November 2011


Argentina: Former governor of Entre Ríos (1983-87, 1999-2003) Sergio Montiel dies.

Barbados: Elliot Belgrave becomes acting governor-general following the retirement of Sir Clifford Husbands.
India: Nabam Tuki is sworn in as chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh.



Madagascar: Prime Minister Omer Beriziky takes office. On November 21 his government is named, including Pierrot Rajaonarivelo as foreign minister; Gen. Lucien Rakotoarimasy remains armed forces minister, Florent Rakotoarisoa interior minister, and Hery Rajaonarimampianina finance minister.


China: Zhu Xiaodan becomes acting governor of Guangdong.
Estonia: Former foreign minister of the Estonian S.S.R. (1962-90) Arnold Green dies.



Greece: Prime Minister Georgios Papandreou wins a confidence vote in parliament (153-145). However, he subsequently agrees to resign in favour of an interim coalition government. On November 10 Loukas Papadimos is named to head it. He is sworn in on November 11, his government including Stavros Dimas as foreign minister, Dimitris Avramopoulos as defense minister, and Tassos Giannitsis as interior minister; Evangelos Venizelos remains finance minister. On November 16 the new government wins a confidence vote (255-38).
Saudi Arabia: Prince Salman is appointed defense minister (sworn in November 6).


Guatemala: In the presidential runoff, Otto Pérez Molina wins 53.7% of the vote and Manuel Baldizón 46.3%.
Italy: Former president of Liguria (1990-92) Giacomo Gualco dies.
Nicaragua: In presidential elections, incumbent Daniel Ortega of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) wins 62.5% of the vote, Fabio Gadea of the Independent Liberal Party (PLI) 31%, and Arnoldo Alemán of the Constitutionalist Liberal Party (PLC) 5.9%. In parliamentary elections, the FSLN wins 60.9% of the vote (63 of 92 seats), the PLI 31.6% (27), and the PLC 6.4% (2).


British Virgin Islands: In parliamentary elections, the National Democratic Party wins 49.4% of the vote (9 of 13 elected seats) and the Virgin Islands Party 42% (4). Turnout is about 75%. On November 9 Orlando Smith is sworn in as premier and finance minister.

Burundi: In a cabinet reshuffle, Laurent Kavakure is appointed foreign minister and Gabriel Nizigama public security minister.
Canada: In parliamentary elections in Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Party wins 64.2% of the vote (49 of 58 seats) and the New Democratic Party 32% (9).

Ukraine: Vitaliy Zakharchenko is appointed interior minister, replacing Anatoliy Mohyliov who on November 8 is approved by the local parliament as prime minister of Crimea.


Cuba: Gen. Leopoldo Cintra Frías is officially appointed defense minister.
Liberia: In the presidential runoff, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf wins about 90% of the vote and Winston Tubman, who called for a boycott of the vote, about 9%. Turnout is about 33%.
United States: In gubernatorial elections in Kentucky, incumbent Steve Beshear (Democrat) wins 55.6% of the vote, David Williams (Republican) 35.4%, and Gatewood Galbraith (independent) 9%. In Mississippi, Phil Bryant (Rep.) defeats Johnny DuPree (Dem.), 61%-39%. Results of mayoral elections:


Iceland: Former foreign minister (1986-87) Matthías Á. Mathiesen dies.
Indonesia: In gubernatorial elections in Papua Barat, Abraham O. Atururi wins 43.8% of the vote, defeating Dominggus Mandacan (32.9%) and Wahidin Puarada (21.7%).


Japan: Masanao Ozaki wins another term as governor of Kochi as no contender files a candidacy for the gubernatorial election scheduled for November 27.


Nauru: President Marcus Stephen resigns. Frederick Pitcher is elected in his place, defeating Milton Dube by 9 votes to 8. Mathew Batsiua becomes foreign minister. On November 15, however, parliament votes 9-8 to remove Pitcher, who is replaced by Sprent Dabwido. In his cabinet named on November 16, Dabwido himself is foreign and home affairs minister and David Adeang finance minister.

Solomon Islands: Finance Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo is dismissed. On November 11 Prime Minister Danny Philip resigns. On November 16 Lilo is elected prime minister, defeating Milner Tozaka by 29 votes to 20. On November 21 Rick Hou is appointed and sworn in as finance minister. Lilo completes his cabinet on November 22, Foreign Minister Peter Shanel Agovaka and Home Affairs Minister Manasseh Maelanga being confirmed in their posts.


Ireland: Michael D. Higgins is inaugurated as president.
Mexico: Interior Minister Francisco Blake Mora dies in a helicopter crash. Juan Marcos Gutiérrez becomes acting interior minister. On November 17 Alejandro Poiré is appointed as interior minister.
Norway: In a government reshuffle, Espen Barth Eide becomes defense minister.
Sweden: Former governor of Västmanland (1985-89) Karl-Lennart Uggla dies.



Italy: Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi resigns. On November 13 President Giorgio Napolitano asks Mario Monti to form a new government. On November 16 Monti is sworn in as prime minister with a cabinet including himself as economy and finance minister, Giulio Terzi as foreign minister, Adm. Giampaolo Di Paola as defense minister, and Anna Maria Cancellieri as interior minister. The government wins votes of confidence in the Senate (281-25) on November 17 and in the Chamber of Deputies (556-61) on November 18.


Georgia: In presidential elections in South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov wins 24.9% of the vote, Alla Dzhioyeva 24.8%, Vadim Tskhovrebov 9.9%, Alan Kotayev 9.7%, and Dmitry Tasoyev 9.5%. A runoff is held on November 27. According to incomplete results, Dzhioyeva won 56.7% of the vote and Bibilov 40%, but on November 29 the Supreme Court of South Ossetia declares the poll invalid. The parliament then calls new elections for March 25, 2012.
Mexico: In gubernatorial elections in Michoacán, Fausto Vallejo Figueroa (Institutional Revolutionary Party) wins 36.5% of the vote, Luisa María Calderón (National Action Party) 33.7%, and Silvano Aureoles Conejo (Party of the Democratic Revolution) 29.8%.
Norway: Former governor of Finnmark (1974-89) Anders Aune dies.
United States: Earl Ray Tomblin is sworn in as governor of West Virginia.


Faeroe Islands: A new government is formed with Prime Minister Kaj Leo Johannesen also holding the foreign affairs portfolio, while Jørgen Niclasen is finance minister and Kári P. Højgaard interior minister.
Jamaica: Former foreign minister (1989-93) David Coore dies.

Jersey: Ian Gorst is elected chief minister, defeating Sir Philip Bailhache by 27 votes to 24. He takes office on November 18.
Kyrgyzstan: Almazbek Atambayev resumes his duties as prime minister.
Moldova: The registration deadline expires with no candidates, so the presidential election scheduled for November 18 will not be held. If the parliament fails a second time to elect a president, early parliamentary elections will be called.


Ecuador: Former foreign minister (1984-87) Édgar Terán Terán dies.


Indonesia: In gubernatorial elections in Gorontalo, Rusli Habibie wins 53.3% of the vote, incumbent Gusnar Ismail 37%, and David Bobihoe 9.7%.
Saint-Barthélemy/Saint-Martin: Philippe Chopin is named prefect of both territories.
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon: Patrice Latron is named prefect.
South Africa: Former administrator of Transvaal (1966-79) Sybrand van Niekerk dies.


Poland: Prime Minister Donald Tusk's new cabinet is sworn in with Jacek Cichocki as interior minister, other key ministries being unchanged.


Canada: In mayoral elections in Vancouver, incumbent Gregor Robertson defeats Suzanne Anton, 57%-43%.


Spain: In parliamentary elections, the People's Party wins 44.6% of the vote (186 of 350 seats), the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party 28.7% (110), the United Left 6.9% (11), Union, Progress, and Democracy 4.7% (5), Convergence and Unity 4.2% (16), Amaiur 1.4% (7), and the Basque Nationalist Party 1.3% (5). Turnout is 71.7%.


Belgium: Elio Di Rupo asks King Albert II to be relieved of the task of forming a new cabinet. On November 23 the king asks Di Rupo to continue his mission.
Egypt: The government of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf resigns. The resignation is accepted on November 22. On November 24 Kamal Ganzouri is asked to form a new government.
Marshall Islands: In parliamentary elections, 33 nonpartisan members are elected. Turnout is about 51%.


El Salvador: Gen. José Atilio Benítez is sworn in as defense minister.

Finland: Camilla Gunell (Social Democrat) is appointed lantråd of the Åland Islands. She is sworn in on November 25.


Bin Hayal
Libya: Prime Minister Abdel Rahim al-Kib's government is named with Ashour Bin Hayal as foreign minister, Osama al-Juwali as defense minister, Fawzi Abdelali as interior minister, and Hassan Ziklam as finance minister. It is sworn in on November 24.
Mexico: Former governor of San Luis Potosí (1979-85) Carlos Jonguitud Barrios dies.


Colombia: Former foreign minister (1990-91) Luis Fernando Jaramillo Correa dies.
Slovakia: Defense Minister Lubomír Galko is dismissed. Róbert Ondrejcsák becomes acting defense minister. On November 28 Prime Minister Iveta Radicová takes over the portfolio.
Tunisia: Prime Minister Béji Caïd Essebsi tenders his resignation, which is accepted by Interim President Fouad Mebazaa.


Argentina: Former governor of Tucumán (1976-77, 1995-99) Antonio Domingo Bussi dies.
French Polynesia: Former high commissioner (1985-86) Bernard Gérard dies.
The Gambia: In presidential elections, incumbent Yahya Jammeh wins 71.5% of the vote, Ousainou Darboe 17.4%, and Hamat Bah 11.1%.


Morocco: In parliamentary elections, the Justice and Development Party wins 107 of 395 seats, Istiqlal 60, the National Rally of Independents 52, the Authenticity and Modernity Party 47, the Socialist Union of Popular Forces 39, the Popular Movement 32, the Constitutional Union 23, and the Party of Progress and Socialism 18. Turnout is 45.4%. On November 29 Abdelilah Benkirane of the Justice and Development Party is appointed and sworn in as prime minister.


Japan: Former governor of Chiba (1981-2001) Takeshi Numata dies.
New Zealand: In parliamentary elections, the National Party wins 48% of the vote (60 of 121 seats), the Labour Party 27.1% (34), the Green Party 10.6% (13), New Zealand First 6.8% (8), and the Maori Party 1.4% (3). Turnout is 73.8%.
Nigeria: Former governor of Eastern Region (1966-67) and president of breakaway Biafra (1967-70) Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu dies.


Japan: In gubernatorial elections in Osaka, Ichiro Matsui wins 54.7% of the vote and Kaoru Kurata 32.8%. Turnout is 52.9%.
Yemen: Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi (acting for President Ali Abdullah Saleh following a power-transfer agreement signed on November 23) designates Muhammad Salim Basindwah as prime minister.


Congo (Kinshasa): In presidential elections, incumbent Joseph Kabila wins 49% of the vote and Étienne Tshisekedi 32.3%.
Croatia: Former chairman of the Executive Council (1980-86) and president of the Presidency (1986-88) Ante Markovic (also premier of Yugoslavia 1989-91) dies.
Guyana: In presidential and parliamentary elections, the People's Progressive Party/Civic, led by Donald Ramotar, wins 48.6% of the vote (32 of 65 seats), A Partnership for National Unity, led by David Granger, 40% (26), and the Alliance for Change, led by Khemraj Ramjattan, 10.3% (7). Turnout is 72.9%.
Kuwait: The government of Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Muhammad Al Ahmad Al Sabah resigns. The emir accepts the resignation and on November 30 appoints Sheikh Jabir Mubarak Al Hamad Al Sabah as prime minister.
Saint Lucia: In parliamentary elections, the St. Lucia Labour Party wins 51% of the vote (11 of 17 seats) and the United Workers Party 47% (6). Turnout is 56.3%. On November 30 Kenny Anthony is sworn in as prime minister.


Trinidad and Tobago: Former foreign minister (1975-76) Cuthbert Joseph dies.


United States: Former Mississippi governor (1972-76) William Waller dies.