November 2014



Burkina Faso: Lieut.Col. Isaac Zida says he has assumed power as head of state, declaring the previous day's claim by Gen. Honoré Traoré as "obsolete." On November 17 Michel Kafando is named transitional president, taking office November 18. On November 19 he names Zida as prime minister. On November 23 the new cabinet is named including Kafando as foreign minister, Zida as defense minister, Col. Auguste Denise Barry as territorial administration and security minister, and Jean Gustave Sanon as finance minister.
European Union: The new Commission including Jean-Claude Juncker as president takes office.


Israel: Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar officially tenders his resignation. Gilad Erdan is appointed interior minister on November 4 and confirmed by the Knesset on November 5.
Romania: In the first round of presidential elections, Prime Minister Victor Ponta (Social Democratic Party) wins 40.4% of the vote, Klaus Johannis (National Liberal Party) 30.4%, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu (independent) 5.4%, Elena Udrea (People's Movement Party) 5.2%, Monica Macovei (independent) 4.4%, Dan Diaconescu (People's Party-Dan Diaconescu) 4%, and Corneliu Vadim Tudor (Greater Romania Party) 3.7%; turnout is 53.2%. In the runoff on November 16, Johannis wins 54.4% and Ponta 45.6%; turnout is 64.1%.


Estonia: Maris Lauri is appointed finance minister. Foreign Minister Urmas Paet resigns and Anne Sulling becomes acting foreign minister. On November 5 Keit Pentus-Rosimannus is nominated as foreign minister; the appointment is confirmed by the president on November 17.
Greece: Nikos Dendias is sworn in as defense minister.


Argentina: Former chief of government of Buenos Aires city (1999-2000) Enrique Olivera dies.

Georgia: Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili dismisses Defense Minister Irakli Alasania and names Mindia Janelidze to replace him. On November 5 Foreign Minister Maia Panjikidze resigns. On November 11 Garibashvili names Tamar Beruchashvili as foreign minister.
Guam: In gubernatorial elections, incumbent Eddie Calvo (Republican) wins 63.9% of the vote and former governor Carl T.C. Gutierrez (Democrat) 36.1%. In the legislature, Democrats will have 9 of 15 seats and Republicans 6.
Latvia: President Andris Berzins nominates Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma to head the new government. On November 5 her government (see October 4) is approved by the Saeima (61-39).
Federated States of Micronesia: In gubernatorial elections in Kosrae, incumbent Lyndon H. Jackson wins 38.3% of the vote, Gibson T. Siba 37.3%, Norinston L. Joe 16%, and William O. Tosie 8.4%; a runoff is to be held in January. In Yap, Tony Ganngiyan is elected with 48.1% of the vote, while Henry Falan wins 38.3% and Charles Chieng 13.5%.
Northern Mariana Islands: In gubernatorial elections, incumbent Eloy S. Inos (Republican) wins 46% of the vote, Heinz Hofschneider (Independent) 32.6%, and Juan Babauta (Independent) 17.5%. A runoff is held on November 21, Inos defeating Hofschneider, about 57%-43%.
United States: In elections to the House of Representatives, Republicans win 245 of 435 seats and Democrats 188; two seats go to December runoffs. As a result of elections to 36 of 100 seats in the Senate, Republicans will have 53 seats and Democrats 46 (including two independents caucusing with them); one seat goes to a December runoff. Turnout is about 37%. Results of gubernatorial elections: Results of mayoral elections: Virgin Islands (U.S.): In gubernatorial elections, Kenneth Mapp (Independent) wins 46.6% of the vote and Donna Christensen (Democrat) 39.2%; turnout is 33.5%. A runoff is held November 18, with Mapp winning 62.7% and Christensen 37%; turnout is 49.6%.


Armenia: Former first secretary of the Communist Party of the Armenian S.S.R. (1990) Vladimir Movsisyan dies.
Bulgaria: President Rosen Plevneliev asks Boyko Borisov to form a government. On November 6 Borisov unveils his cabinet with Nikolay Nenchev as defense minister, Veselin Vuchkov as interior minister, Vladislav Goranov as finance minister, and Daniel Mitov to continue as foreign minister. On November 7 Borisov (149-85) and his government (136-97) are approved by parliament and sworn in.

Mongolia: Prime Minister Norov Altankhuyag is ousted in a no-confidence vote (36-30). Dendev Terbishdagva becomes acting prime minister. On November 21 parliament elects Chimed Saikhanbileg as prime minister.


Belarus: Uladzimir Amaryn is appointed finance minister.
Sweden: Former governor of Halland (1978-79) and Göteborg och Bohus (1979-80) Carl Persson dies.



Yemen: A new cabinet is announced, headed by Khaled Bahah as prime minister, with Abdullah al-Saidi as foreign minister, Mahmud al-Subaihi as defense minister, Jalal al-Ruwaishan as interior minister, and Muhammad Zamam remaining finance minister. The government is sworn in on November 9, though some ministers including al-Saidi are unable to attend the ceremony.



India: Laxmikant Parsekar is sworn in as chief minister of Goa, replacing Manohar Parrikar, who on November 9 becomes defense minister in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government.
United States: President Barack Obama nominates Loretta Lynch as attorney general.
Vatican City: Pope Franciscus names Archbishop Paul Gallagher as secretary for relations with states ("foreign minister").


Australia: John Hardy is sworn in as administrator of the Northern Territory.
Australia: Former premier of Queensland (1989-96) Wayne Goss dies.


Romania: Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean resigns. Teodor Melescanu is appointed foreign minister. He resigns in turn on November 18 and Mihnea Motoc is appointed in his place. Motoc's nomination is withdrawn, however, and on November 24 Bogdan Aurescu is appointed foreign minister.


Lithuania: Saulius Skvernelis is sworn in as interior minister.
Mexico: Former governor of Michoacán (1970-74) Servando Chávez Hernández dies.


Canada: The premier of Prince Edward Island, Robert Ghiz, announces his resignation.

Grenada: Clarice Modeste is named foreign minister in a cabinet reshuffle effective December 1.
Japan: Former governor of Hyogo (1986-2001) Toshitami Kaihara dies.


Angola: Former foreign minister (1985-89) Afonso Van-Dúnem "M'Binda" dies.


Canada: In mayoral elections in Vancouver, Gregor Robertson (Vision Vancouver) is reelected with 46.7% of the vote, defeating Kirk LaPointe (Non-Partisan Association) with 41.1%; turnout is about 44%. In Victoria, Lisa Helps is elected with 37.6% of the vote, defeating incumbent Dean Fortin (37.3%) and Ida Chong (13.4%); turnout is 39.1%.


Japan: In gubernatorial elections in Okinawa, Takeshi Onaga wins 51.6% of the vote and incumbent Hirokazu Nakaima 37.3%.
United States: Former governor of Georgia (1963-67) Carl E. Sanders dies.


Bosnia and Herzegovina: The new presidency is inaugurated, with Mladen Ivanic as first chairman.
Portugal: Interior Minister Miguel Macedo resigns. On November 18 Anabela Rodrigues takes office as interior minister.


Jordan: Former prime minister (1971-73) Ahmad al-Lawzi dies.


Indonesia: Basuki Tjahaja Purnama is sworn in as governor of Jakarta.
Lebanon: Parliament fails for the 15th time to elect a president due to lack of a quorum, the next session being set for December 10.
Solomon Islands: In parliamentary elections, independents win 32 of 50 seats, the Democratic Alliance Party 7, the United Democratic Party 5, and the People's Alliance Party 3. Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo loses his seat.

United Kingdom: Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish National Party) is elected first minister of Scotland with 66 votes, against 15 for Ruth Davidson (Conservative) and 39 abstentions.


Argentina: Former federal interventor in Salta (1976) Carlos Alberto Mulhall dies.
Iceland: Interior Minister Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir resigns.
Jersey: Former lieutenant governor (1990-95) Sir John Sutton dies.


Bahrain: In the first round of parliamentary elections (turnout 52.6%), 6 members are elected. In the 34 other constituencies, a second round is held on November 29. Overall, 36 of 40 seats are won by independents, 2 by Al Asala, and 1 each by Al Menbar and Al Rabta. On November 30 Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa ibn Salman Al Khalifa resigns with his cabinet but is immediately reappointed.


India: The governor of West Bengal, Keshari Nath Tripathi, is given additional charge of Bihar. The tenure of D.Y. Patil as governor of Bihar ends on November 26. Tripathi is sworn in November 27.
Italy: In presidential elections in Calabria, Mario Oliverio (centre-left) wins 61.4% of the vote and Wanda Ferro (centre-right) 23.6%. In Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini (centre-left) wins 49.1%, Alan Fabbri (centre-right) 29.9%, and Giulia Gibertoni (Five Star Movement) 13.3%.
Tunisia: In presidential elections, Béji Caďd Essebsi wins 39.5% of the vote and incumbent Moncef Marzouki 33.4%. Turnout (inside Tunisia) is 64.6%. A runoff is to be held in December.
United States: Former mayor of the District of Columbia (1979-91, 1995-99) Marion Barry dies.


United States: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel resigns.


Belarus: Defense Minister Yury Zhadobin is dismissed. On November 27 Maj.Gen. Andrey Ravkov is appointed defense minister.

M.S. dos Ramos
Săo Tomé and Príncipe: Patrice Trovoada is named prime minister. On November 27 the government is named with Manuel Salvador dos Ramos as foreign minister, Carlos Olímpio Stock as defense minister, Arlindo Ramos as interior minister, and Américo d'Oliveira dos Ramos as finance minister. The government takes office November 29.


Czech Republic: Adriana Krnácová is elected mayor of Praha.


Brazil: Joaquim Levy is named finance minister.
Tonga: In parliamentary elections, the Democratic Party of the Friendly Islands wins 9 of 26 seats, nobles' representatives 9, and independents 8.
Ukraine: Parliament reelects Arseniy Yatsenyuk as prime minister (341 votes).


Greenland: In parliamentary elections, Siumut wins 34.3% of the vote (11 of 31 seats), Inuit Ataqatigiit 33.2% (11), Demokraterne 11.8% (4), Partii Naleraq 11.6% (3), and Atassut 6.5% (2). Turnout is 72.9%.
Namibia: In presidential elections, Hage Geingob of the South West Africa People's Organization (SWAPO) wins 86.7% of the vote, McHenry Venaani of the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA) 5%, and Hidipo Hamutenya of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) 3.4%; turnout is 71.8%. In parliamentary elections, SWAPO wins 80% of the vote (77 of 96 seats), the DTA 4.8% (5), and the RDP 3.5% (3); turnout is 72%.


Nigeria: Former foreign minister (2011-13) Olugbenga Ashiru dies.
Taiwan: Premier Jiang Yi-huah resigns.


India: Former chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh (2011) Jarbom Gamlin dies.
Moldova: In parliamentary elections, the Party of Socialists wins 26 of 101 seats, the Liberal Democratic Party 23, the Party of Communists 21, the Democratic Party 19, and the Liberal Party 12.
Uruguay: In the presidential runoff, Tabaré Vázquez wins 56.6% of the vote and Luis Lacalle Pou 43.4%.