November 2012



The Gambia: Susan Waffa-Ogoo is appointed foreign minister.

Russia: The president of Kabardino-Balkariya, Arsen Kanokov, dismisses the government of Prime Minister Ivan Gerter and nominates Ruslan Khasanov as new prime minister, who later the same day is elected by the parliament of the republic and formally appointed by Kanokov.
Thailand: The new cabinet (see October 27) is sworn in.


Canada: Judith Guichon is sworn in as lieutenant governor of British Columbia.
Czech Republic: Martin Netolický is elected governor of Pardubický kraj. On November 8 Stanislav Misák is reelected as governor of Zlínský kraj. On November 9 Miroslav Novák is elected as governor of Moravskoslezský kraj while Jirí Zimola is reelected as governor of Jihoceský kraj and Jirí Behounek as governor of Kraj Vysocina. On November 19 Lubomír Franc is reelected as governor of Královéhradecký kraj and Milan Chovanec as governor of Plzenský kraj, while Jirí Rozboril is elected as new governor of Olomoucký kraj. On November 20 Josef Rihák is elected as governor of Stredoceský kraj and Oldrich Bubenícek as governor of Ústecký kraj. On November 23 Michal Hasek is reelected as governor of Jihomoravský kraj and Josef Novotný as governor of Karlovarský kraj. On November 27 Martin Puta is elected governor of Liberecký kraj.
Uzbekistan: Former chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Uzbek S.S.R. (1990) Shukurulla Mirsaidov dies.


India: Former governor of Gujarat (2003-04) and Rajasthan (2003-04) Kailashpati Mishra dies.


India: In state assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh, the Indian National Congress wins 36 of 68 seats and the Bharatiya Janata Party 26.

Somalia: Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon announces his government including Fowsiyo Yusuf Haji Adan as foreign minister, Abdihakim Mohamud Haji Faqi as defense minister, Abdikarim Hussein Guled as interior minister, and Mohamud Hassan Suleiman as finance minister. Parliament endorses the cabinet (219-3) on November 13.


Canada: Gérald Tremblay resigns as mayor of Montreal. Jane Cowell-Poitras becomes acting mayor. On November 16 the city council elects Michael Applebaum (independent) as interim mayor; he receives 31 votes against 29 for Richard Deschamps (Union Montreal). Applebaum is sworn in on November 19.
Chile: In a cabinet reshuffle, Rodrigo Hinzpeter becomes defense minister and is replaced as interior minister by Andrés Chadwick.
Indonesia: Constant Karma becomes acting governor of Papua.
Namibia: Former administrator-general of South West Africa (1985-90) Louis Pienaar dies.

The Netherlands: A new cabinet is sworn in with Frans Timmermans as foreign minister, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert as defense minister, Ronald Plasterk as interior minister, and Jeroen Dijsselbloem as finance minister.
Saudi Arabia: King Abdullah appoints Prince Muhammad ibn Nayef as interior minister.



American Samoa: In gubernatorial elections, Lolo Matalasi Moliga wins 33.7% of the vote, Faoa Aitofele Sunia 33.3%, and Afoa Moega Lutu 19.2%. In the runoff on November 20, Moliga wins 52.9% and Sunia 47.1%.
Northern Mariana Islands: In elections to the House of Representatives, independents win 12 of 20 seats, the Republicans 4, and the Covenant Party 4. Of 3 Senate seats up for election, independents win 2 and the Republican Party 1. Turnout is 75.1%.
Palau: In the presidential runoff, Tommy Remengesau defeats incumbent Johnson Toribiong, 59%-41%.
Portugal: Vasco Cordeiro takes office as president of the government of the Azores.
Puerto Rico: In gubernatorial elections, Alejandro García Padilla of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) wins 47.9% of the vote, defeating incumbent Luis Fortuńo of the New Progressive Party (PNP) with 47.0%.

Russia: President Vladimir Putin sacks Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and appoints Sergey Shoigu in his place. Shoigu then resigns as governor of Moscow oblast and Vice Governor Ruslan Tsalikov becomes acting governor until on November 8 Andrey Vorobyov is appointed as acting governor to serve until the next gubernatorial election in September 2013.
electoral mapUnited States: In presidential elections, incumbent Barack Obama (Democrat) wins 51.1% of the vote, taking 26 states and the District of Columbia for a total of 332 electoral votes, while Mitt Romney (Republican) wins 47.2% of the vote and 24 states worth 206 electoral votes; Gary Johnson (Libertarian) wins 1% and Jill Stein (Green) 0.4%. Turnout is about 58%. Elections to 33 of 100 seats in the Senate result in the Democrats keeping control, with 55 seats (including 2 independents caucusing with them) against 45 for the Republicans. In the House of Representatives, Republicans retain a majority with 234 of 435 seats against 201 for the Democrats. Results of gubernatorial elections: Results of mayoral elections:


Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries: Former secretary-general (1981-83) Marc Saturnin Nan Nguema dies.


Italy: Rosario Crocetta takes office as president of Sicilia.
Montenegro: Milo Djukanovic is asked to form a government.
Papua New Guinea: Former premier of New Ireland (1977-86) Robert Seeto dies.
Slovakia: Former prime minister (1989-90) Milan Cic dies.

Turks and Caicos Islands: In parliamentary elections, the Progressive National Party wins 8 of 15 elective seats and the People's Democratic Movement 7. On November 13 Rufus Ewing is sworn in as premier. The cabinet members are sworn in on November 14, with portfolios assigned on November 16, Washington Misick becoming finance minister and Porsha Stubbs-Smith home affairs minister.
United States: CIA Director David Petraeus resigns. Michael Morell becomes acting director.


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Nebojsa Radmanovic becomes chairman of the Presidency.


Falkland Islands: Sir Rex Hunt, former governor (1980-82) and civil commissioner (1982-85), dies.
Nigeria: Former governor of Oyo (1999-2003) Lam Adesina dies.
San Marino: In parliamentary elections, the San Marino Common Good coalition wins 50.7% of the vote (35 of 60 seats), including the Sammarinese Christian Democratic Party/We Sammarinese 29.5% (21), the Party of Socialists and Democrats 14.3% (10), and the Popular Alliance 6.7% (4); the Agreement for the Country coalition wins 22.3% (12), including the Socialist Party 12.1% (7) and Union for the Republic 8.3% (5); the Active Citizenship coalition wins 16.1% (9), including the United Left 9.1% (5) and the Citizens' Movement 6.7% (4); the Network Civic Movement wins 6.3% (4). Turnout is 63.8%. A new government is named on November 29 with Pasquale Valentini as foreign minister, Giancarlo Venturini as interior minister, and Claudio Felici as finance minister.
Slovenia: In the first round of presidential elections, Borut Pahor (Social Democrats) wins 40% of the vote, incumbent Danilo Türk (independent) 35.9%, and Milan Zver (Slovenian Democratic Party) 24.2%. Turnout is 47.8%. The runoff will be held December 2.


Fiji: President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau is reappointed for another 3 years.
Russia: The head of the republic of Karachayevo-Cherkessia, Rashid Temrezov, accepts the resignation of Prime Minister Indris Kyabishev. On November 14 Temrezov nominates Murat Kardanov as new prime minister, who is confirmed by the local parliament on November 15.


Russia: Igor Zotov is approved by the local parliament as prime minister of Kalmykia.


Côte d'Ivoire: President Alassane Ouattara dissolves the government of Prime Minister Jeannot Kouadio-Ahoussou. On November 21 Foreign Minister Daniel Kablan Duncan is named new prime minister. In the new cabinet named on November 22, Duncan is also finance minister, while Charles Koffi Diby becomes foreign minister; Ouattara remains defense minister and Hamed Bakayoko interior minister.


Libya: The cabinet of Prime Minister Ali Zidan is sworn in, but several posts remain vacant, including the interior (Ashur Shwayel having been deemed unsuitable for office by the Transparency and Integrity Commission) and foreign affairs (Ali Aujali still being investigated). On November 25 it is announced that International Cooperation Minister Mohamed Abdulaziz has temporarily taken on the foreign affairs portfolio, and First Deputy Prime Minister Sadiq Abdulkarim Abdulrahman that of interior. On November 27 Aujali is cleared by the commission.


China: Xi Jinping is elected general secretary of the Communist Party.


Sierra Leone: In presidential elections, incumbent Ernest Bai Koroma wins 58.7% of the vote and Julius Maada Bio 37.4%. Turnout is 87.3%. In parliamentary elections, the All People's Congress wins 67 of 124 seats and the Sierra Leone People's Party 42; 12 seats are reserved for paramount chiefs.


Japan: In gubernatorial elections in Tochigi, incumbent Tomikazu Fukuda (supported by the Liberal-Democratic Party and New Komeito) wins 86.6% of the vote and Setsuko Nomura (Japanese Communist Party) 13.4%. Turnout is 33.6%.


Curaçao: Glenn Camelia is named formateur of a new government.
Vanuatu: Sato Kilman is reelected as prime minister, defeating Edward Natapei 29-23. He names Charlot Salwai as finance minister and Toara Daniel Kalo as internal affairs minister; Alfred Carlot remains foreign minister.


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Parliament approves a reshuffled government including Zekerijah Osmic as defense minister.
Ecuador: Carlos Larrea temporarily assumes the defense portfolio following the resignation of Miguel Carvajal. On November 28 María Fernanda Espinosa takes office as new defense minister.
Lithuania: Parliament approves Algirdas Butkevicius as prime minister (90-40).


Curaçao: Governor Frits Goedgedrag's resignation takes effect, leaving Adčle van der Pluijm-Vrede, holder of the permanent post of acting governor (i.e., deputy governor), in charge.


Bolivia: Former president (1978) Juan Pereda Asbún dies.
Spain: In parliamentary elections in Catalonia, Convergence and Union wins 31.1% of the vote (50 of 135 seats), the Republican Left of Catalonia 14.6% (20), the Party of Socialists of Catalonia 13.9% (21), the People's Party of Catalonia 13.2% (19), the Initiative for Catalonia Greens-United and Alternative Left 10% (13), Citizens-Party of the Citizenry 7.7% (9), and Popular Unity Candidature 3.5% (3). Turnout is 69.6%.
Switzerland: Guy Morin is reelected president of the government of Basel-Stadt with 57% of the vote, against 40.1% for Baschi Dürr.


Canada: Former lieutenant governor of Prince Edward Island (1995-2001) Gilbert R. Clements dies.
Senegal: Former foreign minister (1973-78) Assane Seck dies.


Croatia: Former chairman of the Executive Council (1969-71) Dragutin Haramija dies.
Czech Republic: Defense Minister Alexandr Vondra announces his resignation, effective December 7.

Malta: Francis Zammit Dimech is sworn in as foreign minister.
Săo Tomé and Príncipe: Parliament approves (29-0) a censure motion against the government of Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada.
Ukraine: Prime Minister Mykola Azarov resigns.
United States: Former labor secretary (1970-73) James D. Hodgson dies.


Ethiopia: Tedros Adhanom is appointed foreign minister in a cabinet reshuffle.
Germany: Former governing mayor of West Berlin (1967-77) Klaus Schütz dies.
North Korea: Kim Kyok Sik is reported to have replaced Kim Jong Gak as defense minister.


India: Former foreign minister (1989-90, 1996-98) and prime minister (1997-98) Inder Kumar Gujral dies.
Sri Lanka: Former chief minister of Western province (1988-93) Susil Moonesinghe dies.