October 2007




Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Republika Srpska parliament appoints Igor Radojicic as interim president.
Canada: Steven Point is sworn in as lieutenant governor of British Columbia.
Canada: In parliamentary elections in the Northwest Territories, 16 independent candidates are elected in addition to 3 other independent candidates already chosen by acclamation on September 7 (for a total of 19 seats). Turnout is 56.2%. Premier Joe Handley did not run in the election. On October 17 the Territorial Assembly elects Floyd Roland as premier, defeating Michael Miltenberger. Roland takes office October 18.


San Marino: Mirco Tomassoni (Party of Socialists and Democrats) and Alberto Selva (Popular Alliance) are installed as captains-regent.
United States: Gordon H. Mansfield becomes acting secretary of veterans affairs. On October 30 James Peake is nominated as new secretary.


India: Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy of Karnataka postpones his resignation previously scheduled for October 3. He finally resigns on October 8. On October 9 president's rule is imposed in the state.
Thailand: Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont takes up the interior portfolio.


Mali: The composition of Prime Minister Modibo Sidibé's government is announced, with Natié Pléa as defense minister and Gen. Sadio Gassama as internal security minister.
Romania: The government of Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu survives a no-confidence motion in parliament (220 votes for; 152 against; 232 were required to adopt the motion).
Switzerland: Former president of the government of Schaffhausen (1988, 1992, 1997, 2001) Hermann Keller dies.



Russia: Oleg Antosenko becomes acting plenipotentiary of the president in Dalnevostochny federal district. On October 30 Oleg Safonov is appointed as new plenipotentiary.
Sri Lanka: The governor of North Western province, Dharmadasa Wanniarachchi, dies. On October 6 Tissa Reginald Balalla becomes governor.


India: Former chief minister of Maharashtra (1982-83) Babasaheb Bhosale dies.
Pakistan: Pervez Musharraf is reelected president by federal and provincial lawmakers (1,170 in total), winning 671 votes against 8 for Wajihuddin Ahmed; 6 votes are invalid.

Russia: Grigory Rapota becomes plenipotentiary of the president in Yuzhny federal district.


Congo (Brazzaville): Former prime minister (1992) Stéphane Maurice Bongho-Nouarra dies.
Indonesia: Fauzi Bowo is sworn in as governor of Jakarta.


Central African Republic: Emmanuel Bizot is named finance minister in a cabinet reshuffle.
France: Former president of the Regional Council of Poitou-Charentes (1982-85) Raoul Cartraud dies.
Kuwait: Former foreign minister (1991-92) Sheikh Salim Al Sabah Al Salim Al Sabah dies.

Sierra Leone: President Ernest Bai Koroma names a partial cabinet, including Zainab Bangura as foreign minister and David Carew as finance minister. On October 13 Koroma makes additional nominations, including Dauda Kamara as internal affairs minister and Alfred Palo Conteh as defense minister. Carew and Bangura are approved by parliament on October 17; Carew is sworn in on October 18 while Bangura takes office October 23.
Turkmenistan: Interior Minister Khojamyrat Annagurbanov is dismissed and Orazgeldy Amanmuradov is appointed in his place.


Canada: In parliamentary elections in Newfoundland and Labrador, the Progressive Conservative Party wins 69.7% of the vote (43 of 48 seats), the Liberal Party 22% (3), and the New Democratic Party 8.2% (1). Turnout is 61.7%.
Ethiopia: Girma Wolde-Giorgis is reelected as president, defeating Beyene Petros 430-88 in parliament.

Germany: The Landtag of Bayern elects Günther Beckstein as minister-president.


Canada: In parliamentary elections in Ontario, the Liberal Party wins 42.2% of the vote (71 of 107 seats), the Progressive Conservative Party 31.6% (26), the New Democratic Party 16.8% (10), and the Greens 8% (0). Turnout is 52.7%.
India: Former chief minister of Karnataka (1988-89) S.R. Bommai dies.


Gibraltar: In parliamentary elections, the Gibraltar Social Democrats win 49.3% of the vote (10 of 17 seats), the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party 31.8% (4), the Gibraltar Liberal Party 13.6% (3), and the Progressive Democratic Party 3.7% (0). Turnout is 81.4%.
Guadeloupe: Emmanuel Berthier is appointed to replace Jean-Jacques Brot as prefect. Brot leaves the island on October 28, and Yvon Alain becomes acting prefect.
Pakistan: Shamsul Mulk is sworn in as chief minister of North-West Frontier Province.
Paraguay: Vice President Luis Castiglioni resigns in order to contest presidential elections in 2008.


Thein Sein
Myanmar: Prime Minister Soe Win dies. Acting Prime Minister Thein Sein is appointed prime minister on October 24.


Côte d'Ivoire: Former foreign minister (1966-77) Arsène Assouan Usher dies.
Russia: President Vladimir Putin nominates incumbent Nikolay Denin as governor of Bryansk oblast. Denin is confirmed by the local Duma (53-6) on October 18.
Turks and Caicos Islands: Former governor (2002-05) Jim Poston dies.


New Caledonia: The resignation of High Commissioner Michel Mathieu is announced. On October 25 Yves Dassonville is appointed as high commissioner.
Togo: In parliamentary elections, the Rally for the Togolese People wins 32.7% of the vote (50 of 81 seats), the Union of Forces for Change 30.8% (27), and the Action Committee for Renewal 6.8% (4). Turnout is 94.8%.


Fassi Fihri
Morocco: The composition of the cabinet of Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi is announced with Taieb Fassi Fihri as foreign minister and Salaheddine Mezouar as finance minister; Chakib Benmoussa remains interior minister.
Paraguay: Libio Florentín Bogado is sworn in as interior minister.


Dominica: A cabinet reshuffle is announced (to be effective October 22), with Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit becoming foreign minister and Rayburn Blackmoore national security minister.
Guinea-Bissau: Interior Minister Baciro Dabó is dismissed and replaced by Certorio Biote.
Pakistan: Former chief minister of North-West Frontier Province (1985-88) Arbab Mohammad Jehangir Khan dies.

The Sudan: In a cabinet reshuffle, Deng Alor is appointed foreign minister.


Kiribati: In presidential elections, incumbent Anote Tong wins about 65% of the vote and Nabuti Mwemwenikarawa about 33%. Turnout is about 50%. In the new cabinet sworn in on October 23, Natan Teewe becomes finance minister; Tong remains foreign minister and Amberoti Nikora internal affairs minister.


Latvia: Foreign Minister Artis Pabriks announces his resignation. Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis accepts it on October 22. Pabriks is to remain in office for one week; thereafter Helena Demakova is to become acting foreign minister. On October 23 Kalvitis survives a no-confidence vote, which is defeated 56-38.


Andorra: Former head of government (1984-90) Josep Pintat-Solans dies.
France: Former president of the Regional Council of Centre (1985-98) Maurice Dousset dies.
United States: Bobby Jindal (Republican) is elected governor of Louisiana, winning 54% of the vote in an open primary, defeating Walter J. Boasso (Democrat) with 17%, John Georges (independent) with 14%, and Foster Campbell (Democrat) with 12%.


Finland: In parliamentary elections in the Åland autonomous region, the Liberals of Åland wins 32.6% of the vote (10 of 30 seats), the Åland Centre 24.2% (8), the Independent Rally 12.3% (4), the Åland Social Democrats 11.8% (3), the Freeminded Cooperation 9.6% (3), and Åland's Future 8.3% (2). Turnout is 67.8%.
Poland: In parliamentary elections, the Civic Platform wins 41.5% of the vote (209 of 460 seats), Law and Justice 32.1% (166), the Left and Democrats 13.2% (53), and the Polish Peasant Party 8.9% (31). Turnout is 53.9%.
Slovenia: In presidential elections, Lojze Peterle wins 28.5% of the vote, Danilo Türk 24.5%, Mitja Gaspari 24.1%, and Zmago Jelincic 19.3%. A runoff will be held November 11.
Switzerland: In parliamentary elections, the Swiss People's Party wins 29% of the vote (62 of 200 seats), the Social Democratic Party 19.5% (43), the Liberal-Democratic Party 15.6% (31), the Christian Democratic People's Party 14.6% (31), and the Green Party 9.6% (20). Turnout is 48.9%.


Lebanon: The meeting of parliament to elect a president, scheduled for October 23, is postponed to November 12.


Canada: The government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper wins a confidence vote in parliament (126-79). It wins another on October 31 (127-76).
Kyrgyzstan: Prime Minister Almazbek Atambayev and his cabinet resign.

Russia: President Vladimir Putin nominates Igor Slyunyayev as governor of Kostroma oblast. On October 25 Slyunyayev is confirmed by the local Duma (34-0) and sworn in.


India: Sudarshan Agarwal is sworn in as governor of Sikkim.
Mongolia: Former prime minister (1992-96) Puntsagiyn Jasray dies.
Nigeria: The Supreme Court invalidates the election of the governor of Rivers, Celestine Omehia, and orders the installation of Rotimi Amaechi as the new governor. He is sworn in on October 26.


Madagascar: A new government is named, including Cécile Manorohanta as defense minister and Hajanirina Razafinjatovo as finance minister.
Malaysia: Former chief minister of Johor (1967-82) Tan Sri Othman Saat dies.
Oman: Elections are held to the 84-seat Majlis al-Shura. No political parties are allowed.


Argentina: Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (Front for Victory Alliance) wins presidential elections with about 45% of the vote, followed by Elisa Carrió (Affirmation for an Egalitarian Republic, within the Civic Coalition Confederation) with about 23%, Roberto Lavagna (An Advanced Nation alliance) with about 17%, and Alberto Rodríguez Saá (Justice, Union, and Liberty Front Alliance) with about 8%. Turnout is over 71%. In elections to 130 of the 257 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 24 of 72 in the Senate, the Front for Victory Alliance increases its majorities in both chambers. Results of gubernatorial elections: Kuwait: In a cabinet reshuffle, Jabir Khalid Al Jabir Al Sabah becomes interior minister and Mustafa Jassem al-Shamali finance minister.
Saint Helena: Governor Michael Clancy departs. The next day Chief Secretary Martin Hallam is sworn in as acting governor.


India: B.L. Joshi is sworn in as governor of Uttarakhand. He is replaced as governor of Meghalaya by Shivinder Singh Sidhu, who takes the charge in addition to his post as governor of Manipur.
Somalia: Prime Minister Ali Muhammad Ghedi resigns. Salim Aliyow Ibrow becomes acting prime minister.
United States: Former governor of Connecticut (1971-75) Thomas J. Meskill dies.


Argentina: Former foreign minister (1962-63) Carlos Manuel Muñiz dies.
Turkey: Former acting prime minister (1993) and foreign minister (1995) Erdal Inönü dies.
United States: President George W. Bush nominates Edward T. Schafer as agriculture secretary.