November 2001


Burundi: President Pierre Buyoya is sworn in to head a new power-sharing government which includes Thérence Sinunguruza as foreign minister, Édouard Kadigiri as finance minister, and Salvator Ntihabose as interior minister; Gen. Cyrille Ndayirukiye remains as defense minister.
Dominican Republic: Former president (1963) Juan Bosch dies.
Faeroe Islands: Birgit Kleis takes office as high commissioner.
Georgia: President Eduard Shevardnadze sacks his entire government. On November 15 he presents his proposed new government to the parliament; it includes Levan Dzneladze as minister of state and Koba Narchemashvili as interior minister; Defense Minister David Tevzadze and Foreign Minister Irakli Menagharishvili are to be retained. Narchemashvili is confirmed on November 22.

Mexico: Eugenio Elorduy Walther takes office as governor of Baja California.
Panama: Aníbal Salas takes office as interior minister.


Bangladesh: Former foreign minister (1990-91) Fakhruddin Ahmed dies.


Australia: Marjorie Jackson-Nelson takes office as governor of South Australia.
Northern Mariana Islands: Gubernatorial elections are won by Juan N. Babauta (Republican) with 42.8% of the vote, followed by Benigno R. Fitial (Covenant Party) with 24.4%, Jesus C. Borja (Democrat) with 17.5%, and Froilan C. Tenorio (Reform) with 11.3%. In the parliamentary elections, the Republicans win 12 of the 18 seats in the House of Representatives, the Democrats 5, and the Covenant Party 1; in the Senate, the Republicans win 3 seats, the Democrats 2, and the Covenant Party 1. Turnout is 77.2%.
Singapore: In parliamentary elections, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong's People's Action Party wins 82 of the 84 seats contested (75.3% of the vote); the Singapore People's Party and the Workers' Party win one seat each. Turnout is 33%.


Argentina: In the gubernatorial election runoff in Corrientes, Ricardo Colombi wins 51.2% of the vote against 48.8% for Raúl Romero Feris. Colombi will take office December 10.
Nicaragua: In presidential elections, Enrique Bolaños (Constitutionalist Liberal Party) wins 56.4% of the vote, former president Daniel Ortega (Sandinista National Liberation Front) 42.3%, and Alberto Saborío (Conservative Party) 1.4%. In parliamentary elections, the CLP wins 53.2% of the vote (47 seats), the SNLF 42.1% (43), and the CP 4.7% (2). Bolaños will take office January 10.
Oman: Saud ibn Ibrahim ibn Saud Al Busaidi is named as interior minister.


Iran: Former prime minister (1978-79) Gholam Reza Azhari dies.
Spain: Former president of the Junta of Canarias (1982) Francisco Javier Ucelay Sabina dies.


Brazil: Francisco de Assis de Moraes Souza is dismissed as governor of Piauí. Kleber Eulálio becomes acting governor until the installation of Hugo Napoleão do Rego Neto on November 19.
United Kingdom: David Trimble is elected first minister of Northern Ireland. He failed to be elected in an earlier vote on November 2.
United States: In gubernatorial elections in New Jersey, Jim McGreevey (Democrat) wins against Bret Schundler (Republican), 56%-42%, and in Virginia, Mark Warner (Democrat) defeats Mark Earley (Republican), 52%-47%. Results of mayoral elections:


Montserrat: Former governor (1980-84) David Dale (also administrator of the British Indian Ocean Territory, 1975-76) dies.

United Kingdom: The first minister of Scotland, Henry McLeish, resigns. Jim Wallace becomes acting first minister. On November 22 Jack McConnell is elected as new first minister with 70 votes against 34 for John Swinney, 19 for David McLetchie, and 3 for Dennis Canavan.


Italy: Former president (1971-78) Giovanni Leone dies.


Australia: In parliamentary elections, the ruling coalition of the Liberal (37.4% of the vote) and National (5.4%) parties wins a majority of the seats; the Labor Party wins 38.2%, the Democrats 5.3%, the Greens 4.7%, and One Nation 4.3%. Prime Minister John Howard announces his new cabinet on November 23 and it is sworn in on November 26. Robert Hill becomes defense minister and Nick Minchin finance minister.
Japan: Former Okinawa governor (1979-90) Junji Nishime dies.


Brazil: Former governor of Sergipe (1970-71) João de Andrade Garcez dies.
Bulgaria: In presidential elections, Georgi Purvanov (Socialist) wins 36.3% of the vote, followed by incumbent Petur Stoyanov with 34.9% and Bogomil Bonev with 19.2%. Turnout is 41.5%. A runoff is held November 18 and won by Purvanov, who wins 53.3% to Stoyanov's 46.7%. Turnout is 54.5%. Purvanov will take office January 22.

Mexico: In Michoacán, Lázaro Cárdenas Batel (Party of the Democratic Revolution) is elected governor with 41.8% of the votes compared with 36.7% for Alfredo Anaya Gudiño (Institutional Revolutionary Party) and 18.6% for Salvador López Orduña (National Action Party).


Australia: The Assembly of the Australian Capital Territory elects Labor leader Jon Stanhope as new chief minister.


Bangladesh: Foreign Minister A.Q.M. Badruddoza Chowdhury is declared president-elect after his lone contestant, Rowshan Ali, withdrew his candidature. He is sworn in on November 14. Morshed Khan is sworn in as new foreign minister on November 16.

Somalia: President Abdiqasim Salad Hassan appoints Hassan Abshir Farah as new prime minister.
South Africa: Western Cape Premier Gerald Morkel resigns. Cecil Herandien becomes acting premier.
Ukraine: Volodymyr Shkidchenko is named as new defense minister.
Yugoslavia: Former president of the People's Assembly (1963-67) and president of the Presidency (1974-81) of Vojvodina and president of the Presidency of Yugoslavia (1985-86) Radovan Vlajkovic dies.


Afghanistan: The Taliban evacuate the capital Kabul and forces of the Northern Alliance enter the city. Burhanuddin Rabbani, the president who was ousted by the Taliban in 1996 but continued to be internationally recognized, returns to Kabul on November 17 and declares himself the legitimate head of state.

The Bahamas: Dame Ivy Dumont becomes acting governor-general after Sir Orville Turnquest retired from the office.


Somalia: Jama Ali Jama is elected and immediately sworn in as president of Puntland. Gunmen loyal to former president Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed attack the capital Garowe and capture it on November 21.


Germany: Chancellor Gerhard Schröder wins a confidence vote in the Bundestag (336-326).


Yugoslavia: In parliamentary elections in Kosovo, Ibrahim Rugova's Democratic League of Kosovo takes 45.7% of the vote (47 of 120 seats), Hashim Thaçi's Democratic Party of Kosovo 25.7% (26), the Serbian Povratak (Return) coalition 11.3% (22), and the Albanian Alliance for the Future of Kosovo 7.8% (8). Turnout is 64.9%.


Central African Republic: Former foreign minister (1981-83) Jean-Louis Gervil-Yambala dies.
Georgia: In the first round of presidential elections in South Ossetia, Eduard Kokoyty collects 45% of the votes, Stanislav Kochiyev 24%, and incumbent Lyudvig Chibirov 21%; a second round will be held December 6.


Philippines: President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo suspends the governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, Nur Misuari. The Interior Department later says the order can be implemented only after charges of rebellion have been filed against him; this is done on November 22, and he is arrested in Malaysia on November 24. Alvarez Isnaji is designated acting governor. In the (regular) elections on November 26 Parouk Hussin is elected from among 16 candidates, his closest rival being Ibrahim Paglas III.


A.F. Rasmussen

Denmark: In parliamentary elections, the Right Liberals (Venstre) win 56 of 179 seats (31.3% of the vote), the Social Democrats 52 (29.1%), the Danish People's Party 22 (12%), the Conservatives 16 (9.1%), the Socialist People's Party 12 (6.4%), the Left Liberals (Radikale Venstre) 9 (5.2%), the Unity List 4 (2.4%), and the Christian People's Party 4 (2.3%). Turnout is 87%. Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen resigns the next day, and on November 27 Queen Margrethe II appoints a new government headed by Liberal leader Anders Fogh Rasmussen, including Per Stig Møller as foreign minister, Thor Pedersen as finance minister, Svend Aage Jensby as defense minister, and Lars Løkke Rasmussen as interior minister.


Kenya: In a cabinet reshuffle, Foreign Minister Chris Obure becomes finance minister and Marsden Madoka becomes foreign minister.
Macedonia: Foreign Minister Ilinka Mitreva and Defense Minister Vlado Buckovski resign.

Malaysia: The sultan of Selangor and yang di-pertuan agong of Malaysia, Tuanku Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah ibni al-Marhum Sultan Hisamuddin Alam Shah, dies. The sultan of Terengganu, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin ibni al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud, becomes acting head of state. The new sultan of Selangor, proclaimed and installed on November 22, is Sharafuddin Idris Shah ibni al-Marhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah.


Egypt: Former foreign minister (1977-78) Muhammad Ibrahim Kamal dies.
Falkland Islands: In parliamentary elections, 8 nonpartisan members are elected.
Isle of Man: In elections to the House of Keys, the Manx Labour Party wins 17.3% of the vote (2 seats), the Alliance for Progressive Government 14.6% (3), and nonpartisans 19 seats; the Manx Nationalist Party (independentist) boycotted the elections. Turnout is 57.6%.


Germany: Former minister-president of Schleswig-Holstein (1971-82) Gerhard Stoltenberg dies.

Singapore: Lee Hsien Loong is named finance minister.
Turkmenistan: Orazmurad Bekmuradov is dismissed as economy and finance minister and Enebay Atayeva appointed in his place.


Honduras: Ricardo Maduro (National Party) wins presidential elections with 52.2% of the vote, against 44.3% for Rafael Pineda Ponce (Liberal Party). In parliament the National Party wins 61 seats and the Liberal Party 55. Turnout is 66.3%.


Guatemala: Interior Minister Byron Barrientos resigns. President Alfonso Portillo names the defense minister, Gen. Eduardo Arévalo, to replace Barrientos. Gen. Álvaro Leonel Méndez Estrada takes Arévalo's post.


Australia: Former foreign minister (1969) Sir Gordon Freeth dies.
Bermuda: Governor Thorold Masefield leaves office; Deputy Governor Tim Gurney becomes acting governor.


Guinea-Bissau: A week after dismissing Foreign Minister Antonieta Rosa Gomes on November 21, President Kumba Ialá appoints Malam Mané as new foreign minister "for a limited period."


Cayman Islands: Bruce Dinwiddy is appointed as new governor, to take office in May 2002.
Norfolk Island: In parliamentary elections, only nonpartisans are elected. Geoffrey Robert Gardner wins the most votes. Turnout is 88.4%.


Macedonia: Parliament approves Slobodan Casule as new foreign minister and Vlado Popovski as defense minister.