar: Finance Minister Gervais Rakotoarimanana resigns. On July 18 Vonintsalama Sehenosoa Andriambololona is appointed as finance minister.
Malawi: In a cabinet reshuffle, Emmanuel Fabiano is appointed as foreign minister.


Bermuda: In parliamentary elections, the Progressive Labour Party wins 58.9% of the vote (24 of 36 seats) and the One Bermuda Alliance 40.6% (12). Turnout is 73%. On July 19 David Burt is sworn in as premier. On July 20 his cabinet is sworn in, including himself as finance minister, Walton Brown as home affairs minister, and Wayne Caines as national security minister.

Canada: John Horgan is sworn in as premier of British Columbia.


Azerbaijan: In Nagorno-Karabakh, parliament elects (28-4) incumbent Bako Sahakyan as president for an interim three-year term.
Côte d'Ivoire: In a cabinet reshuffle, Hamed Bakayoko becomes defense minister and is replaced as interior minister by Sidiki Diakité.
India: The governor of Nagaland, Padmanabha Balakrishna Acharya, dismisses Chief Minister Shürhozelie Liezietsu and appoints T.R. Zeliang as chief minister, who is sworn in on the same day.

Martinique: Franck Robine takes office as prefect.
Turkey: In a cabinet reshuffle, Nurettin Canikli is appointed as defense minister.


Croatia: Former prime minister (1992-93) Hrvoje Sarinic dies.


Timor-Leste: In parliamentary elections, Fretilin wins 29.7% of the vote (23 of 65 seats), the National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction 29.5% (22), the People's Liberation Party 10.6% (8), and the Democratic Party 9.8% (7).


Albania: Ilir Meta is sworn in as president.
Congo (Kinshasa): The governor of Kwilu, Godel Kinyoka Kabalumuna, resigns. The vice-governor, Nicolas Bulukungu Bera-Kay, becomes acting governor.


Paraguay: Former foreign minister (1993-96) Luis María Ramírez Boettner dies.


India: The chief minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, resigns. Invited by Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi to form a new government, he is sworn in again on July 27. On July 28 he wins a confidence vote in the state assembly (131-108).
Nepal: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba expands his cabinet; among the new ministers is Bhimsen Das Pradhan as defense minister.
Saint Helena: In elections to the Legislative Council, 12 nonpartisans are elected. Turnout is about 49%.


France: Former president of the Regional Council of Rhône-Alpes (1980-81) Michel Durafour dies.
India: Former chief minister of Karnataka (2004-06) Dharam Singh dies.
Sweden: In a cabinet reshuffle, Morgan Johansson becomes interior minister.


Argentina: Former federal interventor in San Juan (1976) Carlos Horacio Tragant dies.

Belgium: The parliament of Wallonia votes 39-35 to express no confidence in the government of Paul Magnette and elect Willy Borsus in his place as minister-president. Borsus is sworn in the same day.
Japan: Defense Minister Tomomi Inada resigns. Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida is named acting defense minister.
Pakistan: The Supreme Court disqualifies Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from holding public office; he resigns. On July 29 the ruling Pakistan Muslim League nominates Shahid Khaqan Abbasi as prime minister.
United States: President Donald Trump names Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly as White House chief of staff, effective July 31. Deputy secretary Elaine C. Duke then becomes acting secretary of homeland security.


Algeria: Former member of the High State Committee (1992-94), foreign minister (1993), and prime minister (1993-94) Redha Malek dies.


Italy: Former president of Campania (1979-80) Ciro Cirillo dies.
Senegal: In parliamentary elections, the presidential coalition Benno Bokk Yaakaar wins 49.5% of the vote (125 of 165 seats) and the opposition coalition Mankoo Taxawu Senegaal 16.6% (19). Turnout is about 54%.
Slovenia: Former chairman of the Executive Council (1978-80) Anton Vratusa dies.