September 2014


Australia: Hieu Van Le is sworn in as governor of South Australia.
Austria: Reinhold Mitterlehner is sworn in as vice chancellor and Hans Jörg Schelling as finance minister.

India: Vajubhai Vala is sworn in as governor of Karnataka.
Libya: The Tobruk-based parliament reappoints Abdullah al-Thani as prime minister, 64 of 106 representatives present voting for him. On September 2 the Tripoli-based rival prime minister Omar al-Hassi presents his cabinet including Mohamed al-Ghariani as foreign minister; the government is sworn in on September 6. On September 17 Thani submits his proposed cabinet to parliament, said to include Farida Allaghi as foreign minister, himself as defense minister, and Ashur Shwayel as interior minister; parliament rejects it on September 18 but approves a new lineup on September 22 including Mohamed al-Dairi as foreign minister; the cabinet is sworn in on September 28.


Denmark: Morten Řstergaard replaces Margrethe Vestager as interior minister.
Lebanon: The 11th attempt to elect a president fails for lack of a quorum, as does the 12th on September 23. The next round is scheduled for October 9.
Mayotte: Seymour Morsy takes office as prefect.
Réunion: Dominique Sorain takes office as prefect.
Sint Maarten: William Marlin is asked to form a new government. His attempts end in failure on September 25.

Vanuatu: President Iolu Abil's term ends and the speaker of parliament, Philip Boedoro, becomes acting president. On September 17 the election of a new president begins, Barak Sopé leading the first round of voting with 12 votes, followed by Sethy Regenvanu with 11 and Lino Bulekuli dit Saksak with 8. In the second round, Alfred Maliu wins 16 votes, Bulekuli 14, Sopé 11, Regenvanu 9. In a third round on September 18, Bulekuli wins 21 votes, Regenvanu 10, Sopé 9, Maliu 9. In a fourth round on September 19, Bulekuli leads with 20 votes. A two-thirds majority is needed in the 58-member electoral college. Finally, in the seventh round on September 22 Baldwin Lonsdale is elected with 46 votes against 8 for Sopé; he is then sworn in.

Venezuela: Rafael Ramírez is appointed foreign minister in a cabinet reshuffle.
Wallis and Futuna: The king of `Uvea (Wallis), Kapeliele Faupala, is deposed by traditional chiefs after he dismissed his prime minister, Akusitino Manakofaiva.
Yemen: President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi dismisses the cabinet of Prime Minister Muhammad Salim Basindwah.


India: The resignation of Sheila Dikshit as governor of Kerala is accepted and Palanisamy Sathasivam is appointed governor (sworn in September 5).
Japan: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe names a new cabinet including Akinori Eto as defense minister and Sanae Takaichi as internal affairs minister; Fumio Kishida remains foreign minister and Taro Aso finance minister.
Lesotho: Prime Minister Tom Thabane returns to the country (see August 30).


India: Kalyan Singh is sworn in as governor of Rajasthan.
India: Former governor of Goa (1999-2002, 2004) and Maharashtra (2002-04) Mohammed Fazal dies.
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon: Jean-Christophe Bouvier takes office as prefect.


French Polynesia: President Gaston Flosse is removed from office after a corruption conviction became final. The vice president, Nuihau Laurey, becomes acting president. On September 12 Édouard Fritch is elected president, defeating Richard Tuheiava 46-10. On September 16 the new government is announced with Fritch as international and interior affairs minister and Laurey remaining vice president and finance minister.


Indonesia: Former governor of Nusa Tenggara Timur (1988-93) Hendrikus Fernandez dies.
Turkey: The government of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu wins a confidence vote in parliament (306-133).


Guatemala: Carlos Raúl Morales is named to replace Fernando Carrera as foreign minister. He is sworn in on September 18.


Iraq: Parliament approves the new government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, with Ibrahim al-Jaafari as foreign minister and Rowsch Shaways as finance minister. The defense and interior ministers are only named on September 16 and are then rejected by parliament, which votes 118-117 against defense nominee Riyad Ghareeb and 131-108 against interior nominee Jaber al-Jaberi.
Slovenia: The proposed government of prime minister-designate Miro Cerar is announced with Janko Veber as defense minister, Vesna Györkös Znidar as interior minister, Dusan Mramor as finance minister, and Karl Erjavec to stay on as foreign minister. On September 18 the government is approved by parliament (54-25) and sworn in.



Poland: Donald Tusk resigns as prime minister. The president accepts the resignation on September 11 and on September 15 asks Ewa Kopacz to form a government. On September 19 she designates Grzegorz Schetyna as foreign minister and Teresa Piotrowska as interior minister. The new government is sworn in on September 22.

Russia: President Vladimir Putin dismisses the governor of Bryansk oblast, Nikolay Denin, and appoints Aleksandr Bogomaz as acting governor.


Brazil: Former governor of Rondônia (1987-91) Jerônimo Garcia de Santana dies.
India: The governor of Meghalaya, Krishan Kant Paul, is given additional charge of Manipur and Mizoram following acceptance of Vinod Kumar Duggal's resignation. Paul is sworn in as governor of Manipur on September 15 and of Mizoram on September 16.

Montserrat: In parliamentary elections, the People's Democratic Movement wins 50.1% of the vote (7 of 9 seats) and the Movement for Change and Prosperity 35.3% (2). Turnout is 71.1%. On September 12 Donaldson Romeo is sworn in as premier. On September 16 the cabinet is sworn in, with Romeo taking the finance portfolio.


Egypt: Former prime minister (1999-2004) Atef Ebeid dies.
United Kingdom: Ian Paisley, Baron Bannside, former first minister of Northern Ireland (2007-08), dies.


Brazil: Former governor of Rio Grande do Norte (2010-11) Iberę Paiva Ferreira de Souza dies.


Germany: In state elections in Brandenburg, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) wins 31.9% of the vote (30 of 88 seats), the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) 23% (21), the Left 18.6% (17), the Alternative for Germany (AfD) 12.2% (11), the Greens 6.2% (6), the United Citizens' Movements/Free Voters 2.7% (3), the National Democratic Party (NPD) 2.2% (0), the Pirate Party 1.5% (0), and the Free Democratic Party (FDP) 1.5% (0); turnout is 47.9%. In Thüringen, the CDU wins 33.5% of the vote (34 of 91 seats), the Left 28.2% (28), the SPD 12.4% (12), the AfD 10.6% (11), the Greens 5.7% (6), the NPD 3.6% (0), and the FDP 2.5% (0); turnout is 52.7%.
Peru: Alonso Segura Vasi is sworn in as economy and finance minister following the resignation of Luis Miguel Castilla.
Russia: Results of gubernatorial elections, all winners being the (acting, except in Astrakhan) incumbents:

Zhilkin (Astrakhan), Konkov (Ivanovo), Korolev (Lipetsk), Gayzer (Komi), and Orlov (Kalmykia) are inaugurated on September 19, Gordeyev (Voronezh) and Koshin (Nenets) on September 20, Solovyov (Udmurtia) and Miklushevsky (Primorsky) on September 22, Belykh (Kirov), Mikhailov (Kursk), Potomsky (Oryol), Merkushkin (Samara), and Kuvshinnikov (Vologda) on September 23, Dubrovsky (Chelyabinsk), Shantsev (Nizhny Novgorod), Gorodetsky (Novosibirsk), Bocharov (Volgograd), and Poltavchenko (Saint Petersburg) on September 24, Khamitov (Bashkortostan), Karlin (Altay kray), Turchak (Pskov), and Yakushev (Tyumen) on September 25, Tolokonsky (Krasnoyarsk), Kokorin (Kurgan), and Berg (Orenburg) on September 26, Borisov (Sakha) and Vladimirov (Stavropol) on September 27, Berdnikov (Altay republic) on September 30. On September 19 Vladimir Tukmakov is named chairman of the government of the Komi republic.
Sweden: In parliamentary elections, the Social Democrats win 31.3% of the vote (113 of 349 seats), the Moderates 23.2% (84), the Sweden Democrats 12.9% (49), the Greens 6.8% (24), the Centre Party 6.1% (22), the Left Party 5.7% (21), the People's Party 5.4% (19), the Christian Democrats 4.6% (17), and the Feminist Initiative 3.1% (0). Turnout is 83.3%. On September 18 the speaker of parliament asks Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven to form a government.


Canada: Jim Prentice is sworn in as premier of Alberta.

Dominican Republic: Andrés Navarro is appointed foreign minister. He takes office September 16.
United States: Former governor of Kansas (1961-65) John Anderson, Jr., dies.


France: Prime Minister Manuel Valls wins a parliamentary confidence vote (269-244).
Kyrgyzstan: Melis Turganbayev is appointed acting interior minister.


Fiji: In parliamentary elections, FijiFirst wins 59.2% of the vote (32 of 50 seats), the Social Democratic Liberal Party 28.2% (15), and the National Federation Party 5.5% (3). Turnout is 84%. On September 22 Voreqe Bainimarama is sworn in as prime minister. On September 24 his cabinet is sworn in with Timoci Lesi Natuva as defense minister and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum as finance minister, while Ratu Inoke Kubuabola remains foreign minister.
French Southern and Antarctic Lands: Cécile Pozzo di Borgo is named administrator-superior.
Israel: Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar announces his resignation.
Russia: President Vladimir Putin nominates the candidates for heads of regions where they are elected by local parliaments: for Kabardino-Balkariya, Yury Kokov, Irina Maryash, and Aliy Musukov; for Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, Gennady Narayev, and Aleksandr Terentyev; for Sevastopol, Sergey Menyaylo, Vasily Parkhomenko, and Oleg Roslyakov.
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon: Former prefect (1982-83) Philippe Parant dies.



Cabo Verde: In a cabinet reshuffle, Jorge Tolentino becomes foreign minister and Rui Semedo defense minister.
Uganda: Ruhakana Rugunda is appointed prime minister.


Hungary: Tibor Navracsics resigns as foreign minister. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán nominates Péter Szijjártó to succeed him. Szijjártó takes office September 23.
United Kingdom: Alex Salmond announces his resignation as first minister of Scotland.


New Zealand: In parliamentary elections, the National Party wins 47% of the vote (60 of 121 seats), the Labour Party 25.1% (32), the Green Party 10.7% (14), the New Zealand First Party 8.7% (11), and the Conservative Party 4% (0). Turnout is 77.9%.


Austria: In state elections in Vorarlberg, the Austrian People's Party wins 41.8% of the vote (16 of 36 seats), the Freedom Party 23.4% (9), the Greens 17.1% (6), the Social Democratic Party 8.8% (3), and New Austria and Liberal Forum 6.9% (2). Turnout is 64.3%.
Yemen: Prime Minister Muhammad Salim Basindwah resigns. While he remains nominally in office, from September 24 Abdullah Mohsen al-Akwa takes charge as acting prime minister.


Canada: In parliamentary elections in New Brunswick, the Liberal Party wins 42.7% of the vote (27 of 49 seats), the Progressive Conservative Party 34.6% (21), the New Democratic Party 13% (0), and the Green Party 6.6% (1). Turnout is 65.4%.
Nepal: Former foreign minister (2007-08) Sahana Pradhan dies.


Canada: Elizabeth Dowdeswell is sworn in as lieutenant governor of Ontario.
Ecuador: Defense Minister María Fernanda Espinosa announces her resignation. On September 26 Fernando Cordero is sworn in as defense minister.
Malaysia: Azmin Ali is sworn in as chief minister of Selangor.


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Former chairman of the Presidency (2004, 2006) Sulejman Tihic dies.

Georgia: Raul Khadjimba is inaugurated as president of Abkhazia. On September 29 he appoints Beslan Butba as prime minister.
United States: Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., announces his resignation.



Canada: Paul Davis is sworn in as premier of Newfoundland and Labrador.
India: The chief minister of Maharashtra, Prithviraj Chavan, resigns. On September 28 president's rule is imposed.


India: The chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayaram Jayalalitha, is disqualified from office by a corruption conviction. On September 29 O. Paneerselvam is sworn in as chief minister.
Russia: Former governor of Kirov oblast (1996-2004) Vladimir Sergeyenkov dies.


Afghanistan: Ashraf Ghani is sworn in as president and Abdullah Abdullah as chief executive.

France: Damien Alary is elected president of the Regional Council of Languedoc-Roussillon.


France: Jean-Paul Denanot resigns as president of the Regional Council of Limousin and Gérard Vandenbroucke becomes acting president.