July 2013


Bulgaria: Former foreign minister (1991-92) Stoyan Ganev dies.




India: Krishan Kant Paul is appointed governor of Meghalaya (sworn in July 8), A.K. Singh lieutenant governor of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (sworn in July 8), Najeeb Jung lieutenant governor of Delhi (sworn in July 9), and Virendra Kataria lieutenant governor of Puducherry (sworn in July 10).

Portugal: Finance Minister Vítor Gaspar resigns. Maria Luís Albuquerque is named to replace him; she is sworn in on July 2, when Foreign Minister Paulo Portas in turn resigns. On July 3 Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho rejects Portas' resignation. On July 6 an agreement is reached by which Portas is to become deputy prime minister. On July 23 Rui Machete is named foreign minister. The reshuffled government is sworn in on July 24.
Switzerland: Urs Wüthrich-Pelloli becomes president of the government of Basel-Land, Yvonne von Deschwanden Landammann of Nidwalden, and Paul Federer Landammann of Obwalden.
United States: Eric Garcetti takes office as mayor of Los Angeles and Steven Fulop as mayor of Jersey City. Anthony Foxx resigns as mayor of Charlotte and Patsy Kinsey is elected to complete his term. On July 2 Foxx is sworn in as transportation secretary.


Egypt: Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr resigns.
Russia: Former head of the administration of Perm oblast (1991-96) Boris Kuznetsov dies.



Belgium: King Albert II announces his abdication effective July 21, when Crown Prince Philippe becomes king.



Egypt: The military suspends the constitution, deposes President Mohamed Morsy, and designates the head of the Constitutional Court, Adli Mansour, as interim president (sworn in July 4). On July 6 the appointment of Mohamed al-Baradei as prime minister is announced, but later denied. On July 9 Hazem al-Beblawi is named prime minister, while al-Baradei becomes interim vice president (sworn in July 14). Nabil Fahmy is named foreign minister and Ahmed Galal finance minister on July 14; the government is sworn in on July 16.

India: Shriniwas Dadasaheb Patil is appointed governor of Sikkim (sworn in July 20).
Romania: Former prime minister (1998-99) Radu Vasile dies.


Russia: President Vladimir Putin accepts the resignation of the head of the republic of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, and appoints him acting head of the republic until elections, which Yevkurov is thus able to contest.


Italy: Former president of Lazio (1973-75) Rinaldo Santini dies.
United States: Former governor of New Mexico (1967-71) David F. Cargo dies.
Venezuela: Adm. Carmen Meléndez is appointed defense minister.


Mexico: In gubernatorial elections in Baja California, Francisco Vega (National Action Party) defeats Fernando Castro Trenti (Institutional Revolutionary Party), about 47%-44%.

Palau: President Tommy Remengesau nominates Billy Kuartei as minister of state. He is approved by the Senate on July 17 and sworn in on July 31.


Syria: Rebel prime minister Ghassan Hitto resigns.


Liechtenstein: Former head of government (1993) Markus Büchel dies.
Morocco: The ministers of the Istiqlal party, including Finance Minister Nizar Baraka, resign.


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Zeljko Komsic becomes chairman of the Presidency.


Czech Republic: Prime Minister Jirí Rusnok's caretaker government is appointed with Jan Kohout as foreign minister, Jan Fischer as finance minister, and Martin Pecina as interior minister; Vlastimil Picek remains defense minister.
The Gambia: Kebba Touray becomes finance minister in a cabinet reshuffle.

Moldova: The president of Transnistria, Yevgeny Shevchuk, accepts the resignation of Prime Minister Pyotr Stepanov and appoints Tatyana Turanskaya as prime minister.
South Africa: Former administrator of Transvaal (1979-88) Willem Adriaan Cruywagen dies.


Luxembourg: Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker resigns.


El Salvador: Gen. José Atilio Benítez resigns as defense minister and David Munguía Payés is appointed to the post.
Malaysia: Datuk Seri Abu Zahar Isnin, former chief minister of Malacca (1997-99), dies.
United States: Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announces her resignation, effective in early September.



Bhutan: In the second round of parliamentary elections, the People's Democratic Party wins 32 of 47 seats and the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa 15. On July 19 the PDP designates Tshering Tobgay as prime minister. On July 25 his cabinet is announced with Rinzin Dorje as foreign minister, Damcho Dorji as home minister, and Namgay Dorji as finance minister. It takes office on July 27.


Comoros: In a government reshuffle, El-Anrif Said Hassane is named foreign minister and Houssen Hassan Ibrahim interior minister.
India: Hemant Soren is sworn in as chief minister of Jharkhand.
Norway: Former governor of Vestfold (1989-2010) Mona Røkke dies.


Canada: In a cabinet reshuffle, Rob Nicholson becomes defence minister.

South Africa: The premier of Limpopo, Cassel Mathale, resigns. On July 18 Stanley Mathabatha is sworn in as premier.


Guatemala: Manuel López Ambrosio takes office as defense minister.
Sweden: Former governor of Blekinge (1974-92) Camilla Odhnoff dies.


Saint Helena: In elections to the Legislative Council, 12 nonpartisans are elected. Turnout is about 55%.


Central African Republic: A transitional constitutional charter is promulgated according to which Michel Djotodia is redesignated transitional head of state rather than president.
Mauritania: Former foreign minister (1965-66) Mohamed Ould Cheikh dies.
United States: The Senate confirms Thomas Perez (54-46) as labor secretary (sworn in July 23) and Gina McCarthy (59-40) as Environmental Protection Agency administrator (sworn in July 19).


Cook Islands: Joanna Kempkers is appointed high commissioner.


India: The governor of Nagaland, Ashwani Kumar, is given additional charge of Manipur, replacing Gurbachan Jagat, whose term ends July 22 but who holds the charge until Kumar is sworn in on July 29.
India: Former governor of Goa (1989-91), Karnataka (1991-99), and Kerala (1996-97) Khurshid Alam Khan dies.


Japan: In gubernatorial elections in Hyogo, incumbent Toshizo Ido wins 72.8% of the vote and Kotaro Tanaka 27.2%. Turnout is 53.5%.


Afghanistan: Parliament votes to dismiss Interior Minister Ghulam Mujtaba Patang.

Congo (Kinshasa): Louis Koyagialo takes office as governor of Équateur.
Russia: The acting president of Dagestan, Ramazan Abdulatipov, dismisses the government of Prime Minister Mukhtar Medzhidov and appoints Anatoly Karibov as acting prime minister. On July 25 Abdulatipov nominates Abdusamad Gamidov as prime minister, who is unanimously confirmed by the local parliament the same day.


Anguilla: Christina Scott is sworn in as governor.
Japan: Former governor of Tottori (1983-99) Yuji Nishio dies.
Russia: President Vladimir Putin appoints Roman Kopin, whose term as governor of Chukotka autonomous okrug has ended, as acting governor.

South Sudan: President Salva Kiir dismisses his entire government, directing the undersecretaries (including Charles Manyang d'Awol at foreign affairs) to take charge in their respective ministries. On July 27 Barnaba Marial Benjamin is appointed new foreign minister. On July 31 Kuol Manyang is named defense minister, Aleu Ayieny Aleu interior minister, and Aggrey Tisa Sabuni minister of commerce and economic planning, a new portfolio including the finance ministry.


Spain: The president of the Junta of Andalucía, José Antonio Griñán, announces his resignation, effective August 27. Susana Díaz is to succeed him.


Cook Islands: Tom Marsters resigns as minister ahead of taking office as queen's representative. His portfolios, including foreign affairs, fall to the prime minister, Henry Puna.
Togo: In parliamentary elections, the Union for the Republic wins 62 of 91 seats, the Save Togo Collective 19, the Rainbow Alliance 6, and the Union of Forces for Change 3.


Papua New Guinea: Sir Lucas Waka, former governor of West New Britain (1995-97), dies.


Cambodia: In parliamentary elections, the Cambodian People's Party wins 48.8% of the vote (68 of 123 seats) and the Cambodia National Rescue Party 44.5% (55).
Cyprus: In parliamentary elections in North Cyprus, the Republican Turkish Party-United Forces wins about 38% of the vote (21 of 50 seats), the National Unity Party about 27% (14), the Democrat Party-Nationalist Powers about 23% (12), and the Communal Democracy Party about 7% (3). Turnout is about 69%.
Mali: In the first round of presidential elections, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita wins 39.2% of the vote, Soumaïla Cissé 19.4%, Dramane Dembélé 9.6%, and Modibo Sidibé 4.9%. Turnout is 51.5%. The runoff will be held on August 11.
United States: Former governor of Pennsylvania (1963-67) William W. Scranton dies.


Germany: The minister-president of Brandenburg, Matthias Platzeck, announces his resignation. Dietmar Woidke is to succeed him in late August.
Taiwan: Andrew Yang is named defense minister in a cabinet reshuffle (effective August 1).


Indonesia: The governor of Bangka-Belitung, Eko Maulana Ali, dies.
Pakistan: Mamnoon Hussain is elected president by members of the national and provincial parliaments, winning 432 votes against 77 for Wajihuddin Ahmed. He is to be sworn in on September 9.


Albania: Socialist Party leader Edi Rama names the members of his prospective cabinet, including Ditmir Bushati as foreign minister, Mimi Kodheli as defense minister, Saimir Tahiri as interior minister, and Shkëlqim Cani as finance minister.
Zimbabwe: In presidential elections, incumbent Robert Mugabe wins 61.1% of the vote, Morgan Tsvangirai 34.4%, and Welshman Ncube 2.7%. In parliamentary elections, Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front wins 197 of 270 seats and the Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai 70.