February 2013


Slovenia: Prime Minister Janez Jansa takes over the finance portfolio. On February 5 the Democratic Party of Slovenian Pensioners says it will withdraw from the government on February 22, which involves the resignation of Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec on the latter date. On February 27 the government loses a no-confidence vote in parliament, which simultaneously designates (55-33) Alenka Bratusek as new prime minister.
United States: John Kerry is sworn in as secretary of state.
United States: Energy Secretary Steven Chu offers his resignation.
United States: Former New York City mayor (1978-90) Ed Koch dies.


India: Former chief minister of Pondicherry (2000-01) P. Shanmugam dies.
Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu is asked to form a new cabinet.


Central African Republic: The new government is named with Prime Minister Nicolas Tiangaye as finance minister, Col. Parfait Anicet Mbay as foreign minister, Michel Djotodia as defense minister, and Josué Binoua as security and public order minister.
Cuba: Elections are held for the 612 seats in the National Assembly of People's Power. Turnout is 89.7%. On February 24 the Assembly reelects Raúl Castro as president of the Council of State and Council of Ministers. Miguel Díaz-Canel is elected first vice president.
Liechtenstein: In parliamentary elections, the Progressive Citizens' Party wins 40% of the vote (10 of 25 seats), the Fatherland Union 33.5% (8), The Independents 15.3% (4), and the Free List 11.1% (3). Turnout is 79.8%.
Pakistan: Former chief minister of Balochistan (2002-07) Jam Mohammad Yousaf dies.

Russia: Vladimir Pecheny is appointed acting governor of Magadan oblast.


Switzerland: Former Landammann of Obwalden (1987-88, 1989-90, 1991-92) Alexander Höchli dies.


Canada: Frank Fagan is appointed lieutenant governor of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Saint Kitts and Nevis: Patrice Nisbett is appointed foreign minister.
Uruguay: Former foreign minister (2005-08) Reinaldo Gargano dies.


United States: President Barack Obama nominates Sally Jewell as interior secretary.


Guadeloupe: Former president of the Regional Council (1983-86) José Moustache dies.
Nauru: Foreign Minister Kieren Keke resigns. President Sprent Dabwido takes over the portfolio. On February 14 Finance Minister Roland Kun also resigns, Dominic Tabuna being appointed in his place.



South Korea: President-elect Park Geun Hye nominates Chung Hong Won as prime minister. On February 13 Park names Yun Byung Se as foreign minister, Kim Byung Kwan as defense minister, and Yoo Jeong Bok as home affairs minister. On February 17 she names Hyun Oh Seok as finance minister. Park is sworn in as president on February 25. On February 26 the National Assembly confirms Chung as prime minister (197-67).


Congo (Kinshasa): Alex Kande Mupompa takes office as governor of Kasaï Occidental.
Syria: Ismail Ismail becomes finance minister in a cabinet reshuffle.


Monaco: In parliamentary elections, Horizon Monaco wins 50.3% of the vote (20 of 24 seats), the Monegasque Union 39% (3), and Renaissance 10.7% (1). Turnout is 74.5%.
Pakistan: Shaukatullah Khan is sworn in as governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


Canada: Kathleen Wynne is sworn in as premier of Ontario.
Italy: Former president of Molise (1976-82) Florindo D'Aimmo dies.

Northern Mariana Islands: Governor Benigno R. Fitial is impeached by the House of Representatives on 13 charges, and on February 12 on another 5 charges (on 16 of the 18 charges the vote is 16-4, on one 16-3, and one 15-4). Before the Senate trial begins, Fitial resigns on February 20 and Lieutenant Governor Eloy S. Inos is sworn in as governor.
Vatican City: Pope Benedictus XVI announces his resignation effective February 28. During the vacancy interim roles are taken by the dean of the College of Cardinals, Angelo Cardinal Sodano, and the chamberlain, Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone.


Ukraine: Former foreign minister (1994-98) Hennadiy Udovenko dies.


Ghana: Mark Woyongo is approved by parliament as defense minister and Kwesi Ahwoi as interior minister. They are sworn in on February 14.
The Netherlands: Former foreign minister (1993-94) Pieter Kooijmans dies.


Chad: Interior Minister Ahmat Mahamat Bachir is removed from office. In a cabinet reshuffle on February 19, Ali Mahamat Zene Ali Fadel is appointed as interior minister.

Guadeloupe: Marcelle Pierrot takes office as prefect.
India: In state elections in Tripura, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) wins 49 of 60 seats and the Indian National Congress 10. Turnout is 93.6%.


Barbados: Sir Branford Taitt, former foreign minister (1993-94), dies.
Trinidad and Tobago: Anthony Carmona is elected president (unopposed), to take office March 18.
Ukraine: Former chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian S.S.R. (1963-65) Ivan Kazanets dies.


Cyprus: In presidential elections, Nikos Anastasiadis wins 45.5% of the vote, Stavros Malas 26.9%, and Giorgos Lillikas 24.9%. Turnout is 83.1%. A runoff is held on February 24, Anastasiadis winning 57.5% and Malas 42.5%. Anastasiadis names Ioannis Kasoulidis as foreign minister and Michalis Sarris as finance minister on February 25 and Photis Photiou as defense minister and Sokratis Chasikos as interior minister on February 27. Anastasiadis is sworn in on February 28.
Ecuador: In presidential elections, incumbent Rafael Correa wins 57.2% of the vote, Guillermo Lasso 22.7%, and Lucio Gutiérrez 6.7%. Turnout is 81.1%.


Armenia: In presidential elections, incumbent Serzh Sarkisyan (Republican Party) wins 58.6% of the vote, Raffi Hovhannisyan (Heritage Party) 36.7%, and Hrant Bagratyan (Freedom Party) 2.2%. Turnout is 60.2%.

Bulgaria: Finance Minister Simeon Djankov is dismissed. Tomislav Donchev is to take over the portfolio. On February 20 the entire government of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov resigns.
Macedonia: Parliament approves Talat Xhaferi as defense minister.
Mayotte: Jacques Witkowski takes office as prefect.

Taiwan: Jiang Yi-huah takes office as premier with his cabinet, unchanged in key portfolios.


Brazil: Former governor of Pará (1995-2003) Almir José de Oliveira Gabriel dies.

Germany: Stephan Weil is elected minister-president of Niedersachsen (69-68).
Grenada: In parliamentary elections, the New National Party wins about 59% of the vote and all 15 seats, defeating the ruling National Democratic Congress (about 41%). Turnout is about 60%. On February 20 Keith Mitchell is sworn in as prime minister.
Pakistan: Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh resigns. Saleem Mandviwalla is sworn in as finance minister.
Tunisia: Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali resigns. On February 22 Interior Minister Ali Larayedh is asked to form a new government.


Indonesia: Former governor of Bengkulu (1994-99) Adjis Ahmad dies.
Poland: In a cabinet reshuffle, Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz is named interior minister (officially appointed February 25).


Barbados: In parliamentary elections, the Democratic Labour Party wins 51.3% of the vote (16 of 30 seats) and the Barbados Labour Party 48.3% (14). On February 28 Prime Minister Freundel Stuart announces his cabinet with no change in key portfolios.
Mexico: Former governor of Coahuila (1981) Francisco José Madero González dies.


Djibouti: In parliamentary elections, the Union for a Presidential Majority wins 61.5% of the vote (49 of 65 seats), the Union for National Salvation 35.6% (16), and the Centre of Unified Democrats 3% (0). Turnout is about 69%.
Kyrgyzstan: Abdylda Suranchiyev is appointed interior minister.


India: In state elections in Meghalaya, the Indian National Congress wins 29 of 60 seats, the United Democratic Party 8, and the Hill State People's Democratic Party 4. In Nagaland, the Naga People's Front wins 38 of 60 seats, the Indian National Congress 8, and the Nationalist Congress Party 4.
Switzerland: Former president of the government of Basel-Land (2011-12) Peter Zwick dies.


Indonesia: In gubernatorial elections in Jawa Barat, incumbent Ahmad Heryawan wins 32.4% of the vote, Rieke Diah Pitaloka 28.4%, Dede Yusuf Macan Effendi 25.2%, and Irianto M.S. Syafiuddin 12.2%.


Australia: Former premier of Western Australia (1982-83) Ray O'Connor dies.
Italy: In parliamentary elections held February 24 and 25, Pier Luigi Bersani's coalition wins 29.5% of the vote for the Chamber of Deputies and 345 of 630 seats (including the Democratic Party 25.4% and 297), Silvio Berlusconi's coalition 29.2% and 125 (including People of Freedom 21.6% and 98), Beppe Grillo's Five Star Movement 25.6% and 109, and Prime Minister Mario Monti's coalition 10.6% and 47; turnout is 75.2%. In the Senate, Bersani's coalition wins 31.6% of the vote and 117 of 315 seats (including Democratic Party 27.4% and 109), Berlusconi's coalition 30.7% and 116 (including People of Freedom 22.3% and 98), the Five Star Movement 23.8% and 54, and Monti 9.1% and 19; turnout is 75.1%. (Vote percentages and turnout figures refer to voters in Italy only, while seat totals also include those elected by Italians abroad.) Results of elections of regional presidents:


Rwanda: Claver Gatete becomes finance minister in a cabinet reshuffle.
Switzerland: Former Landammann of Schwyz (1974-76) Xaver Reichmuth dies.

United States: The Senate confirms Chuck Hagel as defense secretary (58-41). He is sworn in on February 27.


Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Republika Srpska government of Prime Minister Aleksandar Dzombic resigns. Zeljka Cvijanovic is designated as new prime minister.




New Caledonia: Jean-Jacques Brot takes office as high commissioner.
Panama: Fernando Núñez Fábrega takes office as foreign minister following the resignation of Rómulo Roux.
Switzerland: Paolo Beltraminelli becomes president of the Council of State of Ticino.
United States: The Senate confirms Jack Lew as treasury secretary (71-26). He is sworn in on February 28.
Wallis and Futuna: Michel Aubouin is appointed administrator-superior, effective March 30.
Zambia: Foreign Minister Given Lubinda is dismissed and Effron Lungu is sworn in as foreign minister.


Iraq: Finance Minister Rafi al-Issawi announces his resignation.

Russia: Konstantin Ilkovsky is appointed as acting governor of Zabaikalsky kray, effective March 2.