August 2001


Costa Rica: Finance Minister Leonel Baruch resigns. Alberto Dent is named to succeed him.


India: Former Sikkim governor (1989-90) S.K. Bhatnagar dies.

Iraq: President Saddam Hussein appoints Naji Sabri as foreign minister.


Brazil: Former governor of Amazonas (1955-59, 1963-64) Plínio Ramos Coelho dies.
Mexico: Gubernatorial elections in Tabasco are won by Manuel Andrade Díaz of the Institutional Revolutionary Party with 51.2% of the vote, against 46.5% for Raúl Ojeda Zubieta of the Party of the Democratic Revolution. Turnout is 62.5%.
Uganda: Former foreign minister (1979-80) and prime minister (1980-85) Otema Allimadi dies.


Vietnam: Duong Van Minh, four times South Vietnamese head of state (1963-64, 1964, 1964, 1975), dies.



Bolivia: Congress accepts the resignation of President Hugo Banzer Suárez. Vice President Jorge Quiroga Ramírez is sworn in as president. On August 8 he names his cabinet, including Gustavo Fernández Saavedra as foreign minister, Gen. Óscar Guilarte as defense minister, Leopoldo Fernández Ferreira as interior minister, and Jacques Trigo Loubiere as finance minister.



Indonesia: Former governor of Sulawesi Utara (1980-85) G.H. Mantik dies.
Russia: Gennady Khodyrev takes office as governor of Nizhny Novgorod.
Zimbabwe: Sydney Sekeramayi is named defense minister in a cabinet reshuffle.


Comoros: A military junta seizes power on the secessionist island of Anjouan. The next day the formation of a military-civilian commission is announced, with a presidium consisting of Cmdr. Halidi Charif, Cmdr. Mohamed Bacar, and Capt. Hassan Ali Toilha. On August 25 Bacar is appointed head of state.

Indonesia: President Megawati Sukarnoputri announces her cabinet, including Hassan Wirajuda as foreign minister, Matori Abdul Jalil as defense minister, Hari Sabarno as home minister, and Boediono as finance minister.


Saint Kitts and Nevis: In a cabinet reshuffle, Timothy Harris becomes foreign minister.


Brazil: Former Sergipe governor (1959-62) Luís Garcia dies.
Cuba: Former foreign minister (1976-92) Isidoro Malmierca Peoli dies.
Mexico: Former governor of México state (1969-75) and chief of government of the Distrito Federal (1976-82) Carlos Hank González dies.
Peru: Former prime minister and foreign minister (1968) Miguel Mujica Gallo dies.


Iran: Tahmasb Mazaheri becomes finance minister.


Chad: Idriss Ahmed Idriss becomes finance minister.


China: Zhang Yunchuan is named acting governor of Hunan.


Australia: In parliamentary elections in the Northern Territory, the Labor Party wins 13 seats against 10 for the ruling Country Liberal Party. On August 27 Clare Martin is sworn in as chief minister.


Russia: In the second round of gubernatorial elections in Irkutsk oblast, incumbent Boris Govorin is reelected with 47.6% of the vote, against 45.3% for Sergey Levchenko. Turnout is 37.3%.


India: Former lieutenant governor of Goa (1983-84) and governor of Punjab (1984-85) Kershasp Tehmurasp Satarawala dies.


Pakistan: Sardar Muhammad Anwar Khan takes office as president of Azad Kashmir.


Central African Republic: Defense Minister Jean-Jacques Démafouth is dismissed and arrested; Prime Minister Martin Ziguélé becomes acting defense minister. In a cabinet reshuffle on August 30, Pierre Angoa becomes defense minister and Joseph Mozoulé interior minister.
Faeroe Islands: Former prime minister (1993-94) Marita Petersen dies.


The Gambia: Foreign Minister Momodou Lamin Sedat Jobe resigns. Baboucarr-Blaise Jagne is named as new foreign minister on August 30.


Barbados: Mia Mottley is named home affairs minister.
Fiji: Former governor (1958-64) Sir Kenneth Maddocks dies.
Poland: Finance Minister Jaroslaw Bauc is dismissed. Halina Wasilewska-Trenkner is appointed finance minister.


Guinea-Bissau: Alamara Nhassé is named interior minister.


Bangladesh: Former president (1982-83) A.F.M. Ahsanuddin Chowdhury dies.
East Timor: In parliamentary elections, the Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor (Fretilin) wins 57% of the vote and 55 of 88 seats, followed by the Democratic Party with 9% and 7 seats. Turnout is 91.3%.