June 2013


Switzerland: Marianne Koller-Bohl becomes Landammann of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Stefan Kölliker president of the government of Sankt Gallen, and Bernhard Koch president of the government of Thurgau.


China: Former mayor of Beijing (1983-93) Chen Xitong dies.
Guadeloupe: Former president of the Regional Council (1986-92) Félix Proto dies.
Pakistan: The governor of Balochistan, Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi, resigns. On June 11 Mohammad Khan Achakzai is appointed governor (sworn in June 13).

Palestine: President Mahmoud Abbas asks Rami Hamdallah to form a government. Hamdallah is sworn in as prime minister on June 6, with Shukri Bishara as finance minister; Riyad al-Malki remains foreign minister and Said Abu Ali interior minister. After only two weeks in office, Hamdallah offers his resignation on June 20; he withdraws it on June 21, but it is nevertheless accepted by Abbas on June 23.


Poland: Former foreign minister (1980-82) Józef Czyrek dies.
Switzerland: Christoph Neuhaus is elected president of the government of Bern.


China: Lu Hao is elected governor of Heilongjiang and Guo Shuqing governor of Shandong.
Cook Islands: Tom Marsters is appointed queen's representative, effective July 27.


Cyprus: The parliament of North Cyprus passes a vote of no confidence in the government of Prime Minister Irsen Küçük. On June 11 Sibel Siber is asked to form a new government. On June 13 her government is announced with Kutlay Erk as foreign minister, Gülsün Yücel as interior minister, and Zeren Mungan as finance minister.

French Guiana: Éric Spitz is appointed prefect. He takes office June 24.
Pakistan: Parliament elects Nawaz Sharif as prime minister; he secures 244 votes, against 42 for Makhdoom Amin Fahim and 31 for Makhdoom Javed Hashmi. On June 7 Sharif names his cabinet, keeping foreign affairs and defense to himself but appointing Sartaj Aziz as foreign affairs and national security adviser; Ishaq Dar becomes finance minister and Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan interior minister.
Russia: President Vladimir Putin accepts the resignation of the mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, and appoints him as acting mayor until elections in September.


da Silva
Guinea-Bissau: A new government is formed including Fernando Delfim da Silva as foreign minister and Gino Mendes as finance minister.
Kenya: Joseph Ole Lenku is sworn in as interior minister.
Pakistan: Shahbaz Sharif is elected chief minister of Punjab with 300 votes, against 34 for Mian Mehmood-ur-Rashid.


Curaçao: A new government is sworn in under Prime Minister Ivar Asjes.
France: Former prime minister (1981-84) Pierre Mauroy dies.


Nauru: In parliamentary elections, 19 nonpartisans are elected (7 of them new). On June 11 parliament elects Baron Waqa as president; he defeats Roland Kun by 13 votes to 5. The cabinet is announced on June 13, with Waqa as foreign minister, David Adeang as finance minister, and Charmaine Scotty as home affairs minister.
United States: Former governor of Massachusetts (1997-2001) Paul Cellucci dies.


Burkina Faso: Former foreign minister (1980-82) Félix Tientarboum dies.
Pakistan: Abdul Malik Baloch is elected chief minister of Balochistan (unopposed).


Congo (Kinshasa): Louis Koyagialo is elected governor of Équateur in a second round with 76 votes, against 27 for Jean-Lucien Busa Tongba.
United States: Jean Stothert takes office as mayor of Omaha.


India: Former foreign minister (1990-91) Vidya Charan Shukla dies.
Indonesia: In gubernatorial elections in Maluku, Abdullah Vanath wins 23.6% of the vote, Said Assagaff 22.7%, Herman Koedoebon 21.6%, Abdullah Tuasikal 18.6%, and Jacobus F. Puttilehalat 13.5%.
United States: In mayoral elections in Tulsa, Kathy Taylor wins 42.1% of the vote, incumbent Dewey Bartlett 34.2%, and Bill Christiansen 23.1%. A runoff will be held November 12.


Central African Republic: Nicolas Tiangaye is reappointed as prime minister. On June 13 the new cabinet is announced with Léonie Banga-Bothy as foreign minister and Christophe Bremaďdou as finance minister; President Michel Djotodia remains defense minister and Noureldine Adam security minister.


Philippines: Mujiv Hataman is sworn in as governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.


Iran: In presidential elections, Hassan Rouhani wins 50.7% of the vote, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf 16.6%, Saeed Jalili 11.4%, Mohsen Rezai 10.6%, and Ali Akbar Velayati 6.2%. Turnout is 72.2%. Rouhani is to take office August 3.
Sint Maarten: Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams announces her new cabinet (sworn in the same day) with Martin Hassink as finance minister.


United States: In the mayoral runoff in El Paso, Oscar Leeser wins 74.3% of the vote and Steve Ortega 25.7%. Leeser is sworn in on June 24.


Argentina: Former foreign minister (1949-51) Hipólito Jesús Paz dies.
Japan: In gubernatorial elections in Shizuoka, incumbent Heita Kawakatsu wins 72.6% of the vote and Ichiro Hirose 23.2%. Turnout is 49.5%.


Czech Republic: Prime Minister Petr Necas resigns with his cabinet. On June 25 President Milos Zeman appoints Jirí Rusnok as prime minister.
Italy: Former president of Friuli-Venezia Giulia (1992-93) Vinicio Turello dies.
United States: Former governor of North Carolina (1973-77) James E. Holshouser, Jr., dies.


Canada: Former lieutenant governor of British Columbia (1995-2001) Garde Gardom dies.
Canada: The mayor of Montreal, Michael Applebaum, resigns. Jane Cowell-Poitras becomes acting mayor. On June 25 the city council elects Laurent Blanchard as interim mayor; he receives 30 votes against 28 for Harout Chitilian and 3 for Cowell-Poitras.
South Sudan: Finance Minister Kosti Manibe Ngai is suspended from office pending an investigation on corruption charges. Deputy Finance Minister Marial Awou will act in his place.


Austria: Wilfried Haslauer is elected as Landeshauptmann of Salzburg (21 of 36 votes).
Cayman Islands: Helen Kilpatrick is appointed governor, to take office in September.
Hungary: Former foreign minister (1989-90) and prime minister (1994-98) Gyula Horn dies.


China: Wang Xuejun is elected governor of Anhui.
Czech Republic: Tomás Hudecek is elected mayor of Praha.
Italy: Former president of Trentino-Alto Adige (1976-77) and of Trento (1979-85) Flavio Mengoni dies.


Isle of Man: Former chairman of the Executive Council (1985-86) Edgar Mann dies.


Mali: In a cabinet reshuffle, Abdel Kader Konaté is appointed finance minister.


Albania: In parliamentary elections, the Alliance for a European Albania wins 57.7% of the vote (84 of 140 seats), including the Socialist Party with 41.5% (66) and the Socialist Movement for Integration with 10.5% (16), while the Alliance for Employment, Prosperity and Integration wins 39.4% (56), including the Democratic Party with 30.6% (49). Turnout is 53.5%.



Greece: In a cabinet reshuffle, Evangelos Venizelos is named foreign minister, Dimitris Avramopoulos defense minister, and Ioannis Michelakis interior minister; the new government is sworn in on June 25.
Italy: Former prime minister (1970-72) and foreign minister (1980-83, 1992-93) Emilio Colombo dies.
Somalia: In a cabinet reshuffle in Somaliland, Mohamed Bihi Yonis becomes foreign minister and Ali Mohamed Waran Cade internal affairs minister.


Libya: The General National Congress elects Nouri Abusahmain as its president. He receives 96 votes against 80 for al-Sharif al-Wafi in a runoff; in the first round the vote was 73-60.



K. al-Attiyah
Qatar: The emir, Sheikh Hamad ibn Khalifa Al Thani, abdicates and the crown prince, Sheikh Tamim ibn Hamad Al Thani, becomes emir. On June 26 Tamim unveils his new cabinet, with Sheikh Abdullah ibn Nasser ibn Khalifa Al Thani as prime minister and interior minister, Khalid al-Attiyah as foreign minister, Ali Sharif al-Emadi as finance minister, and Maj.Gen. Hamad ibn Ali al-Attiyah as minister of state for defense.
San Marino: Former captain-regent (1958-59, 1965-66) Pietro Reffi dies.
United States: The Senate confirms (97-1) Penny Pritzker as commerce secretary. She is sworn in on June 26.


Australia: Prime Minister Julia Gillard resigns after losing the Labor Party leadership to Kevin Rudd. On June 27 Rudd is sworn in as prime minister, with Chris Bowen as treasurer.
British Virgin Islands: John Duncan is named as the next governor, to take office July 2014.
Mongolia: In presidential elections, incumbent Tsakhiagiyn Elbegdorj wins just over 50% of the vote, Badmaanyambuugiyn Bat-Erdene about 42%, and Natsag Udval about 8%. Turnout is about 65%.


El Salvador: Jaime Miranda becomes acting foreign minister.
Libya: Defense Minister Muhammad Mahmoud al-Bargathi is removed from office.
United States: The Senate confirms (100-0) Anthony Foxx as secretary of transportation.


Australia: Former governor of South Australia (1977-82) Sir Keith Seaman dies.
Guatemala: Gen. Manuel López Ambrosio is named as defense minister.
Thailand: In a cabinet reshuffle, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra takes over the defense portfolio.