October 2014



Burkina Faso: Former foreign minister of Upper Volta (1983-84) Hama Arba Diallo dies.
Greenland: Prime Minister Aleqa Hammond temporarily leaves office and Kim Kielsen becomes acting prime minister.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization: Jens Stoltenberg takes office as secretary-general.
San Marino: Gian Franco Terenzi (Christian Democrat) and Guerrino Zanotti (Party of Socialists and Democrats) are installed as captains-regent.
South Africa: Former chief minister of Qwaqwa (1975-94) Tsiame Kenneth Mopeli dies.


Australia: David Hurley is sworn in as governor of New South Wales.
Hungary: Former prime minister (1975-87) György Lázár dies.


Sweden: Parliament endorses Stefan Löfven as prime minister (132-49 with 154 abstentions). On October 3 the new government, with Margot Wallström as foreign minister, Peter Hultqvist as defense minister, Anders Ygeman as interior minister, and Magdalena Andersson as finance minister, takes office.


Kyrgyzstan: Melis Turganbayev is appointed interior minister.


Haiti: Former president (1971-86) Jean-Claude Duvalier dies.
Latvia: In parliamentary elections, the Harmony Centre wins 23.2% of the vote (24 of 100 seats), Unity 22% (23), Union of Greens and Farmers 19.7% (21), National Alliance 16.7% (17), For Latvia from the Heart 6.9% (7), and Alliance of Regions of Latvia 6.7% (8). Turnout is 58.8%. The composition of Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma's prospective new cabinet is announced on October 28 with Janis Reirs as finance minister and Edgars Rinkevics remaining foreign minister, Raimonds Vejonis defense minister, and Rihards Kozlovskis interior minister.


Brazil: In the first round of presidential elections, incumbent Dilma Rousseff of the Workers' Party (PT) wins 41.6% of the vote, Aécio Neves da Cunha of the Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB) 33.5%, and Marina Silva of the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) 21.3%; turnout is 80.6%. In the runoff on October 26, Rousseff wins 51.6% of the vote and Neves 48.4%; turnout is 78.9%. In the parliamentary elections on October 5, the PT wins 70 of 513 seats in the Chamber of Deputies, the Party of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (PMDB) 66, the PSDB 54, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) 37, the Progressive Party (PP) 36, the Party of the Republic (PR) 34, the PSB 34, the Brazilian Labour Party (PTB) 25, the Democrats (DEM) 22, the Brazilian Republican Party (PRB) 21, the Democratic Labour Party (PDT) 19, Solidarity (SD) 15, the Christian Social Party (PSC) 12, the Republican Party of Social Order (PROS) 11, the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) 10, and the Popular Socialist Party (PPS) 10. Results of gubernatorial elections (October 5, runoffs on October 26): Bulgaria: In parliamentary elections, Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria wins 32.7% of the vote (84 of 240 seats), the Bulgarian Socialist Party-Left Bulgaria coalition 15.4% (39), the Movement for Rights and Freedoms 14.8% (38), the Reformist Bloc 8.9% (23), the Patriotic Front 7.3% (19), Bulgaria Without Censorship 5.7% (15), Ataka 4.5% (11), and Alternative for Bulgarian Revival 4.1% (11). Turnout is 51%.


Christmas Island/Cocos Islands: Barry Haase takes office as administrator of both territories.
New Zealand: The new cabinet is named (sworn in October 8) with Gerry Brownlee as defence minister and the foreign, finance, and internal affairs ministers unchanged.
Sint Maarten: Theo Heyliger is asked to form a new government.


Belgium: An agreement on the formation of a new cabinet with Charles Michel as prime minister is announced. On October 10 the cabinet members are named, including Steven Vandeput as defense minister, Jan Jambon as interior minister, Johan Van Overtveldt as finance minister, and Didier Reynders remaining foreign minister. The government is sworn in on October 11. On October 16 it wins a parliamentary confidence vote (84-58).

Canada: Brian Gallant is sworn in as premier of New Brunswick.
Yemen: President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi names Ahmad Awad Bin Mubarak as prime minister. Bin Mubarak turns down his nomination on October 9. On October 13 Hadi names Khaled Bahah instead. On October 24 Interior Minister Abdo Hussein al-Tareb resigns, handing control to his deputy, Maj.Gen. Ali Nasser Lakhshaa.


Nigeria: The Federal High Court orders the acting governor of Adamawa, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, to vacate the post and that Bala Ngilari be sworn in as governor. This is done on the same date.
Russia: Marina Kovtun is inaugurated as governor of Murmansk oblast.
Switzerland: Former Landammann of Schwyz (1986-88) Paul Brandenberg dies.


Lebanon: Parliament fails again to elect a president due to lack of a quorum, and again on October 29, the next session being set for November 19.
Russia: Three acting incumbents are elected to the substantive posts by the local parliaments: Yury Kokov (70-0) as head of the republic of Kabardino-Balkariya, Sergey Aksyonov (75-0) as head of the republic of Crimea, and Sergey Menyaylo (21-0) as governor of Sevastopol.


Russia: Viktor Savelyev is elected prime minister of Udmurtia by the local parliament.


Greece: Prime Minister Antonis Samaras wins a parliamentary vote of confidence (155-131).
Lesotho: Former foreign minister (1993-94, 1994-95) Molapo Qhobela dies.

Russia: Aliy Musukov is appointed prime minister of Kabardino-Balkariya.


Bolivia: In presidential elections, incumbent Evo Morales (Movement Toward Socialism) wins 61% of the vote, Samuel Doria Medina (Democratic Unity) 24.5%, and Jorge Quiroga (Christian Democratic Party) 9.1%.
Bosnia and Herzegovina: In elections to the three-member Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic is reelected to the Muslim seat with 32.9% of the vote, while Fahrudin Radoncic wins 26.8%, Emir Suljagic 15.2%, and Bakir Hadziomerovic 10%; Mladen Ivanic is elected to the Serb seat with 48.7% against 47.6% for Zeljka Cvijanovic; and Dragan Covic is elected as Croat member with 52.2%, against 38.6% for Martin Raguz. In parliamentary elections, the Party of Democratic Action wins 9 of 42 seats, the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats 6, the Serb Democratic Party 5, the Democratic Front-Zeljko Komsic 5, the Union for a Better Future 4, the Croat Democratic Union 4, and the Social Democratic Party 3. Milorad Dodik is reelected president of the Republika Srpska with 45.2% of the vote against 44.2% for Ognjen Tadic.
São Tomé and Príncipe: In parliamentary elections, the Independent Democratic Action wins 33 of 55 seats, the Movement for the Liberation of São Tomé and Príncipe 16, and the Party of Democratic Convergence 5.
Ukraine: President Petro Poroshenko accepts the resignation of Defense Minister Valeriy Heletey. On October 13 Poroshenko nominates Stepan Poltorak as defense minister. He is approved by parliament on October 14.


Argentina: Former federal interventor in Mendoza (1974-75), governor of Buenos Aires (1987-91), and cabinet chief (2001-02) Antonio Cafiero dies.

Pozzo di Borgo
French Southern and Antarctic Lands: Cécile Pozzo di Borgo takes office as administrator-superior.


France: Gérard Vandenbroucke is elected president of the Regional Council of Limousin, winning 26 votes against 10 for Raymond Archer and 6 for Christian Audoin.
Syria: Ahmad Saleh Touma is reelected prime minister of the interim government of the rebel coalition.



India: In parliamentary elections in Haryana, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wins 33.2% of the vote (47 of 90 seats), the Indian National Lok Dal 24.1% (19), the Indian National Congress 20.6% (15), and independents 10.6% (5); on October 26 Manohar Lal Khattar is sworn in as chief minister. In Maharashtra, the BJP wins 27.8% of the vote (122 of 288 seats), Shiv Sena 19.3% (63), the Indian National Congress 18% (42), the Nationalist Congress Party 17.2% (41), and independents 4.7% (7); on October 31 Devendra Fadnavis is sworn in as chief minister.
Mozambique: In presidential elections, Filipe Nyusi (Frelimo) wins 57.1% of the vote, Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo) 36.4%, and Daviz Simango (Mozambique Democratic Movement) 6.5%. In parliamentary elections, Frelimo wins 57.1% of the vote (142 of 250 seats), Renamo 33.8% (89), and the Mozambique Democratic Movement 9.1% (19).
San Marino: Finance Minister Claudio Felici resigns. On October 22 Gian Carlo Capicchioni is sworn in as finance minister.


Greece: Former foreign minister (1981-85) Ioannis Charalampopoulos dies.



Indonesia: The resignation (October 2) of President-elect Joko Widodo as governor of Jakarta is approved by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Basuki Tjahaja Purnama becomes acting governor. Widodo is sworn in as president on October 20, with Jusuf Kalla as vice president. On October 26 he announces his cabinet (sworn in October 27) with Retno Marsudi as foreign minister, Ryamizard Ryacudu as defense minister, Tjahjo Kumolo as home affairs minister, and Bambang Brodjonegoro as finance minister.
Nigeria: Ayo Fayose is sworn in as governor of Ekiti.


The Netherlands: Bert Koenders is sworn in as foreign minister.


Iraq: Parliament approves the remaining cabinet positions including Khaled al-Obeidi as defense minister (175-85) and Muhammad Salem al-Ghabban as interior minister (197-63). Hoshyar Zebari is sworn in as finance minister instead of the originally designated Rowsch Shaways.


Indonesia: Former governor of Sumatera Barat (1967-77) Harun Al Rasyid Zain dies.


Australia: Kerry Sanderson is sworn in as governor of Western Australia.


Australia: Former prime minister (1972-75) Gough Whitlam dies.
Guinea: In a cabinet reshuffle, Mamoudou Cissé is named security minister.
Iran: Former prime minister (1981) Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Mahdavi-Kani dies.
Switzerland: Former president of the government of Jura (1991) Gaston Brahier dies.


Canada: In the mayoral election in Winnipeg, Brian Bowman is elected with 47.5% of the vote, defeating Judy Wasylycia-Leis (24.9%), Robert-Falcon Ouellette (15.7%), and Gord Steeves (9%).
European Union: The European Parliament approves the new Commission (423-209), which is to take office November 1.
Kazakhstan: Imangali Tasmagambetov is appointed defense minister.


Canada: Jocelyne Roy-Vienneau is sworn in as lieutenant governor of New Brunswick.
Libya: Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani appoints Brig.Gen. Masoud Erhuma as defense minister.
Mexico: The governor of Guerrero, Ángel Aguirre Rivero, says he will give up office. On October 25 the state Congress approves his request for indefinite leave and the secretary-general of the government, Jesús Martínez Garnelo, takes over the governor's functions until October 26 when Rogelio Ortega Martínez is appointed interim governor.


Botswana: In parliamentary elections, the Botswana Democratic Party wins 46.7% of the vote (37 of 57 directly elected seats), Umbrella for Democratic Change 30.1% (17), and the Botswana Congress Party 20.4% (3). Ian Khama is thereby reelected as president and is sworn in for his new term on October 28. On October 30 Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi is named foreign minister and Shaw Kgathi defense minister; Kenneth Matambo remains finance minister and Edwin Batshu home affairs minister.
Venezuela: Gen. Vladimir Padrino López is named defense minister and Adm. Carmen Meléndez interior minister; they take office October 27.


Dominican Republic: Former foreign minister (1994-96, 2004-14) Carlos Morales Troncoso dies.
Estonia: Finance Minister Jürgen Ligi resigns.


Japan: In gubernatorial elections in Fukushima, Masao Uchibori wins 68.4% of the vote and Yoshihiro Kumasaka 18%. Turnout is 45.9%.
Tunisia: In parliamentary elections, Nidaa Tounes (Call of Tunisia) wins 85 of 217 seats, Ennahda 69, the Free Patriotic Union 16, and the Popular Front 15. Turnout is about 69%.
Ukraine: In parliamentary elections, the People's Front wins 22.1% of the vote (82 of 423 seats), the Petro Poroshenko Bloc 21.8% (132), the Self-Help Party 11% (33), the Opposition Bloc 9.4% (29), the Radical Party 7.4% (22), Fatherland 5.7% (19), Svoboda 4.7% (6), and the Communist Party 3.9% (0). Turnout is 52.4%.
Uruguay: In the first round of presidential elections, former president Tabaré Vázquez (Broad Front) wins 49.4% of the vote, Luis Lacalle Pou (National Party) 31.9%, and Pedro Bordaberry (Colorado Party) 13.3%. A runoff will be held on November 30.


Canada: Results of mayoral elections in Ontario:


Zambia: President Michael Sata dies. On October 29 Vice President Guy Scott is named acting president.


Burkina Faso: President Blaise Compaoré dissolves the government of Prime Minister Luc Adolphe Tiao. Later in the day the military stages a coup and announces the creation of a transitional regime. On October 31 army chief Gen. Honoré Traoré declares himself head of state.
Lithuania: Interior Minister Dailis Barakauskas resigns.
Turks and Caicos Islands: Former governor (1982-87) Christopher Turner (also governor of Montserrat 1987-90) dies.


Greece: Nikos Dendias is named defense minister.

Italy: Paolo Gentiloni is appointed foreign minister.