June 1999


El Salvador: Francisco Flores takes office as president. María Eugenia Brizuela de Ávila becomes foreign minister, Gen. Juan Antonio Martínez Varela defense minister, and José Luis Trigueros finance minister; Mario Acosta Oertel is retained as interior minister.
Lithuania: Prime Minister Rolandas Paksas announces his new cabinet, including Ceslovas Blazys as interior minister and Jonas Lionginas as finance minister.




South Africa: In parliamentary elections, the African National Congress wins 66.4% of the vote (266 of 400 seats), the Democratic Party 9.6% (38), the Inkatha Freedom Party 8.6% (34), and the New National Party 6.9% (28). On June 14 the new Parliament elects Thabo Mbeki president. He is sworn in June 16. On June 17 he names his cabinet. Jacob Zuma becomes deputy president, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma foreign minister, and Mosiuoa Lekota defense minister. Finance Minister Trevor Manuel is retained.


Canada: In Ontario elections, the Progressive Conservatives of Premier Mike Harris win 59 of 103 seats (45.1% of the vote), followed by the Liberals with 35 (39.8%) and the New Democratic Party with 9 (12.6%).
Congo (Kinshasa): Former prime minister (1991) Bernardin Mungul Diaka dies.


United States: Former Louisiana governor (1964-72) John J. McKeithen dies.


Germany: In state elections in Bremen, Mayor Henning Scherf's Social Democrats win 42.6% of the vote, followed by the Christian Democrats with 37.1%, the Greens with 9%, the German People's Union with 3%, the Party of Democratic Socialism with 2.9%, and the Free Democrats with 2.5%. Turnout is 60.1%.


Canada: In New Brunswick elections, the Progressive Conservatives led by Bernard Lord win 44 of 55 seats (53% of the vote), the Liberals 10 (37.3%), and the New Democratic Party 1 (8.7%). Lord takes office as premier June 21.
Indonesia: In parliamentary elections, the Indonesian Democratic Party-Struggle wins 37.4% of the vote (154 of 462 seats), Golkar 20.9% (120), the National Awakening Party 17.4% (51), the United Development Party 10.7% (58), and the National Mandate Party 7.3% (35).


Canada: Former lieutenant governor of Alberta (1991-96) Gordon Towers dies.
Organization of American States: César Gaviria Trujillo is confirmed as secretary-general for another five years.


Portugal: Former foreign minister (1958-61) Marcelo Gonçalves Nunes Duarte Mathias dies.
Turkey: Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit wins a parliamentary confidence vote (354 votes in the 550-seat assembly).


Brazil: Élcio Álvares is inaugurated as defense minister, replacing the ministers of the army, navy, and air force.


Armenia: Defense Minister Vazgen Sarkisyan is appointed prime minister. Lieut.Gen. Vagarshak Arutyunyan is appointed defense minister, Suren Abramyan interior minister, and Levon Barkhudaryan finance minister on June 15.
Somalia: Jubaland leader Muhammad Said Hersi "Morgan" is driven from the regional capital Kismayo by a grouping called Allied Somali Forces.


Belgium: In parliamentary elections, the Flemish Liberals win 14.3% of the vote (23 of 150 seats in the Chamber of Representatives), Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene's (Flemish) Christian People's Party 14.1% (22), the French Socialists 10.1% (19), the Liberal Reformist Party/Democratic Front of Francophones 10.1% (18), the Flemish Bloc 9.9% (15), the Flemish Socialists 9.6% (14), Ecolo 7.3% (11), Agalev 7% (9), the (French) Christian Social Party 5.9% (10), and the (Flemish) People's Union/ID21 5.6% (18). Dehaene resigns June 14.
European Union: In elections for the European Parliament held June 10-13, the European People's Party wins 233 of the 626 seats, the Party of European Socialists 180, the European Liberal, Democrat and Reform Party 51, the Greens 48, and the European United Left 42. Turnout is 43.2%. National results: Luxembourg: In parliamentary elections, the Christian Social People's Party wins 30.2% of the vote (19 of 60 seats), the Socialist Workers' Party 24.2% (13), the Democratic Party 22% (15), the Action Committee for Democracy and Pensions Justice 10.5% (7), the Greens 7.5% (5), and the Left 3.8% (1).


Malaysia: Former Sarawak governor (1960-63) Sir Alexander Waddell dies.
United States: Former New Mexico governor (1963-67) Jack M. Campbell dies.



Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ante Jelavic becomes chairman of the Presidency, taking his turn in the constitutionally mandated rotation.
Malawi: In presidential elections, incumbent Bakili Muluzi of the United Democratic Front (UDF) wins 52.2% of the vote and Gwanda Chakuamba, candidate of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD), 45.3%. In parliamentary elections, the UDF wins 93 of 192 seats, the MCP 66, and AFORD 29.

Slovakia: Rudolf Schuster takes office as president.

South Africa: Ndaweni Mahlangu becomes premier of Mpumalanga province, Mbhazima Shilowa premier of Gauteng, and Winkie Direko premier of the Free State.


Cook Islands: In parliamentary elections, the Democratic Alliance wins 11 of 25 seats, the Cook Islands Party 10, and the New Alliance 4.
Mexico: Former Aguascalientes governor (1986-92) Miguel Ángel Barberena dies.


Benin: Former head of state (1969-70) Paul-Émile de Souza dies.
Latvia: Parliament votes for a president, 51 votes being needed to win. In the first round, Raimonds Pauls (New Party) wins 24 votes, Vaira Paegle (People's Party) 24, Anatolijs Gorbunovs (Latvia's Way) 21, Janis Priedkalns (Fatherland and Freedom) 17, and Arnis Kalnins (Social Democratic Workers' Party) 14. In the second round, the results are identical, and from then on the candidate with the least number of votes is eliminated after each round. The results of the third round are: Pauls 32, Paegle 25, Gorbunovs 23, Priedkalns 14; the fourth: Paegle 24, Pauls 23, Gorbunovs 22; the fifth: Pauls 33, Paegle 24. This would leave only Pauls, but he drops out of the race, and new candidates are named. Vaira Vike-Freiberga (independent) is then elected with 53 votes, Foreign Minister Valdis Birkavs (Latvia's Way) winning 20 and Economy Minister Ingrida Udre (New Party) 9.


Togo: President Gnassingbé Eyadéma appoints a new government, including Abdoulhamid Douroudjaye as finance minister and Sizing Walla as interior minister.


Egypt: Former chairman of the Executive Council of the Egyptian Region (1960-61) Kamaleddin Hussein dies.


Bolivia: Walter Guiteras Denis becomes interior minister in a cabinet reshuffle.


Chile: In a cabinet reshuffle, Juan Gabriel Valdés becomes foreign minister and Edmundo Pérez Yoma defense minister.
New Zealand: Finance Minister Bill English and Treasurer Sir William Birch exchange portfolios.


Saint Helena: The new governor, David Hollamby, arrives.


Greece: Former prime minister (1967-73) Georgios Papadopoulos dies.


Antigua and Barbuda: Former chief minister (1960-67), premier (1967-71, 1976-81), and prime minister (1981-94) Vere Cornwall Bird dies.
Malawi: Brown Mpinganjira becomes foreign minister.
Russia: The president of Chechnya, Aslan Maskhadov, dismisses Akhyad Idigov as foreign minister and appoints Ilyas Akhmadov to the post.


Zambia: Katele Kalumba becomes finance minister, replacing Edith Nawakwi. Peter Machungwa replaces Kalumba as interior minister.


Guatemala: Marco Tulio Espinosa becomes defense minister.

Nepal: Ram Sharan Mahat becomes foreign minister.
Nigeria: The new cabinet is sworn in. Sule Lamido is foreign minister, Theophilus Danjuma defense minister, Adamu Ciroma finance minister, and Sunday Afolabi internal affairs minister.
Venezuela: Finance Minister Maritza Izaguirre resigns. She is replaced by José Rojas.