September 2005



African Development Bank: Donald Kaberuka takes office as president.
Kyrgyzstan: Parliament approves Feliks Kulov as prime minister (55-8). On September 26 President Kurmanbek Bakiyev nominates a cabinet, retaining Roza Otunbayeva as foreign minister, Ismail Isakov as defense minister, Murat Sutalinov as interior minister, and Akylbek Japarov as finance minister. Parliament debates on the cabinet on September 27, approving some ministers but rejecting others including Otunbayeva. Alikbek Jekshenkulov is nominated as foreign minister on September 29 and approved on September 30. On the latter day Bakiyev signs the decrees appointing the new ministers.

Suriname: The new cabinet takes office with Lygia Kraag-Keteldijk as foreign minister, Ivan Fernald as defense minister, and Maurits Hassankhan as interior minister. Humphrey Hildenberg remains finance minister.

World Trade Organization: Pascal Lamy takes office as director-general.


Albania: President Alfred Moisiu asks Sali Berisha to form a government. On September 5 Berisha names a cabinet including Besnik Mustafaj as foreign minister, Fatmir Mediu as defense minister, Sokol Olldashi as interior minister, and Ridvan Bode as finance minister. Moisiu approves the cabinet on September 7 and it is confirmed in parliament (84-53) on September 10 and sworn in on September 11.


Bhutan: Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup takes over as prime minister from Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba.
Indonesia: The governor of Sumatera Utara, Rizal Nurdin, and his predecessor (1988-98), Raja Inal Siregar, die in a plane crash. Deputy Governor Rudolf Pardede is appointed acting governor. He is confirmed as acting governor, to serve for the remainder of Nurdin's term, on September 24.


Dominica: Former prime minister (1980-95) Dame Eugenia Charles dies.
Egypt: In presidential elections, incumbent Hosni Mubarak is reelected with 88.6% of the votes against 7.6% for Ayman Nour and 2.9% for Noaman Gomaa. Turnout is 23%.
Sierra Leone: In a government reshuffle, John Benjamin replaces Joseph Dauda as finance minister and Pascal Egbenda replaces George Banda Thomas as interior minister.


Russia: President Vladimir Putin nominates incumbent Bair Zhamsuyev as head of the administration of Agin-Buryat autonomous okrug. Zhamsuyev is confirmed by the local Duma on September 15 (14-0).


Ecuador: Interior Minister Mauricio Gándara resigns. Oswaldo Molestina replaces him.
Finland: Eero Heinäluoma is named to replace Antti Kalliomäki as finance minister. He takes office September 23.

Russia: Aleksandr Tishanin takes office as governor of Irkutsk oblast.

Ukraine: President Viktor Yushchenko dismisses Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko and appoints Yuriy Yekhanurov acting prime minister. On September 20 the parliament rejects Yekhanurov, who wins 223 votes, three less than necessary. Nominated a second time, Yekhanurov is approved with 289 votes on September 22. Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk and Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko are reappointed on September 27, Finance Minister Viktor Pynzenyk on September 29, and Defense Minister Anatoliy Hrytsenko on September 30.


Serbia and Montenegro: Defense Minister Prvoslav Davinic resigns.


Cook Islands: Prime Minister Jim Marurai sacks Foreign Minister Tom Marsters.


Japan: In parliamentary elections, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's Liberal-Democratic Party wins 38.2% of the vote (296 of 480 seats), the Democratic Party 31% (113), the New Komeito Party 13.3% (31), the Japanese Communist Party 7.3% (9), and the Social Democratic Party 5.5% (7). Turnout is 67.5%.
Morocco: Former prime minister and foreign minister (1958-60) Abdallah Ibrahim dies.


Norway: In parliamentary elections, the Labour Party wins 32.7% of the vote (61 of 169 seats), the Progress Party 22.1% (38), the Conservative Party 14.1% (23), the Socialist Left Party 8.8% (15), the Christian People's Party 6.8% (11), the Centre Party 6.5% (11), the Liberal Party 5.9% (10), and the Red Electoral Alliance 1.2% (0). Turnout is 77.1%.


Colombia: Former president (1978-82) Julio César Turbay Ayala dies.


Italy: Former president of Trento (1952-56) Remo Albertini dies.


Mexico: Enrique Peña Nieto takes office as governor of México.


Russia: The president of Kabardino-Balkariya, Valery Kokov, resigns. On September 27 President Vladimir Putin nominates Arsen Kanokov as president of Kabardino-Balkariya. On September 28 the local parliament approves Kokov's resignation and confirms Kanokov as president (105-0), who is then sworn in. Gennady Gubin is confirmed as prime minister.
Russia: President Vladimir Putin nominates Georgy Boos as governor of Kaliningrad oblast. On the same day Boos is confirmed by the local Duma (27-2). He is to take office November 19 when the term of Governor Vladimir Yegorov ends. On September 19, however, Yegorov agrees to leave office early. Boos takes office September 28.


New Zealand: In parliamentary elections, the Labour Party wins 41.1% of the vote (50 of 121 seats), the National Party 39.1% (48), the New Zealand First Party 5.7% (7), the Green Party 5.3% (6), United Future New Zealand 2.7% (3), the Maori Party 2.1% (4), ACT New Zealand 1.5% (2), and Jim Anderton's Progressive 1.2% (1). Turnout is 80.9%.


Afghanistan: Elections are held to the 249-seat parliament. There are no parties. Turnout is just above 50%.
Germany: In parliamentary elections, the Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union wins 35.2% of the vote (226 of 614 seats), the Social Democratic Party 34.2% (222), the Free Democratic Party 9.8% (61), the Left Party 8.7% (54), and the Greens 8.1% (51). Turnout is 77.7%.


Mexico: Ney González Sánchez takes office as governor of Nayarit.


The Sudan: A national unity government is formed with Lam Akol as foreign minister, Maj.Gen. Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein as defense minister, Al-Zubair Bashir Taha as interior minister, and Al-Zubair Ahmed Hassan remaining finance minister.

Ukraine: The prime minister of Crimea, Anatoliy Matvienko, resigns. On September 23 Anatoliy Burdyugov is appointed prime minister.


Mexico: Former Guanajuato governor (1999-2000) Ramón Martín Huerta is killed in a helicopter crash.


Italy: Economy and Finance Minister Domenico Siniscalco resigns. Giulio Tremonti replaces him on the same day.


Aruba: In parliamentary elections, Prime Minister Nelson Oduber's People's Electoral Movement wins 42.3% of the vote (11 of 21 seats), the Aruban People's Party 32.2% (8), the Patriotic Movement of Aruba 7% (1), and the Democratic Network 6.4% (1). Turnout is about 85%.
Dominican Republic: Former foreign minister (1967-70) Fernando Amiama Tió dies.


China: In parliamentary elections in Macau, the New Democratic Macau Association wins 18.2% of the votes (2 of 12 elected seats), the Macau United Citizens Association 16% (2), and the Development Union 12.8% (2). Turnout is 58.4%.
Mexico: In gubernatorial elections in Coahuila, Humberto Moreira Valdés of the Institutional Revolutionary Party wins 57.1% of the vote and Jorge Zermeño Infante of the National Action Party 33.7%. Turnout is 52.8%.
Poland: In parliamentary elections, the Law and Justice party wins 27% of the vote (155 of 460 seats), the Civic Platform 24.1% (133), the Self-Defense of the Polish Republic 11.4% (56), the Democratic Left Alliance 11.3% (55), the League of Polish Families 8% (34), and the Polish People's Party 7% (25). Turnout is 40.6%.


Bahrain: Sheikh Khalid ibn Ahmad Al Khalifa is named foreign minister.
Estonia: Defense Minister Jaak Jõerüüt resigns.
Sri Lanka: The governor of Central province, Monty Gopallawa, dies.


Afghanistan: Interior Minister Ali Ahmad Jalali resigns. President Hamid Karzai appoints Zarar Ahmad Moqbel as acting interior minister on September 28.

Canada: Michaëlle Jean is sworn in as governor general.
Iceland: Davíd Oddsson steps down as foreign minister. Geir H. Haarde becomes foreign minister, and is replaced as finance minister by Árni M. Mathiesen.
Nicaragua: Vice President José Rizo resigns to start a presidential campaign.
Turkmenistan: Finance Minister Amandurdy Myratguliyev is dismissed.


Germany: The mayor of Bremen, Henning Scherf, announces his resignation.


Argentina: Former Catamarca governor (1981-83, 1991-99) Arnoldo Castillo dies.
Canada: John Hamm announces his resignation as premier of Nova Scotia.
Somalia: In parliamentary elections in Somaliland, the Unity of Democrats Party wins 33 of 82 seats, Kulmiye (Solidarity) 28, and the Justice and Welfare Party 21.


Belgium: The minister-president of Wallonia, Jean-Claude Van Cauwenberghe, resigns. His deputy André Antoine becomes acting minister-president.
Costa Rica: Finance Minister Federico Carrillo resigns. David Fuentes is named to replace him from October 1.
Philippines: Zaldy Ampatuan is sworn in as governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.
Syria: Former foreign minister (1962) Jamal al-Farra dies.