November 2000


India: The new state of Chhattisgarh is created from part of Madhya Pradesh. Dinesh Nandan Sahay becomes governor and Ajit Jogi chief minister.


Israel: Shlomo Ben-Ami is appointed foreign minister. He was acting in that position since August 10.


India: Uttar Pradesh Governor Suraj Bhan is shifted to Himachal Pradesh, whose governor Vishnu Kant Shastri is to swap places with Bhan and become governor of Uttar Pradesh. The change takes effect November 24.
Papua New Guinea: A cabinet reshuffle is announced. Sir Michael Somare becomes foreign minister, Kilroy Genia defense minister, and William Ebenosi minister of home affairs.



Yugoslavia: Parliament approves a new government with Zoran Zizic as prime minister, Goran Svilanovic as foreign minister, Slobodan Krapovic as defense minister, and Zoran Zivkovic as interior minister; Dragisa Pesic remains finance minister.


Azerbaijan: In parliamentary elections, the New Azerbaijan Party wins 62.3% of the vote against 11% for the Popular Front Party, 6.4% for the Party of Citizen's Solidarity, and 6.3% for the Communist Party of Azerbaijan. Turnout is 68%.
United States: Former Louisiana governor (1944-48, 1960-64) James H. Davis dies.


India: Buddhadev Bhattacharya takes office as chief minister of West Bengal.
Lebanon: The government wins a confidence vote in parliament (95-6).



American Samoa: In gubernatorial elections, incumbent Tauese P. Sunia wins 50.7% against 47.9% for Lealaifuaneva Peter Reid.
Burkina Faso: Paramanga Ernest Yonli becomes prime minister. In the cabinet announced on November 12, he also takes the finance portfolio while Kouamé Lougué becomes defense minister.
India: Former Maharashtra governor (1990-93) Chidambaram Subramaniam dies.
Palau: In presidential elections, Vice President Tommy Remengesau wins 53% of the vote against 47% for Peter Sugiyama. Sandra Pierantozzi is elected vice president.
Puerto Rico: In gubernatorial elections, Sila María Calderón (Popular Democratic Party) wins 48.5% of the vote, Carlos I. Pesquera (New Progressive Party) 45.7%, and Rubén Berríos Martínez (Independence Party) 5.2%. Turnout is 81.7%.
electoral mapUnited States: In presidential elections, George W. Bush (Republican) wins 47.9% of the vote and 30 states with 271 electoral votes; Al Gore (Democrat), though winning the popular vote with 48.4%, takes only 20 states and the District of Columbia for a total of 267 electoral votes; Ralph Nader (Green) wins 2.7%, Pat Buchanan (Reform) 0.4%, and Harry Browne (Libertarian) 0.4%. In the elections to the House of Representatives and 34 of 100 Senate seats, the Republicans retain control of both houses. In the House, Republicans will have 221 seats, Democrats 212, independents 2; the Senate will be split 50-50, but the Republicans will have control as the vice president has the tie-breaking vote. Turnout is 54.3%. Results of gubernatorial elections:


Albania: In a cabinet reshuffle, Ismail Lleshi becomes defense minister and Ilir Gjoni public order (interior) minister.
Cayman Islands: In elections to the Legislative Assembly (turnout 83%), the leader of government business, Truman Bodden, loses his seat. There are no formal parties.

Tanzania: Amani Abeid Karume takes office as president of Zanzibar.
Uzbekistan: Mamarizo Nurmuratov is appointed as finance minister, replacing Rustam Azimov, who becomes first deputy prime minister.


India: The new state of Uttaranchal is created from part of Uttar Pradesh. Surjit Singh Barnala becomes governor and Nityanand Swamy chief minister.


France: Former prime minister (1969-72) Jacques Chaban-Delmas dies.
Greece: Former prime minister (1973-74) Adamantios Androutsopoulos dies.
South Africa: Former Transkei prime minister (1979-87) George Matanzima dies.


Armenia: Vartan Khachatryan is named as finance minister.
Bosnia and Herzegovina: In parliamentary elections, the Social Democratic Party wins 9 of 42 seats, followed by the Party of Democratic Action with 8, the Serb Democratic Party with 6, the Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina with 5, and the Croatian Democratic Union with 5. Turnout is over 64%. In the Republika Srpska, Mirko Sarovic is elected president with 50.2% of the vote.
Poland: Former prime minister (1980-81) Józef Pinkowski dies.


Montserrat: Tony Longrigg is appointed governor, to take office in May 2001.
New Zealand: George Hawkins becomes internal affairs minister.


Egypt: In parliamentary elections held from October 18 to November 14, the National Democratic Party of President Hosni Mubarak wins 388 seats, the Muslim Brotherhood 17, the New Wafd Party 7, the Progressive National Unionist Party 6, and the Nasserite Party 3.


India: The new state of Jharkhand is created from part of Bihar. Prabhat Kumar becomes governor and Babulal Marandi chief minister.


Slovenia: Parliament approves Janez Drnovsek as prime minister. On November 24 he announces his cabinet, including Dimitrij Rupel as foreign minister, Anton Grizold as defense minister, Anton Rop as finance minister, and Rado Bohinc as interior minister. Parliament approves the new cabinet on November 30 (66-20).


Uganda: Former prime minister (1991-94) George Cosmas Adyebo dies.
United States: Former UN ambassador (1968-69) James Russell Wiggins dies.


Congo (Kinshasa): In a cabinet reshuffle, Léonard She Okitundu is appointed foreign minister, Jean Amisi Kalondaya finance minister, and Godefroid Tchamlesso defense minister. The new cabinet is sworn in November 22.


Peru: President Alberto Fujimori resigns in a letter sent from Japan. Rather than accepting the resignation, Congress on November 21 declares Fujimori "morally unfit," removing him from the presidency effective November 22. The resignations of the first and second vice presidents, Francisco Tudela and Ricardo Márquez, are accepted, so that the president of the Congress, Valentín Paniagua, succeeds to the presidency. He names as prime minister former UN secretary-general Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, who takes office November 25. Pérez also becomes foreign minister, while Walter Ledesma Rebaza becomes defense minister, Antonio Ketín Vidal interior minister, and Javier Silva Ruete finance minister.


Japan: Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori survives a no-confidence vote (237-190).


India: Manipur Governor Ved Marwah is given the additional charge of governor of Mizoram following the resignation of Anandam Padmanabhan.


Moldova: In a cabinet reshuffle, Nicolae Cernomaz is named foreign minister.
Tanzania: A new government is named with Philemon Sarungi as defense minister and Basil Mramba as finance minister.
United Kingdom: Labour wins three by-elections, in West Bromwich West, Preston, and Glasgow Anniesland.


France: Former president of the Regional Council of Bourgogne (1989-92) Raymond Janot dies.
Jamaica: Former governor-general (1973-91) Sir Florizel Glasspole dies.


Haiti: Presidential elections are won by former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who gets 91.7% of the vote against 2% for Arnold Dumas. Aristide will take office Feb. 7, 2001.
Japan: Former foreign minister (1960-62, 1976) Zentaro Kosaka dies.
Romania: In the first round of presidential elections, former president Ion Iliescu of the Party of Social Democracy (PDSR) wins 36.4% of the vote, followed by Corneliu Vadim Tudor of the Greater Romania Party (PRM) with 28.3%, Theodor Stolojan with 11.8%, and Prime Minister Mugur Isarescu with 9.5%. In parliamentary elections the PDSR wins 36.6% (155 seats), the PRM 19.4% (84), the Democratic Party 7% (31), the Liberal National Party 6.8% (30), and the Hungarian Democratic Union 6.8% (27).


Belarus: Mikhail Khvostov becomes foreign minister.
Canada: In parliamentary elections, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's Liberals win 172 of 301 seats (40.8% of the vote), the Canadian Alliance 66 (25.5%), the Bloc Québécois 38 (10.7%), the New Democratic Party 13 (8.5%), and the Progressive Conservatives 12 (12.2%). Turnout is 63%.


Australia: John Anictomatis is sworn in as administrator of the Northern Territory.


Comoros: Hamada Madi is appointed prime minister.
Ireland: Liam Hamilton, a member of the 1997 Presidential Commission, dies.


Guinea-Bissau: Former military leader (1999) Ansumane Mané is killed in a gunbattle with loyalist soldiers.

Macedonia: A new cabinet is announced with Srgjan Kerim as foreign minister.