September 2010


Russia: The parliament of Kabardino-Balkariya confirms Arsen Kanokov as president of the republic (53-0).


Romania: Prime Minister Emil Boc announces a cabinet reshuffle. Gheorghe Ialomitianu is nominated as finance minister; he is sworn in September 3.


Australia: Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner resigns. Wayne Swan becomes acting finance minister until a new government is formed.


South Korea: Foreign Minister Yu Myung Hwan offers his resignation.


Nepal: Parliament fails for the sixth time to elect a prime minister when Pushpa Kamal Dahal receives 240 votes in favour, with 101 against and 163 abstentions. Ram Chandra Poudel receives 122 votes in favour, 242 against, and 172 abstentions. On September 7, the seventh round of voting is also inconclusive (Dahal 252-110-159, Poudel 119-245-151), as is the eighth on September 26 (Poudel 116-2-71, Dahal having withdrawn) and the ninth on September 30 (Poudel 105-2-61).


Mexico: Former governor of Hidalgo (1981-87) Guillermo Rossell de la Lama dies.


Brazil: Former governor of Sergipe (1951-55) Arnaldo Rollemberg Garcez dies.
Greece: In a cabinet reshuffle, Dimitrios Droutsas becomes foreign minister.
Netherlands Antilles: Frits Goedgedrag is appointed as governor of Curaçao and Eugene Holiday as governor of Sint Maarten. They will take office on October 10, when the Netherlands Antilles will be dissolved and Curaçao and Sint Maarten become autonomous countries. In parliamentary elections in Sint Maarten on September 17, the National Alliance wins 45.9% of the vote (7 of 15 seats), the United People's Party 36.1% (6), and the Democratic Party 17.1% (2). Turnout is 71.5%. On September 23 the Democratic Party and United People's Party agree to form a coalition government, with Sarah Wescot-Williams (Democratic Party) to become prime minister. Meanwhile, on September 4, the Movement for the Future of Curaçao, the Sovereign People, and the New Antilles Movement agreed to form a coalition government in Curaçao with Gerrit Schotte (Movement for the Future of Curaçao) to become prime minister.


Czech Republic: Milada Emmerová steps down as governor of Plzenský kraj. She is replaced by Milan Chovanec.
India: President's rule in Jharkhand is lifted and Arjun Munda is asked to form a cabinet. Munda is sworn in as chief minister on September 11. On September 14 his government wins a confidence vote in the state parliament (45-30).


Russia: President Dmitry Medvedev appoints Viktor Tolokonsky as his plenipotentiary in the Sibirsky federal district. To replace Tolokonsky as governor of Novosibirsk oblast, Medvedev appoints Vasily Yurchenko as acting governor. On September 18 Medvedev nominates Yurchenko as governor. On September 22 Yurchenko is confirmed by the local Council (72-13) and sworn in.


Australia: Prime Minister Julia Gillard announces her new government (sworn in September 14) with Kevin Rudd as foreign minister, Stephen Smith as defense minister, and Penny Wong as finance minister; Wayne Swan remains treasurer and Brendan O'Connor home affairs minister.
Senegal: Bécaye Diop becomes defense minister and Ousmane Ngom interior minister in a cabinet reshuffle.


Kyrgyzstan: Zarylbek Rysaliyev is appointed interior minister.
Mexico: Miguel Alonso Reyes takes office as governor of Zacatecas.
Turkey: Former foreign minister (1971) Osman Olcay dies.


Malaysia: Muhammad Faris Petra is proclaimed sultan of Kelantan. In accordance with a recent amendment to the state constitution, he replaces his father Ismail Petra who has been incapacitated for more than a year.

Peru: Prime Minister Javier Velásquez resigns. On September 14, José Antonio Chang is appointed as prime minister and sworn in with his cabinet including Jaime Thorne as defense minister, Fernando Barrios as interior minister, and Ismael Benavides as finance minister; José Antonio García Belaúnde remains foreign minister.


Albania: In a cabinet reshuffle, Edmond Haxhinasto is nominated foreign minister. He is confirmed by parliament on September 16 and sworn in on September 17.


Mauritius: Vice President Angidi Chettiar dies.
Mexico: Jorge Herrera Caldera takes office as governor of Durango.
Pakistan: The governor of Gilgit-Baltistan, Shama Khalid, dies. Wazir Baig becomes acting governor.
Saint Helena: Sean Burns is sworn in as administrator of Tristan da Cunha.


South Korea: President Lee Myung Bak designates Kim Hwang Sik as prime minister.
Niue: Mark Blumsky is named as the next high commissioner.
Tuvalu: In parliamentary elections, 10 of the 15 members are reelected, including Prime Minister Apisai Ielemia. On September 29, however, Maatia Toafa is declared prime minister, having secured 8 votes against 7 for Kausea Natano. A new cabinet is appointed the same day with Enele Sopoaga as foreign minister and Monise Laafai as finance minister; Willy Telavi remains home affairs minister.


Japan: In a cabinet reshuffle, Seiji Maehara becomes foreign minister and Yoshihiro Katayama internal affairs minister.


Afghanistan: Elections are held to the 249-seat parliament. There are no parties. Turnout is less than 40%.
United States: Peter Carlisle is elected mayor of Honolulu with 40.8% of the vote, while Acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell wins 36.6% and Panos Prevedouros 19.1%.


Sweden: In parliamentary elections, the Social Democrats win 30.7% of the vote (112 of 349 seats), the Moderate Party 30.1% (107), the Greens 7.3% (25), the Liberals 7.1% (24), the Centre Party 6.6% (23), the Sweden Democrats 5.7% (20), the Christian Democrats 5.6% (19), and the Left Party 5.6% (19). Turnout is 84.6%.
Zambia: Former foreign minister (1976-78) Siteke Mwale dies.


Indonesia: Sinyo Harry Sarundajang is sworn in as governor of Sulawesi Utara.


Russia: President Dmitry Medvedev nominates Aleksey Orlov as head of the republic of Kalmykia. The local parliament confirms Orlov (21-0) on September 28.
Somalia: Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke resigns. On September 24 Abdiwahid Elmi Gonjeh is named acting prime minister.


Switzerland: Simonetta Sommaruga and Johann Schneider-Ammann are elected to the cabinet in place of Moritz Leuenberger and Hans-Rudolf Merz. In a reshuffle of portfolios on September 27, Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf is designated finance minister. The changes are to take effect in November.


Saint Lucia: Sir Vincent Floissac, former acting governor-general (1987-88), dies.


Austria: In parliamentary elections in Steiermark, the Social Democratic Party wins 38.3% of the vote (23 of 56 seats), the Austrian People's Party 37.2% (22), the Freedom Party 10.7% (6), the Greens 5.6% (3), and the Communist Party 4.4% (2). Turnout is 69.5%.
Venezuela: In parliamentary elections, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela wins 48.2% of the vote (96 of 165 seats), the Democratic Unity coalition 47.2% (64), and Fatherland for All 3.1% (2); 3 seats are reserved for indigenous peoples. Turnout is 66.4%.


Angola: Interior Minister Roberto Leal Monteiro is removed from office.
Canada: In parliamentary elections in New Brunswick, the Progressive Conservative Party wins 48.9% of the vote (42 of 55 seats), the Liberal Party 34.4% (13), and the New Democratic Party 10.4% (0). Turnout is 71.5%.
Congo (Kinshasa): Dominique Sakombi Inongo, former governor of Kinshasa (1976-78), dies.
Egypt: Former foreign minister (2001-04) Ahmed Maher dies.
Kosovo: President Fatmir Sejdiu resigns. The speaker of parliament, Jakup Krasniqi, becomes acting president.
Romania: Interior Minister Vasile Blaga resigns. Traian Igas is sworn in to succeed him.


Russia: President Dmitry Medvedev dismisses the mayor of Moscow, Yury Luzhkov, and appoints Vladimir Resin as acting mayor.

Russia: Nikolay Tsukanov is inaugurated as governor of Kaliningrad oblast.


China: Xu Shousheng is elected governor of Hunan.
Italy: Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi wins a confidence vote in the Chamber of Deputies (342-275).


Barbados: In a cabinet reshuffle (effective October 4), Christopher Sinckler is appointed as finance minister.
Brazil: Former governor of Pernambuco (1959-63) Cid Feijó Sampaio dies.
French Polynesia: Former high commissioner (2001-05) Michel Mathieu (also high commissioner of New Caledonia 2005-07) dies.