October 2012


Canada: Judith Guichon is appointed as lieutenant governor of British Columbia.




Georgia: In parliamentary elections, the Georgian Dream coalition wins 54.9% of the vote (85 of 150 seats) and the United National Movement 40.4% (65). Turnout is 59.8%. On October 8, Georgian Dream leader Bidzina Ivanishvili names some members of his proposed cabinet including Maia Panjikidze as foreign minister, Irakli Alasania as defense minister, and Irakli Garibashvili as interior minister. On October 16 Nodar Khaduri is designated as finance minister. On October 17 President Mikheil Saakashvili nominates Ivanishvili as prime minister; on October 25 parliament confirms the new government (88-54). In parliamentary elections in Ajaria on October 1, Georgian Dream wins 57.6% of the vote (13 of 21 seats) and the United National Movement 36.9% (8). On October 28 Avtandil Beridze is elected chairman of the Supreme Council of Ajaria and Archil Khabadze is nominated as prime minister; the parliament approves Khabadze (13-0) on October 30.
Iceland: Katrín Júlíusdóttir becomes finance minister.
Japan: In a cabinet reshuffle, Koriki Jojima becomes finance minister and Shinji Tarutoko interior minister.
Mexico: Graco Ramírez Garrido Abreu takes office as governor of Morelos and Rolando Zapata Bello as governor of Yucatán.


San Marino: Teodoro Lonfernini (Christian Democrat) and Denise Bronzetti (Party of Socialists and Democrats) take office as captains-regent.


South Africa: Naledi Pandor is appointed acting home affairs minister. She is appointed as new home affairs minister on October 3 and sworn in on October 4.
United States: In mayoral elections in Juneau, Merrill Sanford wins 55.5% of the vote and Cheryl Jebe 44.5%. Sanford is sworn in on October 15.


India: Former governor of Sikkim (2001-02) and Goa (2002-04) Kidar Nath Sahani dies.
Libya: Prime Minister-elect Mustafa Abushagur nominates Abdelsalam Jadallah al-Salihin Obeidi as defense minister, Omar al-Aswad as interior minister, and Abdallah Shamia as finance minister; he says the post of foreign minister has yet to be filled and he will act in that capacity for now. Discontent over his nominations causes him to withdraw the government list on October 4. On October 7 he names a new list including Obeidi as defense minister, Ashur Shwayel as interior minister, and Ali Muhammad al-Hibri as finance minister, but parliament rejects it (125-44), amounting to a vote of no confidence in Abushagur. On October 14 Ali Zidan is elected as prime minister with 93 votes, against 85 for Muhammad al-Hashmi al-Hirari. On October 30 Zidan names his proposed cabinet, including Ali Aujali as foreign minister, Muhammad Mahmoud al-Bargathi as defense minister, Ashur Shwayel as interior minister, and Alkilani al-Jazi as finance minister. On October 31 parliament approves the cabinet (105-9).
Swaziland: The parliament passes (42-6) a vote of no confidence in the cabinet of Prime Minister Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini, but withdraws it on October 15.


Zimbabwe: Former foreign minister (1995-2005) Stan Mudenge dies.


Guinea: In a cabinet reshuffle, François Lonseny Fall becomes foreign minister and Mouramani Cissé security minister.


Algeria: Former president (1979-92) Chadli Bendjedid dies.
India: Former governor of Uttar Pradesh (1990-93), Bihar (1991), Orissa (1993-95), and West Bengal (1993) B. Satyanarayan Reddy dies.

Somalia: President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud appoints Abdi Farah Shirdon as prime minister. On October 17 the parliament endorses the appointment (215-0) and he takes office.


India: Former political officer in Sikkim (1974-75) Gurbachan Singh dies.
Monaco: Former minister of state (1972-81) André Saint-Mleux dies.
Venezuela: In presidential elections, incumbent Hugo Chávez wins 55.1% of the vote and Henrique Capriles Radonski 44.3%. Turnout is 80.5%. On October 10 Chávez names Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro as new vice president and on October 13 Néstor Reverol as interior minister; both are sworn in on October 13. On October 29 Adm. Diego Molero is named defense minister.


India: Former governor of Gujarat (2004-09) Nawal Kishore Sharma dies.
Indonesia: Fadjar Panjaitan becomes acting governor of Jakarta following the expiration of Governor Fauzi Bowo's term on October 7. Governor-elect Joko Widodo is sworn in on October 15.

Mozambique: President Armando Guebuza sacks Prime Minister Aires Ali and names Alberto Vaquina as new prime minister. There is no change in key cabinet portfolios.
Tonga: Parliament rejects (13-11) a motion of no confidence in the government of Prime Minister Tu'ivakano.


Jordan: King Abdullah II nominates Abdullah Ensour as prime minister. The new government is sworn in on October 11, Ensour also serving as defense minister, while Awad Khleifat becomes interior minister; Nasser Judeh remains foreign minister and Suleiman Hafez finance minister.


India: Former governor of Kerala (1997-2002) Sukhdev Singh Kang dies.


Lithuania: In the first round of parliamentary elections, the Labour Party wins 20.7% of the vote (17 of the 70 proportional representation seats), the Social Democratic Party 19.2% (15), the Homeland Union 15.7% (13), the Liberals Movement 9% (7), the Way of Courage 8.3% (7), Order and Justice 7.6% (6), and Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania 6.1% (5). Turnout is 52.9%. Only 3 of the 71 constituency seats are allocated in the first round (one each to the Labour Party, Social Democratic Party, and Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania). The 68 remaining seats (except one where the first-round result was declared invalid) are decided in the second round on October 28 (turnout 35.9%), the Social Democrats winning 22 (for a total of 38), the Homeland Union 20 (33), Labour 11 (29), Order and Justice 5 (11), Liberals Movement 3 (10), independents 3 (3), Electoral Action of Poles 2 (8), Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union 1 (1).
Montenegro: In parliamentary elections, the Coalition for a European Montenegro wins 46.3% of the vote (39 of 79 seats), the Democratic Front 23.2% (20), the Socialist People's Party 11.2% (9), Positive Montenegro 8.4% (7), and the Bosniak Party 4.2% (3). Turnout is 72.8%.
Portugal: In parliamentary elections in the Azores, the Socialist Party wins 51.3% of the vote (31 of 57 seats), the Social Democratic Party 34.5% (20), and the Democratic and Social Centre-People's Party 5.9% (3). Turnout is 47.9%.
Russia: Results of gubernatorial elections:


African Union: Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma takes office as chairperson of the Commission.
Cambodia: Former king (1941-55, 1993-2004), prime minister (1945, 1950, 1952-53, 1954, 1955-56, 1956, 1956, 1957, 1958-60, 1961-62), and head of state (1960-70, 1975-76, 1993) Norodom Sihanouk dies.
Canada: The premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, announces his resignation.
France: Former foreign minister (1981-84) Claude Cheysson dies.


Northern Mariana Islands: A resolution to impeach Governor Benigno R. Fitial is defeated in the House of Representatives (9 votes in favour, 10 against; 14 were required).


Cape Verde: In a cabinet reshuffle, Armindo Cipriano Maurício becomes defense minister.


Canada: Former lieutenant governor of Ontario (1985-91) Lincoln Alexander dies.
Curaçao: In parliamentary elections, Sovereign People wins 22.6% of the vote (5 of 21 seats), the Movement for the Future of Curaçao 21.2% (5), the Party of the Real Alternative 19.7% (4), the Party for the Advancement and Social Innovation 17.7% (4), the New Antilles Movement 9.5% (2), and the National People's Party 5.9% (1). Turnout is 74.5%.
Indonesia: Former governor of Jakarta (1987-92) Wiyogo Atmodarminto dies.
Russia: In Kalmykia, the government of Prime Minister Lyudmila Ivanova is dismissed.


Nigeria: In gubernatorial elections in Ondo, incumbent Olusegun Mimiko (Labour Party) wins 43.8% of the vote, Olusola Oke (People's Democratic Party) 26.2%, and Rotimi Akeredolu (Action Congress of Nigeria) 24.2%. Turnout is 38.7%.


Japan: In gubernatorial elections in Niigata, incumbent Hirohiko Izumida wins 90.7% of the vote. Turnout is 44%.
Spain: In parliamentary elections in Galicia, the People's Party wins 45.7% of the vote (41 of 75 seats), the Socialist Party of Galicia 20.5% (18), the Galician Left Alternative 14% (9), and the Galician Nationalist Bloc 10.2% (7). Turnout is 63.8%. In País Vasco/Euskadi, the Basque Nationalist Party wins 34.6% of the vote (27 of 75 seats), Euskal Herria Bildu 25% (21), the Socialist Party of the Basque Country-Basque Country Left 19.1% (16), and the People's Party 11.7% (10). Turnout is 65.8%.


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Parliament votes to dismiss Defense Minister Muhamed Ibrahimovic.
Russia: The president of Bashkortostan, Rustem Khamitov, dismisses the government of Prime Minister Azamat Ilimbetov and assumes the prime minister's responsibilities himself.


Anguilla: Christina Scott is appointed governor, to take office in summer 2013.
Guernsey: Stuart Trought is confirmed as president of the States of Alderney as he is the only candidate for elections which were due on November 3.


Canada: In mayoral elections in Regina, Michael Fougere (42.4% of the vote) defeats Marian Donnelly (31.8%) and Meka Okochi (17.5%). Turnout is 32.5%. Fougere will be sworn in on November 5.
Curaçao: Governor Frits Goedgedrag resigns, effective November 24.


Japan: The governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara, resigns. He leaves office on October 31; Vice-Governor Naoki Inose becomes acting governor.


India: Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna resigns. In a reshuffle on October 28, Salman Khurshid becomes foreign minister.
Solomon Islands: A no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo is defeated (29-0, the opposition being absent).


Thailand: King Bhumibol Adulyadej endorses a reshuffled cabinet including Charupong Ruangsuwan as interior minister.


Italy: In presidential elections in Sicilia, Rosario Crocetta (Democratic Party) wins 30.5% of the vote, Nello Musumeci (People of Freedom) 25.7%, Giancarlo Cancelleri (Five Star Movement) 18.2%, and Gianfranco Miccichè (Great South) 15.4%. Turnout is 47.4%.
Japan: In gubernatorial elections in Okayama, Ryuta Ibaragi wins 60.4% of the vote and Akiko Ichii 31.7%; turnout is 38.6%. In Toyama, incumbent Takakazu Ishii wins 89.8% of the vote and Kanji Kometani 10.2%; turnout is 38.7%.
Ukraine: In parliamentary elections (turnout 58%), the Party of Regions wins 30% of the vote (185 of 450 seats), Fatherland 25.5% (101), the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform 14% (40), the Communist Party 13.2% (32), and Svoboda 10.4% (37); independents win 43 seats. Repeat elections are called in five constituencies.


Italy: The Council of State annuls the regional election in Molise of October 2011.
Kyrgyzstan: Interior Minister Zarylbek Rysaliyev resigns. Shamil Atakhanov is appointed acting interior minister.

Senegal: In a cabinet reshuffle, Mankeur Ndiaye becomes foreign minister and Pathé Seck interior minister.


Vanuatu: In parliamentary elections, the Vanuaaku Pati wins 8 of 52 seats and the People's Progressive Party 6. Turnout is 63.2%.


Congo (Kinshasa): In runoff votes after first rounds on October 28, Jacques Mbadu is elected governor of Bas-Congo, with 17 votes against 11 for Déo Nkusu, and in Orientale, Jean Bamanisa is elected with 48 votes against 45 for Jean Tokole.
United States: Former governor of Maine (1959-67) John H. Reed dies.